would you die for your country?

would you die for your country?
this probably has already been ask but I received 5996 returns when I search for it and still couldnt find it so please redirect if it does. thanks.
if not please answer? feel free to elaborate.

i’d die for the survival of life in the universe

i’d die for my country if i was the leader

i’d die for my family

i’d die for some of my best friends

i wouldn’t die for my country, for a fake, invisible bordered, political area :confused:

that ‘fake, invisible bordered area’ is where you and your family grew and live. you are safe right now because of that ‘fake, invisible bordered area’ that you wouldn’t die to protect.

I believe that we are all important no matter which countriy we are from. so, if someone is coming into my country and conquering it, i don’t care unless theyre evil and directly threaten my family. no one deserves to die unless theyre killing people.

oh yeah and i wouldnt die for any god

I would sacrifice my life for those things that are important for survival of humanity and freedoms of humanity and for Dunkin donuts. Man I miss them.

I’m better than most people, so I believe most people ought to sacrifice themselves for me, not the other way around.

What is ‘your country’ anyway, but a group of stupid people?

OT, I think I can speak for a few people here , , You, we would put out in the frontlines , Lovingly though and gently. Ok a couple might shoot you out of a cannon :laughing:

No way.

You will have to elaborate. Do you mean would I die for the people in this country? All of them? Yea, probably. For my family: definitely. For a ruling body, political ideology, borders, “democracy”: no.

I wonder of the responses here would be different, or if there would be more responses if the question was “Would you put your life at risk for your country?”

Suicide missions are an example of purposely dying for one’s country. But most people who die for their country are probably at least trying not to.

I don’t think I’m capable of dieing for my country, I don’t have the necessary psychology, I can’t think in terms of doing things for one’s country…If I ever went to and fought in a war, it would be for my own reasons…

Question : Would you defend your country, unto death, from foreign invasion?

Well, that would depend upon the invaders. Are they better or worse then what is ruling this country now? If they are better then I would be a fool to not help them or at the least stop them.

no, I believe I ask the question correctly inorder for to attach it to another post that I will right in the rants and raves. However, the responces recieved so far dont support the argument I will be trying to make but oppose it. However, there are only about four responces so far. well like I aske before ‘would you die for your country?’

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I’d die for something closer to me first. Duying for a country doesn’t get you anywhere really.

I would rather piss glass. ( An obvious No.)