World Peace?

I was thinking about the war in Iraq, and I began to think about war and peace, and how everyone wants ‘world peace’. But then I thought that ‘world peace’ might just be an illusion, a thing we think is real, but is not. We can never have ‘world peace’ because it’s human nature to fight and have problems and conflicts. Human nature is to fight and pick on the weaker or smaller or lesser of us. This is not something we can cure, we would have to mess with the brain, the part of us that makes us who and what we are. So, really, do we even know what ‘world peace’ is? Do we even know what ‘peace’ is? when the human race has always been fighting and at war in one way or another, is ‘peace’ really something we know? Or is it just something we’ve made up to give ourselves hope?

no, there can be no peace…


Unless the world can set aside their differences and get along, I don’t think there will be “World Peace”. People will always have something to fight about whether it’s about religion, race, land, money, or even over a pencil.