Anyone been watching. Some great games so far, noteably 2 five setters, Murray vs. Wawrinka and Hewitt vs. Stepanek. Good also to see some unseeded guys getting far, Hewitt and Ferrero both to the quaters. And well done to Tommy Haas for making the semi’s. Here’s hoping its second time lucky against Federer!

Hewitt vs. Roddick last night. Woft what a game! Bring on the Semi’s



Dementieva gave Williams quite a match, but alas, we will have Williams v. Williams in the finals.

4th time the pair have met in the final. Predictions anyone?

I bet Williams will win it.

Nah, I bet Williams will lose :wink:

Well done Roddick, the serve was too good. The dream has died. :cry:

Federer to win number 14 on Sunday me thinks

I heard about the Ladies finals, you guys were both right about Williams, great calls. You should have put money on it.

Only way it could’ve been better is seein FedEx lose and cry like he did when Rafa Nadal bitched him at the Australian