Xian good and evil, fully classified:

I’ve been taking some notes in my meta-journal,
Especially about the subjects of common and especially christian “good” and “evil”. I’ve expanded on these two classes here:

(And basically, it’s like:
“Good” has to do with order and eternity,
While “Evil” has to do with whole change and chaos/liberty,
Read me out, folks.)

*** Additional notes:
Though Franz didn’t bother [thus far in my reading] to describe “Good” and “Evil” in special detail, I’d like to write my own little manifesto.

Evil came first into this reality.
Evil functions best in cases of disorder, multiplicity, falability, freedom and opportunity.
Evil revolves highly around self-preservation and self-interest, willing to sacrifice many of the “little guys” in order to empower or preserve “the boss”.
Evil is the vertical aspect of collectivism; its prefered government is at first anarchy, which then soon becomes a decentralized plathora of specialized unions, class destinctions, and separations.
Scorpions and lions are “evil”. Evilness is seen in “competition” and in “war”; it is non-concentual and unfair.
Black and Red are its colors.
It behaves like fiery water.

Good came later into this reality, in the same way that intelligence and emotion evolved only after the initial “heartless” sort of opportunism & viral/bacterial existences.
Good functions best in cases of order, repetition, sustainability, law and the mandatory.
Good revolves highly around system-preservation and the interests of the system. Good wants “the strong to not harm the weak”.
Good is the horisontal aspect of collectivism; its prefered government is at first democracy, which then eventually becomes some degree of “communism”, characterized by values and ideals such as “Equality”, “Rights”, “Charity”, “Ecology”, etc. This good tends to centralize in order to protect and control its many parts, and it practices many degrees of things such as conformity and an indoctrinated loss of self-interest.
Ants and bees are very “good”; goodness is also seen in “loving families” which give freely to one another, and the stronger ones of them support the weaker; goodness is seen in the equalization and in the concentually fair.
White and Pink are its colors. [Though pink is only the sublimated red.]
It behaves like earth and air.

During the intermediary or transitional stages between “Good” and “Evil”, as one is made into the other, and things are made into their opposites, good and evil become sensed, felt, or inflamed. When one wants to become great, it will surely have to interact with the other, at some point, if it practices any degree of holism.

Small amounts of evil which have great control, great stability and great good, are much like kings, in so far as they do very important jobs, but if their evil should manifest, it will be enormously destructive. These are the black-ones. Allot of good, allot of order, with a little bit of evil, a little bit of chaos, at the most fundamental level, of which may cause huge problems for others [simply by way of its own minor failures].

Large degrees of evil – in weak and mild forms – are often called “good” by any-one that controls them. These harmless and obedient slaves serve their masters only for their own sake, but still, their “selfishness” is quite lovable. Later, as their harmlessness and passivity renders them unfamous or unknown, they gain the potential capability to control any of the “higher powers” via their blind-sides. And this is how the un-conscious came to control the conscious, and how the inanimate materials came to form the animate beings.

“Demonic” beings are more prone to operate outside of all of a societies moral bountries and self-limitations; Whilst operating more fully under their own self-interest.
“Graceful”, “Righteous” beings are more prone to operate inside of all social moral boundries and self-limitations; Whilst operating with self-interest as a lowly or un-enforced goal.

What does any of this have to do with Christianity?

Allot, really.
It has to do with selfish vs utilitarian values.
It is again of the carnal vs the christian.
Capitalist vs Communist, lol. :laughing:

But Christianity isn’t utilitarian or capitalist, and it doesn’t put ‘doing nice things’ at the center of it’s ethic. I think you might be describing flavors of secular humanism.


Well, maybe so…
I guess people don’t see it the way I do?