Woman are loveless

The female is loveless. She desires DRAMA, she desires problems, she desires imperfection. The woman when goes through her young female years with her beauty begins to learn the power of it, the effect it has on men. She becomes desired by a number of men, this it self taps her ego, she is asked out, she says no, yes, no yes. She ever dates if the man is attractive, she dates if the man is successful, she dates if he is rich. She cares not if a man loves her. When she reaches this type of man, this man that is capble of deep love, she doesn’t understand it. She doesn’t want this, she wants to go out party, be seen with powerful men, to flaut her male, to make other woman evny her for her man. This type of man does not love, it’s action that he takes that makes him more attractive to her.

You have all heard about woman, they state they desire a challenge a man that is not needy, this means a man doesn’t fall into deep love. To a woman, when her man sleeps with another woman, she trys even harder to pls this man, it not because she loves the man, they can’t they are incapble, it is because she doesn’t want to be alone, she doesn’t want the shame of losing this high class male and so the other females not to tease her on her loss. If another man comes into the picture while this relationship is going, he is more successful, higher class than the ones she is with. She states to the current boyfriend it’s over because your cheater, but in fact it’s because she has found another man that she flaut to her female friends much higher then the old one. She lies about the cheating so the moral world(men) can not despise her.

The creation of the nightlife, is because of woman. Man despises the nightlife. The nightlife is for a woman to express her desire. To seek out her most dominate man, also to flaunt him in public. She cares not if he loves. The woman and agreesive man. Men who get into fights and have temper problems seem to have woman all the time dating, banging them. What is wrong with this? Have you ever seen a man desires a woman with these traits, i tell i have never seen it. What does this mean to us? The woman desires immorality, she desires drama, problems in society, she desires to see her man in fights al the time, in trouble with the police? Is this her internal desire that she hides from the world? But dares not to say anything, for fear of being despised by the moral class’s.

The woman rules in this world, she cares not for the desire morality or the desire of loving. But only only cares for what she desires, her needs come first, i tell you love isn’t on the list. The so called relationships of today if a man isn’t what the woman wants he is thrown way. It is like Boss and worker relationship.The boss can sack the worker anytime her wants and just hire another one. You may ask how does the woman get into this powerful postion, the answer is simple. It’s her selfishness, her desire for immorality and her hate full attuitudude to LOVE it self. By her destroying love, she becomes powerful.

Because love does not live in her, she can leave any man she pls without feeling and bad feelings to her self? Why because love is not in her to tell her this. The woman has no guide of what is good in life. It’s is only man that has loving spirit in him and only when women submits to man, only he can teach her these moral lessons that he has learned from the love spirt. Mabe the woman has an evil spirt in her, to desire these immoral men and to try to keep her from submiting to GOOD MEN.

This why you men are being dump/divorced. She has no love. You fall into state of shock when she leaves you and then 2 weeks later she is banging another man, while u are still destroy in pieaces.

The free woman is a powerful woman.

It’s like a immoral man that walks the street. He cares not if he murders, steals, or commits other immoral things. He becomes powerful.

You have heard the statement MAFIA “ Your concius makes you weak”

So these mafia, gangs use their immorality to cause fear over the moral .

IT makes them strong.

It is like much like a woman, but her desire of none love.

Which created hetrosexuality, bisexuality, homosexuality, party life, the end of marriage.


after she gained freedom.