Women Only Thread

Ah women…


I’ll take George the rest of you can fight over the other two.

On second thoughts I think I’ll go for the horny toad.

Oops :blush: didn’t realise there were two of them!

Sorry women!

No apology necessary, mary; whoever said two at a time was a bad thing? :wink:

[size=85][nice to see you again, btw][/size]


You really shouldn’t be posting family pictures. Sissy isn’t going to like it very much. :-"

Why’s she got two obviously gay teenage blokes in her bed…? No wonder she’s looking kinda angsty.

I had never seen the two pics side by side. Look at Anita’s avatar and then the pic. The resemblance is striking isn’t it?

Tab, ummmm, sissy has “issues”, but I promised not to tell…

LOL, I guess we all see what we want to see - the guys reminded me of marines, and she just looks tired out to me. Interesting how what we see can often reflect a little of our own interpretations and motivations…

JT, I think you’ve been blinded by all that snow. :laughing:

No no. Perhaps blinded by your beauty, my dear. :sunglasses:

Yeah, yeah, I know you and your sweet-talk, you just want me to come over and shovel your sidewalk, don’t you? [-X

Nope. The walks are all shoveled. But come on over! I’ll… we’ll think of something to do. :sunglasses:

Hmm. Not sure you get sword-crossing marines. At least not the pork variety anyway. And to be honest, they’re a bit pouty, and she’s not mussed enough.

But yeah, I’m probably protesting too much methinks. :-k =;

Another chess match? Oh alright, but this time I get to be white.

That’s okay, you’re a man, and I think most men aren’t too comfortable with the scenario portrayed in that shot.

However, this is the women’s thread, and if I want to see marines, then they’re marines, dammit!

Tab, this is the “don’t ask, don’t tell” thread… She just wants to watch. :-&

I said [size=200]WOMEN ONLY![/size]

Hi Anita
How’s it hanging?

Nice legs btw.