Will you ride with me?

(Positive experiences – negative experiences = Life)

Positive experiences are equal/proportionate to negative experience, therefore life is ultimately balanced.

However, we still have to ride the volatile wave of life,

But arrive at the same destination, the same point we started at.

Therefore, in terms of the beginning and end of life, life itself if pointless, but in terms of what takes place between the beginning and the end. Life is a ride.

Why do we ride? Well…does anyone have anything better to do? So why not ride with me?

Re your assertion that life is ultimately balanced, have a gander at my avatar :slight_smile:

It ain’t…

Haha, this is the first time I notice your avatar with a full eye. It’s quite funny.


Sure, I’ll ride with you.

Be careful when riding the snake.

They say [ahem]…“the snake is long. Seven miles” and “he’s old, and his skin is cold.”

My sources are questionable (Jim Morrison) so only consider what I tell you. I do not claim it as fact.

Just thought I’d let you know.

Better yet, go to the west. That same source claims that “the west is the best” and that if you “get here” via a “blue bus” which might be “calling you,” then “we’ll do the rest.”

Again, only speculation.

Positive experiences? Negative experiences? I don’t understand how these forces can be constant enough to be plugged into math. I see two forces in the universe; chaos moving toward entropy, and order moving toward stagnation. I suppose these two forces could be felt by a single life, but why would they be balanced?

If you ignore the math, I think that generally life is just a system that tries to maintain its own order. Naturally, this involves adaptation–keeping the system balanced. Thus, in order to live, one will feel as if they’re balanced, even if they aren’t experiencing equal amounts of different types of objective forces. For example, a person who grows up on 1000 calories a day would have little trouble living a day on 1000 calories, but a person who grows up on 3500 calories a day would have a lot of difficulty living a day on 1000 calories.

All that said; sure, I’ll ride.

I will not ride , because i don’t see the rest of the enviroment , or what dimension i’m supposively in , or how about these “people” i encounter ,
reactions thoeries dreams supernatural events, i’m not making a movement without full awarness and trust in dealing with the ride and any furthur events you offer.

Hab 3:8 Was the LORD displeased against the rivers? [was] thine anger against the rivers? [was] thy wrath against the sea, that thou didst ride upon thine horses [and] thy chariots of salvation?


I wonder how many other people haven’t noticed the unusual thing about it…

You know i think there is balance. It seems at times that the bad outweighs the good.

Look at it in scale

Take 3 bad things that happen rate them from 1 to 10
take 3 good things rate them 1 to 10 the points should come close
Often though we could have a wave of bad things happen and one specatcular good thing that will out weight the bad. or visa versa.
this can throw things out of perspective. it could go like this.
Bad,bad, bad ,bad, Great, bad, bad fantastic, bad bad good badgood, bad bad fine good great horrible, good bad, shoot me now, good bad good bad great.
Life is a series of events often not seen in context within ourselves.

I see a sweet innocence in this question. I love that about you.


Arn’t I just a little angel!

Alun: in my view, the world is pretty balanced. Yes it is volitial and I would be suprized if you could actually use numbers with that equation. After all, positive and negative experiences are in the eye of the beholder and there are too many variables to deal with. After all, don’t the laws that govern our would rely on some form of balance? are mathimatical equations not balanced to some extent?