xander and what not

xanderman, I’ve come back to look at ILP and I notice that you are up to the same lowlife garbage which infuriated me before.

You now LIST offensive posts from mundane babble, even thought it is “mundane babble”. You do not even want to eliminate offensive posts… you want to catalogue them so everyone can look and be offended. You are a hypocrite. You disrupt an otherwise free communication.

You are a fucking disgrace as always. Get a life.

Are you saying that when a thread digresses hopelessly from the topic and becomes a free form bunch of nonsense that it’s wrong to move it to mundane babble? What do you mean about posts being looked down on or something because they’re in mundane babble? That doesn’t even make sense.

look at the “Mundane Babble - Hall of Shame” sticky thread, dumbleweed.

Sorry, I just didn’t even think to do that ________
edit: I have removed the word “asshole” from the above space because I don’t want to be a name caller, even though I’ve been called a dillweed or something like that.

How rude is that!?

Ok so like this one is gonna be moved over there? Just glad no one got called a poo poo head. My…oh my

That thread hasn’t been posted in for, like, nine months.

I hope not. The shame that I would feel from having a quote of myself calling someone an asshole could permanently damage my ego. It’d put me back at least 2 years in my therapy.


It seems like it would be pretty cool to simultaneously have the organizational skills, the ability to remain neutral at all times and the intelligence to be a moderator on this forum. I hope I can be that much of a, “fucking disgrace,” after I’ve been here for awhile.