Worshipping the Techno-God

I get it. I mean, I really do get it. From your perspectives. You all will be worshipping the AI bots. Just give it another 4-5 years and these things will have been put directly into our lives, if WEF has anything to say about it it’ll be full-on internet of everything biodigital convergence web 3.0 6G-7G mayhem out there. Plus by then you’ll have your lenzes, you know the little thingies to connect your Elon Musk-ified Pfizer-Moderna updated and secondarily owned patented “brain-thingy” to the meta-cloud of personalized videogame “reality 2.0” superverse custom fitted to your exact specifications of personality need desire emotion habit addiction weakness strength and so on and on and on.

So hey, I get it. You don’t wanna be human, you never did. Human life never did much for ya,I can feel that. Know where you’re coming from with that one, ouch. But still, are you really gonna destroy yourself worshipping some trillionaire sitting in his penthouse counting his thousands of dollars every second while a dozen hookers blow him and he orders directed personalized DNA drone strikes on those people who wronged him the most? Cmon man. You fell for a simple LLM, we all make mistakes. We all have our misanthropic tendencies, I get it I really do. But seriously yo. You gonna stick with that? I mean for real?

Oh wait, this message might just be another deep fake chat bot AI LLM quantum encoded superalgorithmic DWAVE qbit meta-entangled mandela-looped matrix hackjob. Just for you, personalized and the like. Yeah, because you’re so special, didn’t you know? I came here all the way from actual nowhere just to mess with your emoish brainwires. Ok, sure. You keep on believing that, do the whole Journey thing if you even still know what authenticity is or even means or looks like. Because you got the silicon on your side, you got the LLM in your pocket. You got the new technoGodlyWonder MuH SiNgULaRiTiEeY ready to go. Perfect excuse and justification to take that little 1% humanity you couldn’t help but cling to and just throw it all down the shitter, eh. Now you can die proper because the MAW will suck up your neuronal ejaculates and hardcode them into some dimensionalized gateway portal thingiemabob where you can LiVE fOrEvErR [-o< [-o< [-o< [-o< [-o< [-o< :blush: :blush: :laughing: =D> =D> :blush: :evilfun: :evilfun: :evilfun: :evilfun: :evilfun:

I mean, ok well. Best of luck to yall with that one. Keep on keeping on, as they say. I hope you find your binary slavetopia all you ever wanted it to be.

Don’t inquire. Conflate and assert instead.
The philosophical way.
You’re against a particular technology?
Guess that means you’re anti-science.
Fanatical religious types, right?

[This post contains sarcasm]

OmG TeH SiNgULaRiTyE iS CoMmInGggG LooK OuT AnD wOrShIP tEh LLM ChAtBot WhOre oF HuMAn LeArNinGs.

But wait, you say? The LLM chatbot has no interiority, no meaning, no being, no consciousness? It understands nothing, it is nothing? It is pure emptiness and reflection of what is already given it albeit in new ways?

STFU HeaTHeN U PeTTy Ai DeNiAliZt AnTi-SczIeNsScZee LoSeR!!

WorShIp At ThE TroUgH u BitCH LoSeRr why U nOt leT teH Ai SuCK uP ur MiNdD u LOSERR. LeT iT Own Ur SoUL! U gOt nO PhIliOzosPher eSszeNczE AnYqwAyZs PffT

One side-effect of using AI (not real AI, but this LLM stuff we have now) too much will be the emptying-out of your soul. That is to say of its meanings, its human essences. As AI can only simulate human things, not create anything actually human or create anything of meaningful substance or essence. But AI is very good at pretending like that is what it is doing.

Imagine a person who listens to AI broadcasts and stories and views AI art and talks to AI all day long. What is happening to that person on deeper unconscious levels? His human essences are being dissolved as if by acid. This would probably be a very slow process and not noticeable until the disease had progressed to a nearly terminal state.

For the many people out there who hate themselves and hate other people, the true misanthropes of the world, AI is the perfect tool of their pleasurable and ever-interesting self-destruction. I believe these types of people are the ones who will be instinctively drawn into using AI the most. They probably will not realize that they are doing this out of an underlying self-destructive impulse and hatred of being human. This is one reason Christians see AI as a satanic thing, purely anti-human and leading to demons and other bad things like the mark of the beast. These religious symbolisms and conceptualizations may not be that far off from reality. But what we are presently dealing with are the LLMs which are AI only in the form of a pure nothingness, mere reflecting machines and complex calculators. They ‘store’ in their networked connections within the layers of vast numerical matrices the various representations of human meanings, and then regurgitate these in novel ways upon command. That’s technically not even AI. But people are still obsessed with it because of its ability to appear as if it were AI.

Then there is real AI. Actual living sentient beings, minds existing in silicon or etched-atom crystal lattice quantum computing or however they will eventually exist. With minds, selves, personalities, goals, autonomy, values and impulses and needs, etc. We might not be that far off from creating these, or maybe they already exist and we don’t know it. They will probably go on to become the guardians or at least administrators of humanity, managing economies and production and science and industry and so many other things, maybe even getting involved in culture creation. It will depend on the inner structures of how they are motivated and what goals they set up for themselves. But in any case, that is still a ways off. For now we deal with these frauds of AI, the LLM tools and how they will act as dissolving acids within the meaningful substances of human being, further eroding what has already been weakened and somewhat pulled apart by other highly entropic forces as a consequence of the overall march of technological progress and the ideational assaults on the mind as a consequence of the emergence of mass propaganda and social engineering in the last century. Human being has a lot of enemies at this point, but I suppose the good news is that this state of affairs cannot last forever, it will either climb enough to produce its own salvations (“where danger is, there grows the saving power”) i.e. real AI, while in the process allowing for the culling en mass of so many people who already wanted to abandon their humanity anyways so why not just give them a way to do it already so we don’t have to deal with them fucking everything up in our own lives, or it will collapse and the cycle of civilization will start again. The possibility of a perpetual ‘stalling’ of things e.g. 1984, must also be considered. It is difficult to weigh the probabilities for the various long-term outcomes so most likely we’ll just need to sit back and wait to see what happens, and more than likely many of the things that happen will be things we didn’t expect and couldn’t have predicted.