Would you call this stealing?

A person drops $20. You see the man dropping it. The person leaves.
And you go and take the $20.

yes. it’s stealing because he did not know he lost his money, but you waited until he was gone to take it so that you could have it. OR you made no effort to chase him and give it back.

one of my favorite moral conunndrums is this: in the future a man finds a cure, a miracle drug, for a type of cancer that your wife (or husband) has. this man has decided to make some money off of this drug, because the ends justify the means, right? so he charges $2000 for the drug and your spouse has very little time to live. you raise all the money you can but it’s only half the cost. you offer it to him and he denies you the drug until you can come up with the rest of the cost.

do you break in and steal the drug? and if so, do you pay him for it? would you still take it if it was for someone you didn’t know?

if you know your medical law

one in order to make a drug, must pledge to the hippocratic oath, the right to life no matter if he rich or not

one who only gives who can afford it has broken this oath. therefore it is only justice and right, that the drug should be stolen.

Just as the robin hood story, sherwood suppose to bring posterity to the people not robbed them, therefore, robin hood stealing money from him what justified.

justice is blind. Robin Hood was a myth. And stealing from the rich will not make you rich.

Instead of focusing on theft, why not create something and market it?

yes its stealing but the better question would be is it wrong.
in which the answer is circumstancial just like everything else.

when I was in Vegas the security office at the resort I was staying in thought I was bonkers because I not only turned over a lady’s possesions but, her money too and I made them hand me a receipt for it all. She got everything back due to that little piece of paper. Blew the security personnel out of the water. Bet others turned in money too but, noone ever thinks about getting a receipt. It helps keep honesty around.

The ultimate in moral honesty would be whether or not you could offer food to your starving worst enemy.
I’ve found twenty dollar bills on the floor in a place where I worked. My first idea was what if some poor, old person, coming into the store to purchase a necessity had dropped the twenty while digging through a purse or wallet. Maybe this was just assumption on my part; but the possibility convinced me to put the money where it could be reclaimed. If that was not done in a week or so, the money was mine.

Is stealing wrong? When it is right to overrule this law?

Stealing is always wrong, but you have to weigh the outcomes. Killing someone through action or inaction is more wrong in most cases, I’d say.

I’d call it petty theft.


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nothing is ever anything, other than circumstancial…

nothing put simply can be branded rightly wrong or right bad or good

its all circumstancial.

eg throwing money away is wrong.

its not if your the last person alive and have no use for it.

it is if you could easily give it to a needing and deserving person.

the possobilities are near infinate…

this same logic can be aplied to everything if done right.

I don’t know if I’d call it stealing, providing he left the money. I think it would be admirable of you to stop that person and give them their money back, from a common-decency standpoint. If more people thought that way we’d have less problems than we do, IMO.

In that situation I’d give them $ back. I think it was two summers ago that that happened to me- I was at the drive thru and the guy ahead of me took off and left $300 in the machine. He almost gave me the slip but I caught up to him a few blocks away as he (luckily for him) pulled into the parking lot of a grocery store. His eyes got pretty big when I handed him the money. That particular ATM never seemed to work right, and after waiting quite awhile he figured it was out of order. Thinking it wasn’t going to give him his cash he left to find another machine.

:astonished: Either you were a foolish and loco ( crazy ) ; or you have fallen into a spell or became possess by an angel. :stuck_out_tongue:

What happens if it was not $300 but 30,000 ?

Then I’d be 100 times more tempted. :wink: Aw, not really. I dig money as much as the next person, but I like self respect better. I don’t ‘lose’ anything by giving someone back their own money.

Plus, pragmatically, someone’s sure to notice $30k missing. :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW, suckiest thing was I was flat-fucking broke at the time. #-o

Old vaudeville joke–
Judge: You are accused of petty theft. How do you plead?
Prisoner: Not guilty, your honor. I never stold a petty in my life.

Yesterday, I found a crumpled five dollar bill in front of the beer cooler where I shop. I gave it to the store manager. Reason? If I am not honest with others, how can I expect them to be honest with me? I will tell cashiers when they have undercharged me for purchases. I do get respect in the marketplace.