Will we get a syncretistic religion?

[size=150]One syncretistic religion is possible. Maybe that the probability of it is not very high, but that does not change its possibility and probability at all.[/size]

[size=150]It is not my intention to propagate a syncretistic religion or many syncretistic religions - but I just want to ask: Will we get a syncretistic religion?[/size]

Yes, and in modern secular words religion is ideology. I estimate that 99% of all ILP members are religious (and most of this 99% are religious in the modern secular way), and the most religious ILP members are those who say and say and say they were not religious. :wink:

It will be a peaceful world when humans have eradicated themselves. Up until then, so long as we have people who divorce and separate we will also not have syncretistic anything. People will never unify.

When humans have eradicated themselves there will be no one who knows what a peaceful world is.

Syncretism has always been a part of the human evolution at some times.

That is even not necessary.

Precisely my point about a peaceful world.

Your statements, to me, appear as contradictory.
I have already said there are a lot of syncretistic religions in existence.
You disagreed with this and say there must only be one and not many.
What example can you give me where syncretism (only one of for all of humanity) has been part of human evolution.
Remember, humans have been and are scattered across many continents.
A Eurocentric view of humanity does not constitute syncretism.

Sorry, by definition… unification is required for syncretism. Unless you create a new meaning for the word.

No. I did not disagree with that what you said. I did not say that there “must” be one and not many. Furthermore I am not of the opinion that there “must” be one and not many - I merely asked about it.

“Eurocentric view”? Who said that?

What is your definition of the word “syncretism”? It seems that you have the wrong definition of the word “syncretism”.

If a “unification is required for syncretism” (and remember: a unification is a total one!), there could be merely one unification and merely one syncretism.

I have no idea what you are talking about. Sorry, ,my fault not yours.

See: if you want to unify, then you must be aware of the fact that there are one human, some / many humans, and all humans; if you unify one human, then you are a pastor, an ideolog, or a doctor (physician, therapist) and do not unify all humans; if you unify some or many humans, then you do not unify all humans. You do not have to unify all humans in order to get a syncretism. You can unify (for example) 99% of the humans and get a syncretism - with a 1%-non-syncretistic minority of course. So unification is not really required for syncretism and syncretism is not really required for unification.

If the whole does not need to be unified then the parts can be unified. Then there are already many syncretistic religions. The discussion has gone back in a full circle.

Maybe the question has nothing to do with syncretism… Just one religion and the rest atheists. Is this the real nature of the question.

What did the Romans do when they got their syncretism? Did they unify all inhabitants of the Roman empire? No. But nevertheless: their religion became a syncretistic religion, a syncretistic religion with a minority that did not want a syncretistic religion.

The question is whether we will get a syncretistic religion, and the answers can be “yes”, “no”, or “i don’t know” (see above).

Let’s have an interim result for the question: „Will we get a syncretistic religion?"

We have 64% for „yes“, 27% for „no“, and 9% for „I don’t know“.

For comparison:

Please vote!

but earlier you said this?

The topic is a question: Will we get a syncretistic religion?

A syncretistic religion does not require an unification of all humans. But nevertheless: if we all get a syncretistic religion, then those who don’t want this syncretistic religion will also get a syncretistic religion (that’s logical, even tautological!), although they do not want it, although they are not religiously (but for example: economically or politically) unified.

Then we already have many of such religions.

Yes, and many of them are former syncretistic religions. But the question is: Will we get a syncretistic religion? This syncretistic religion would be more syncretistic than all other syncretistic religions before it.

Probably a syncretistic religion for all humans (the minority is included) is already in the making but not a complete reality yet, because those who are against it are still a majority.

We are going around in circles. I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. Once again, my fault not yours.

What is your problem here?

A minority of students who do not study are nevertheless students - because they are as matriculated as the majority of students who study.

Replace the word “students” by the word “syncretistic humans” and the word “study” by the word “believe in a syncretistic religion”.

There is reality on the one side and ideality on the other side.

Will we get “one and only one” syncretistic education system?


Will we get “many” syncretistic education systems?


Education? Primarily we are talking about religion, although religion has much to do with education.

So you are saying that we will not get merely “one syncretistic education system” but “many syncretistic education systems”. Please tell me: why?

Your logic is hard to follow… you raised the student and study (education) not me.

Why will we get many… because that is already what is happening and has happened since the dawn of man.