So now our moderators go to other forums to discuss their moderating activities with banned members and make promises to moderate the moderators on this site if the banned members are allowed to return? What the fuck…

I realize that moderating on this forum is an unpaid position, but isn’t that a bit of a conflict of interest?

Can you tell me/us who you’re talking about? And where do they do this?
Get this out in the open and it becomes common knowledge, and maybe no-one gets affected by any bad decisions…

Is this about Satyr? On KTS?

No. Very few things ever are.

I think that was Moreno, and not a moderator.

So you’re basically saying that the mods are turning it up a notch in making sure banned peeps stay away?
And that this is a conflict of interest?

You may be right, I didn’t stick around to find out. I just saw them talking a lot about the moderation that happens here, and the ILP poster seemed to be talking from experience. And the whole “moderating the mods if they remove the perma-ban” was annoying.

Am I the only one who finds it ironic that a former member who had been perma banned would bitch about how they get banned every time anyone figures out who they are, basing their complaints on our supposed inability to separate the person from the idea, when that same person is incapable of not calling someone a “retard” or some other asinine elementary school insult every time they post, and/or draw wide-sweeping conclusions about whoever they’re talking to based on minimal information?

It’s like raaaaiiiinnnn…

[size=85]Phyllo, this time I’m talking about Satyr.[/size]

No, that’s not anything like what I said.

Go away now.

Von River is right, it was me and I am not a mod. I did not ‘talk a lot about the moderation here.’

I pointed that out to the person I responded to over there.

Hmm, yes. An option.

Or you could explain yourself better.
My synopsis is genuinely how your gossip sounded.


Here’s what I don’t get – You don’t like me. You make it obvious. And yet it’s like you seek me out to talk shit. There’s no history between us. We’ve never spoken outside of the boards here, there’s no reason for you to pursue conflict with me, especially as you’re clearly much smarter than I am. I have nothing to offer you in the way of intelligent discourse, and I posted this particular gossip on the Mundane Babble boards, so it’s not like I was interrupting one of your amazing discussions with my childish rambling. Really, all you’re doing at this point is being a bully, choosing to bother me because you want to, I dunno, hammer home that I don’t belong on this forum? Whatever your reason, please…

Run the fuck along.

Aw! Blurry…

I genuinely had no idea this is how you thought of me, and about your “right” to membership here.
Yes I am cutting, testing, unforgiving… but I don’t actually dislike you. You’re absolutely right - I have no reason to and you do nothing to provoke me, thank you. Consider this: I am no different in my approach to anyone else here - did you notice that as well? There are members here who I respect and even some I very much disrespect, and yet I ruthlessly dive into their points just the same. I am used to the same defensive instincts demanding the other person dig deep and bring out their A-game in retaliation, so as to avoid intellectual humiliation (even though it’s only the internet). Sometimes I am rewarded, even just a little bit - clearly sometimes I’m only met by bared teeth or simply silence. But I hadn’t yet come across somebody who would actually take it personally… I’m sorry. And I mean that - I know you feel hard done by, I’m sure you have your reasons - they’re none of my business. But perhaps it may be of some value to you that as fragile as you may or may not feel in the face of the world, not all the bits that seem spikey may be as hostile as they might appear. A smaller man than I may actually act the same way out of proactive spite - in a pre-emptive attack because they feel just as fragile, and want to start the game one-up. Another might fear admitting being wrong for fear of conceding a one-down. You won’t know this but in person I am a teddy bear. I’ve been on this forum a while but actually consider you part of the furniture - it seemed wrong when you left for a bit. To me, you belong on this forum more than I do.

I don’t really draw any lines between mundane babble and the rest of the forum (I just browse “View new posts”), nor have I contacted a single member here outside the forum. I don’t come here to be friendly or just “be social”, but I’ll make a mental note not to be hard on you - I’m not here to be mean and make enemies either. The threads I choose to contribute to are actually fairly random. It seems whatever I click on I have something to say, but I moderate my activity depending on whether I’ve already got my teeth stuck into other threads or not. In between, I look for thread titles that jump out at me, though every now and again I have been known to be intrigued by other members in particular - perhaps ones that have been acting curiously lately, and I go looking for answers…

Anyway, to translate my contributions to this thread: I didn’t really understand your OP. Could you please explain what you meant, for me?

What I meant was, a moderator on this site pandering to someone who has been given a perma-ban and has been completely unable to respect that ban since day one, is…off, don’t you think?

But, you know, it’s been established that it wasn’t a moderator anyway. My bad.

Consider me one of your bare-toothed idiots, and ignore me, please.