Would you live forever if you had the choice?

Here’s the deal:

You’re you now. You will never age from now on. If you are walking and get hit by a car, it goes right through you. You will never get sick, either, aside from some colds and the flu.

You still have to eat, drink water and move around. If you don’t, it will be extremely unpleasant but you won’t die.

Would you?

So if you stepped in front of train, you would be fine, but what if you got yourself into an emotional train wreck?

Physically, you can’t die. Emotionally, you could suffer.

So you must keep you emotional strength up or suffer, and eat and drink or suffer. It seems the realm of suffering has opened up beyond any mortal, unless of course trauma inducing unconsciousness is an option, but then how would that differentiate from death?

living forever might be my greatest nightmare. This is part of the reason
I dislike christanity so much. Living forever either in hell or heaven sounds like
a terrible fate. After a couple of hundred years, one would probably try to kill
themselves to avoid such a fate. Just thinking about it gives me the willies.
No, thank you. I am thinking about 75 ought to be about right.



Do you view existence as bad or unpleasant?

Freespirit: Why? Do you view existence as bad or unpleasant?

K: Existence itself is fine for a while but think about it this way,
Have you ever taken a really long trip, say by train or a long plane flight,
after a while it gets kinda boring, think of life like that long train trip,
after a while, it gets boring. Forget the fact as we age (I am 55) it hurts,
I have roughly 20 years left to go and my body hurts already, I hate to see
the pain I will be in in 20 years… No, of all the nightmare scenarios, I have heard of
living, forever is the worst.


What if you could live forever as a healthy 25 year old version of yourself?

This "deal’ already exist!!!

I’ve been around since the god damn beginning…can’t you remember?

As long as I can still feel pain, I think I would.