Women and Men - equality

firstly… are men and women really equal in todays society, if not who is the more oppressed. Some would argue that men actually are the less equal sex due to the fact that they are percieved as the dominant sex and so face sexism due to eg employers being worried about alligations of sexism if they dont employ the female applicant (confused?)…

Also is there a need to be equal… why does everyone search for equality… is it because they just want to have what others have? is it selfishness?

lastly, are we ever going to be actually equal, there are so many differences that it is stupid to even think about the idea of equality!

Your thoughs please!

Yeah, you’re absolutely right. All woman are weaker than all men, that’s an extremely true assumption. NOT. Second assumption is that women are at a disadvantage for not being able to carry heavy things?!?!?! Er! Surely that’s a bit of a bonus?

Third assumption and possibly the worst of them all is that it’s a disadvantage to go through child birth!!! If you ask a woman to tell you some of the best experiences she’s had in her life I can guarantee that many would say giving birth to her child. It’s MEN who are at a disadvantage because they physically CANNOT have children and so do not experience the joy of giving birth.

Ok rant over…

bringing up children and the associated questions of flexible working hours for women, lessened employment prospects when planning to start a family… etc. would not be nearly so much of an issue if men and women were seen as equal partners in relationships. why should men not take years out of work to bring up children while their wives are out supporting the family financially? or, perhaps the ideal would be a marriage where both parents worked part-time outside the home and shared the work within the home, spending equal amounts of time with their children. then the question of paid leave for parenthood would (should, in my opinion)apply equally to both sexes.

as regards the (original) question of which sex is more oppressed by the inequality found in society today: as i understand it, one of the feminist principles is that all people are oppressed by the expectations that come with being a certain gender. we all expect certain behaviour from women which we would ridicule in men and vice versa and this is the oppression that is so hateful. the idea that this behaviour stems from some natural psychological difference seems to make no sense - what characteristic is there which belongs exculsively to men but not to women? rather parents teach their children to behave as people of their gender are expected to behave and so we grow up with an idea of some fundamental difference between the sexes. equality will be achieved when children are encouraged to act in the same way, whether male or female.

not an opinion, just a handy stat: 18% of women are paid less than their male counterparts doing exactly the same job in this country.

Women are superior than man. No if’s, and’s, or but’s about it. One smart woman could drive thousand’s of men crazy, and obey her will. It is hard for a man to look pass a woman’s physical aspect. It is in our hormones. And if a woman were to be extremely sexually appealing and as well vicious with her strategy, it won’t matter if she can or can not lift heavy boxes. She could seduce three bodybuilders to lift up a car for her.
A woman has the ability to cloud a man’s thought. And once you control someone’s mind, it doesn’t matter whether or not you have innate strengths. It only matters if you accomplish your goal. the end will always justify the means. Women are superior. But, thank God, many don’t believe so.

“The ability to cloud men’s minds…the Shadow knows” :laughing:

It doesnt help that testosterone destroy nerve communication between the left side and right side of the brain! But superior, I am not sure. Each have different abilities, and it depends on what you value the most to decide who “you” beleive is more superior than the other.

What is a man without a woman? Vice versa? All I have to say that either way, together we make a great team. “Crusading to the furtherance of mankind itself.” :laughing:

This post misses the point. Men and women are equal, and men and women are different aren’t contradictories. Men and women are aspects of individuals, not individuals. They are abstractions and may or may not play a factor in any particular context. To say that one is better than the other then is like saying that blond hair is better than red or brown or that tall is better than short or age is better than beauty. True in a given context, but false if you apply it to all contexts.

Only 18%? Wow, that’s great. We’re actually moving in the right direction.

Daniel asked…

Wow, thats a broad subject. I think that will require another topic. I am sure that its been done however…

I agree with you Brad.

Well put. There are to many variables to make a decision based by a stereotype such as gender.

Very true. My faviorite philosopher, and many people make fun of me because of it, is Jedi Master Yoda. I know he is a character, but it still sounds true to me.
He said, “That many things in life can be found true. In a certain point of veiw.” Actually thinking, that wasn’t Yoda, but Obi Wan, but you get my drift.
Yes equality between the sexes is all relative. One may argue in merits of strength, others may bring statistic’s, and yet other’s, like me, will bring up the ability to influence the opposite sex. But when it all comes down to it. We are all human. And it doens’t matter. I guess because it is still hard for me not to look at an attractive female and not have sexual fantasies come accross my mind, can I actually imagine millions of men standing in front of women and behaving like they do amongst their fellow male companions. Was it in the motion picture Starship Troopers that members of the armed forces, both male and female, took showers together? And that was a picture of the future. I’m sorry, but yeah right. I believe in equality between the sexes, but right now my penis controls me. And I accept that fact. Many women can not.

its a question of difference! the unknown thing! what (as a child) you’ve been falsely forced to think about the opposite sex.
women perhaps dont hold as many powerful positions like lets say “politics”, perhaps its simply child care that makes it that way. But some do and do well;Cleopatra, thatcher - i wouldnt say men are more powerful, perhaps on a whole physically men are:

men are simply evil; women however, are mean. -Zarathustra

:confused: Who is this Zarathustra person that everyone keeps qouting. I feel left out. I should look him/her up on a search engine or something. :angry:

Well, in my opinion men and women will never be treaten equally. There are special things which men could accomplish better than women.
Men used to feel superior to women. That’s a big problem. Women (the most of them) feel suppressed and are “afraid” to prevail, because of knowing they would not have any chances to win. They can’t resist male dominance.
Women are just too passive. They adapt to certain stereotypes.
And men … they observe them very often as “sex object” - sit venia verbo.

For instance: if I say that I enjoy repairing car motors (it’s not a joke), the most men will laugh, untill I show them that I can do it and maybe better than some of them. And I do think that females can repair cars as good as men. There is only a stupid cliche that it is something for men.
Or cooking … it was female task as far as I know, but there are so many male cooks, like Jamie Oliver. Is he extra ordinary now??? Or am I for repairing cars? Or maybe there are some certain standards and norms in our minds which we should change!?

It seems to me that society had made these roles for a reason. Im not saying that these reasons are necesarily applicable with the way things work anymore…

In todays society mothers may take the fathers role and vice versa given the different market of skills. It has flopped the way families work…

As for being treated equally, I agree, but that applies to people of differing races depending on what culture your speaking of. Steroetyping is a simple form of catagorizing. And it seems you have to fit in a category to be part of a society.

I agree with you. Minorities will be isolated, just by being different! The whole philosophy seems to me a big circle. We come to the point where we’ve started. I’ve posted about the clash of civilizations once and about being not able to respect or tolerate something different…