The Third World War is on its way
and all the while everyone sist
patiently drinking tea, sleeping
or fixing tiny bolts on large sheets
of metal

I’m in the bath
I don’t care
it’s a million miles away

I know a decent set of mountains
I know basic survival
I know how to run

If I am not caught in some
atomic explosion melting
down to my basic puddle of
atoms once more

I’ll find a way
to ignore all
the hassle
and horror
and set up my
own Croft
beyond City
and Contract
and the wall of War
and grow Giant
and Fruits
and sing at
the top of
one’s voice

and no one
will know the
secret of my

Reminds me somewhat of the earlier period TS Eliot, which I happen to be studying at present.

haha, Tom, stop taking the piss… ](*,) :D/

OK, you might not actually have been taking the piss…perhaps not.

Are you an activist or something?
You’d prefer a minority to get all worked up, attempt the impossible, and then waste their life fighting against something they couldn’t stop from happening? What is this shit, anyways?

Maybe worrying and stress is the magick pill for a peaceful tomarrow.
Oh wait, the lack of death and the over-sexed n00bz all across the planet are overpopulating even more today then years ago–because “life” is “better”, “easier” and less “bad” then it was? But at the same time we need to, or morally should be even more scared and desturbed about potential death of a few of the species?

You wish! The real problem is overpopulation, not war.

And if someone did want to survive “ww3”, it’d be easy just to move to a country least likely to get involved in the war. Death caused by war is even less then the minority of deaths on earth, and the main source is deseases [which run hand-in-hand with old age and pollution]. Cryogenics are not even half as sensational as “OMG! WE GOTTA SAVE THE WORLD! WE ARE GUNNU WIPE OURSELVES OUT! WAR, AAAA!”–hehehe.

Wait, maybe this is a joke?
Do you have something useful and informative to tell me now?

What are you talking about?
This was simple prose
about me
escaping from

see that as you may