X marks the what?

Focus until youve pictured the X, then scroll down past the line below.







Now, does the X exist?
If so, how and where?
If not, explain?

No it doenst exist. a representation of that X is stored in some sort of memory on my computer. a new X appears on my screen 75 times every second. i didnt even get to see that X for half a second =(

if we tryin to get all abstract n’ stuff.

This, sadly, is not philosophy.

Yes, the X does exist. It exists higher up the scroll. It is there despite it not being within the frame of the window. This can be proven by scrolling back up.

This seems to me like the tree falling in the forest thing.

I would say that yes the X exists inasmuch as it would exist in my memory. This of course sidesteps the whole your subjective perspective doesn’t change objective fact. Simply because your perspective doesn’t allow you to see something doesn’t mean it’s not objectivly there.

Or was that the point you are round-aboutly trying to make? If so, congrats. I applaud you for you method of making someone think to come up with the answer rather than jsut stating it. Kinda like Socrates…

i cant articulate what i wanna say.
im mostly empiricist. (not pure) but… was the X real? it was real to me but yet it wasnt really there upon the scrolling.
but if it exists for you it exists. (for you)

thanx for the enthuestic response people. im merely asking you if your sentient to the X, what is the X below the line: what is the “is” or is it even a “is”.

Then again i suppose it is objective corelation to the scroll – and as Qzxtvbzr said “This seems to me like the tree falling in the forest thing.”

Well in physics we studied the functions of the eye. Your retina acts as a screen for the picture or what you see for the pictrue to show as (the the brain translates it but ne who) So with this retina, it’s also like if you look at a bright object like a light bulb and look away you see this glare. With the dark black around the X your eye focuses on the light colored X. When looking away the retina still sees this black color surrounding therefore casting this faint picture on pretty much air. It is not real as how your thinking, it’s just the aftermath of the retina. Hope that explain a bit!

  • Kayla

I believe you see the X because it temporarily burns into your retina and then it burns into your brain. We never forget anything we see no matter how pleasant or horrible, it doesnt matter.

Anyway, the X is there. Their all over the place like government spies or the mountains of stars in the sky. Deal with it.

Before we ask if the X still exists we need to ask whether it really ever existed in the first place.

You caould argue that everthing (but myself/or yourself) might only be a figment of my/your imagination. In which case we couldn’t know for sure if the X ever existed or not.

However, if existence is infinite, then because our self consciouness is finite, it would seem to suggest that something else must exist after the death of my self-consiuosness. If something else exists then part of that could quite possibly be the X, both earlier as a visual pattern and later as computer language stored on the computer.

In order to argue for sure whether the X still does or ever did exist we need to prove whether existence is infinite or not.

The actuality is one had a relationship with the x which left an impregnation in the memory. Wether x still exists would have to be verified by a further relationship.

                        regards ... scorpio

My computer has been kinda nuts. Images have not been caching right.

When I scrolled up, nothing was there except a broken picture symbol.

(not true, but it is an example of the point being made, I thiink).

Ah yes, I like this point. I don’t think we ever see anything as it actually is. Not just because all that is seen is just a picture on the back of the retina (rather than what is actually in front of you), but also because it is just an interpretation of what is detected by the limited capability of the eye’s “seeing” function. You can see and hear the same thing… but to us, its a completely different interpretation, even though its the same thing. Also, we only sense a certain range of these signals. We can’t see air for example, even though its made out of the same things that we can see - just in a different way.
Plus of course, we only sense our interpretation of limited filtered signals a fraction of a second after they actually existed in the state that we thought they did at the time we detected them.

It did.

Thanks Kayla.

The X exists only so much as anything visual exists. It is in our minds, and as we are all thinking the same thing it is seen as a reality.