Is philosophy strictly a male point of view or is it gender-free?

gender-free. However, there has been a stronger influence from the male side. Nevertheless, I think women are just as capable of doing brilliant philosophy as men are.

What’s your take?

if philosophy is objective, and that it is the search for truth through reason then surely it has to be gender free doesn’t it?

I take it you’re not asking if there are any woman philosophers. I wouldn’t say it is totally gender-free, just because gender roles effect most everything. Men are more recongizable in many fields throughout history because women are (almost) just now breaking into them (having been mostly home-makers before that). Girls raised to (or hardwired to) ‘think’ differently than men will also ‘do philosophy’ differently than men, as well.

So where are the women philosophers?
How many xan you name?
Ayn Rand, Simone de bouvier?
Gender free?

How can we talk about the universal philosophy if we do not know how women think?+

And we don’t know how men think, so we’re even.

I think philosphy is gender free, women are just underrepresented (because of aferementioned reasons) and not as visibly present.

A quick search on google or askjeeves could produce a whole list of female philosophers, but I’m too lazy to copy all the names here.

Many of them write from a woman’s perspective – stuff that applies to the female gender role, stuff women go through. (Besides Rand) I’ve read a little Carol Gilligan, Deborah Tannen, Harriet Taylor’s influence on Mill, Mary Wollstonecraft, Carol Christ, Hannah Arendt. There have been female philosophers throughout history but (though I could name them) I’ve never really studied them.

After posting this (edit) I did the search engine thing, and there’s many other female philosophers I’ve studied and am actually more familiar w/ than the ones I named. Just do a search on “women philosophers”.

How well represented among our modern philosophers are African, Chinese, and other Asians?

My understanding is that much of Chinese philosophy is tied to religion (or became religion later on). That said I believe it has a past just as rich as the various Western versions. At the current time, I cannot say, except that the philsophy department at my University regularly schedules lectures on Eastern philosophy given by philosophers of Eastern descent… so there is probably, at least, mutual respect there.

African Philosophers… Wasn’t St. Augistine African?

I cant think of any famous female philosophers

There have always been many female philosophers, though they were not published. The Pythagoreans initiated both men and women into their cult, and they were one of the earliest groups of philosophers. However, as all writings of the Pythagorean female (&male) philosophers were attributed to their leader, Pythagoras, it is impossible to tell exactly who wrote what.

Suffice to say, there have been a multitude of female philosophers, yet their influence has not been documented.

I hate to bring this up, and…well…I just don’t care, I will anyway.
Male philosophers are just so damn sexy. A man who can think like a woman is sexy. :laughing: Just teasing, although I’m laughing for some reason.




From all the replies to my original theme, I conclude that
the field of philosophy is indeed, gender bound.
I know there is a long history of women phisophers, but you must find them on the internet.
The men monopolize the field absolutely.
There is an inate bias in philosophical discourse that we sheerfully ignore.

I think you like jumping to conclusions.

I must say that my department is just about half female (professors not students) and that women seem to be just if not more capable of doing philosophy than men. In any class where I have studied bleedingly contemporary work I have read work by women: Phillpa Foot, Susan Wolf, and more…

The 60’s were only 40 years ago. There has barely been time to devolpe a decent generation of female philosphers. And it really seems to take at least 50 to become a NAMED philosopher. Actually to be really famous like a Kant or Hume you pretty much have to be in the ground a century. So please have patience.

You’d be saying the same thing about the sciences if they didn’t have such ADD that they won’t read anything over five years old.[/i]

I feel that what we call “western philosophy” has not been complete because of the absence of women.
There is a basic assumption that women think as men do. I think women have a different slant.
I want to hear them speak up.

Western philosophy complete? …
Anyway what about hannah ahrend for example or hypathia or simone de bouvoir and virginia woolf?

the human race has got something that differs them from animals according to aristoteles, among others. that something is the capacity to think - ratio -, all human beings have that some, more develloped than in others, regardless to race sexe or age is my opinion.


Well, I have a tough time thinking that any quality of the philosopher will affect what philosophy is produced. Not that I think women nessisarly think like men, but how one thinks is bound up in the context of discovery not in the context of proof. I belive women, or any type of person who has an ability to think differently will not fundamentally change philosophy, but rather accelerate it. That is to say things that might have taken guys 500 years to think up, might be discovered in the next decade.

Like for instance, if there were more women geometers earlier, maybe the non-essential nature of Euclid’s fifth postulate would have been discoved earlier. But it would be wrong to say, that if there were women geometers maybe it would have been found to be essential. The end result is not going to change by inclusion or exclusion of people- the truth is the truth, but it may be discovered faster. :smiley: