Will we get a syncretistic religion?

Yes. But nevertheless: it is about tassigning a value to it, because one values such developments, if one has enough mind for valuing it. Therefore I asked the question which is about tassigning a value to it. To be honest, I say that it is not a good development, because the other people who don’t want it will probably become fundamental and more fundamental, fanatic and more fanatic, extreme and more extreme, thus dangerous and more dangerous. There are always Non-Christian people who do not want to join a Christian church, and mostly this people are more than those who want to join a Christian church. Do you know what I mean? I am talking aboout a religious “arms race”.

I don’t know whether I agree or not, but that doesn’t matter, because I am merely the questioner. So let me ask you another question: What could those “forces that want unity of belief” be?