Women Suffering Under The Evil Patriarchy.

It seems like he’s saying that the continued existence of the human race is dependent on people being misogynists. That’d be crazy.

Seems to me, that he is saying that misogyny will never end because women will never give men a reason not to hate them.

I was thinking about making a badass videogame about it - "Men vs. Women - Total War’ Basically an RTS FPS 3rd person arena game with a cool single player campaign. its 3000 years in the future and everything has greek and roman archetecture and type of aesthetics. There is so much stratification that the men all out hate the women, and the women all out hate the men, I mean it is balls out war, this aint no politics, I mean these are fucking soldiers.

Now,I know doom 4 is absolute shit, but I thought the demon rocket entities were cool, and we could have effimenant males who are those who shoot rockets at the women, while the other side has masculine spiritual women who shoot rockets at the males, both of them are very similar. Some of the clerics are effiment femboys who fuck other males to give the troops morale and such. Both armies are quasireligious, sort of like Warhammer. Now, you may ask, how do they reproduce, well, sometimes test tubes, and sometimes when the men are tired of the femboys they kidnap enemy soldiers. There is no rape in the game, simply they are locked up in a dungeon in sexual way as a metaphor.

Feminists would be all over this game, because it would promote female equality since females have an equal chance of winning the battles. The campaign would have a lot of philosophical qualities and it would be an interesting game. i am posting it here because most game companies wouldn’t have the balls to post it, because they have no freedom and women tell them what to do all the time and blackmail them with subconscious threats of leaving them if they dont satisfy them. Women have the right to leave men who dont satisfy them, men must obey women and perform for her. Thats what men are, jokers and jesters who perform for women, and there will also be troop units of those too.

Now, if you take my idea without asking me, I will sue you, and possibly do things to you that you will regret for the rest of your life.

What one is saying is prejudice and discrimination shall always exist within human society. Even here in the West where the principle
of universal equality is taken as a given. It does not mean nothing can be done about it but there are limitations to what can be done
Utopia is a wonderful ideal but the only place it can be found is in a novel or a dictionary. It tends not to translate too well to reality

Yet people like yourself want to speed up that process. :sunglasses:

Shall always exist yet people like you are trying to get rid of it. Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. Which is it?

What needs to be done exactly?

Feminism is merely another means for the 1% of the humans to becomes richer and richer, thus more and more powerful (mighty), whereas the other 99% become poorer and poorer, thus less and less powerful (mighty).

I am an existential nihilist so I do not think there is any meaning to life. I am not interested in changing the world for that is beyond
my control so I only focus upon changing myself. If you want to know how to change the world then you are asking the wrong person

It’s also a eugenics program if you think about it utilizing female hypergamy with social economics. It’s soft eugenics at play.

It’s about limiting opportunities for reproduction.

Were you not just complaining about racism and sexism?

Yes, and about reducing reproduction. It is more a dysgenics than an eugenics program.

I was not complaining about racism and sexism but simply acknowledging their existence. I do however think society should
make every effort to eradicate them and all other forms of prejudice or discrimination also. But this is a matter for society
itself. So is therefore beyond my control which is why all I do is express my opinion on it and no more. Since as I have said I
am only interested in changing myself. And so work within the parameters of what is possible rather than what is necessary
And neither am I interested in changing the minds of others since that too is something beyond my control so I just let it be

Syrup is basically a woman, has no gutspa or anything. Surely you could read a book on how to mind control people?

I am really not the least bit interested in controlling the minds of others since
everyone should be free to think whatever they want as far as I am concerned

They should be 99 percent of the time.

A good video. And there are others similar to it.

It’s never going to happen. There will always be people who think and feel racist, sexist and patriarchal.
At times there may be less than there may be more but there will always be that.
Unless they spread some kind of chemical in the air and we all become zombies or do something to create a herd of borg.
It’s just never going to happen - this utopian world. All we can hope for is something more balanced between a utopian world and a dystopian one but leaning more toward a utopian world but then again who really wants that either?
There’s always going to be the struggle, the dog eat dog world, the sane vs. the insane.
But we still have to try, to struggle, to eradicate, to conquer but it’s not entirely going to happen.
The only thing which would do it is if the Earth exploded. lol

Seems like there’s some naysayers in the audience.

Your evil is clear.


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