xzc, Blurred Savant, Old Gobbo

I need your help. Can you indulge me in a series of short fictional narratives?

I would like to have each of you write a short fictional story and post it up hopefully sometime next week tuesday, or before (no copying or collaboration. complete honor system). We can then have Tab look them over and give them a hearty critique, if he’s not too busy.

The story? A short fictional story loosely based on what you know about tentative, Faust, and Anita. But it has to be your own creation. Are we game? Just let us know in this very thread. This should be fun.

[size=110]WTF? [/size]

xzc, Blurred, and Old Gobbo, please feel free to substitute sangrain for me in that little trio, I’m quite sure that would be a much more interesting story.

Okay guys, I think we just freaked Anita out. How about you keep it loose, keep it fictional. She’s our friend. We want to keep her at ease. Can the three of you promise to keep her at ease while working on your stories? Thanks in advance.

Wheels are turning. Excellent. xzc is in. Now we wait for Blurred and Gobbo.


:laughing: :laughing: Sandy the shit stirrir!!! :laughing: :laughing:

Anita, just remember than we will also be free to critique the said stories and make comments (where appropriate). Given what we know about each other, I’m sure we will be able to work in concert with correct comments. Faust and I have long history that will also be useful.

What’s this “we” stuff?

JT, I’m only thinking of the people - sangrain has a much greater entertainment value than I do, and when combined with you and Faust, well, that’s right off the charts. The stories will practically write themselves!

Yes. Totally misplaced. I should know. I’ve tried my damnedest to freak you out and you’ve thrown it back in my face every time. :laughing: You’re… “unfreakable”. Is that a word?

You underestimate your entertainment value. But sandy doesn’t have a lot of options. When you’re sitting in a cell with a contraband cell phone, you don’t have much to do and you have to do it quick before a shakedown. It’s sad, but faust can fill you in with the back story. It was something like a lover spurned, and a DUI, and a car that ended up in a swimming pool. I never got the whole story. Ask faust.

Great job keeping her at ease, tentative. I’m loving your people skills. Like she said, it’s all about the people. Personally, I would have liked to see you two stop fidgeting and just let the young ones serenade you, but I like your approach a little better. Phone.

Okay, xzc is in, Gobbo is in. Blurred?
Feel free to post up your stories in the creative writing section, hopefully by Monday evening or Tuesday sometime. I’ll start a thread there. This thread, here, can remain a commentary section.

I’m in, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to churn something up by Monday…

Just do what you can. Doesn’t have to be a treatise.

Just when i think I’m beyond good and evil, I find evil in the world.

yeah, xzc’s little chin stroking caption caught me off guard, too. I about died laughing. I still laugh everytime I look at it.

But seriously, I don’t think tentative is that bad, is he? Sure, he traumatized Lizbeth, but what else are we supposed to expect?

Blurred, I know you are trolling this thread. A simple yes or no will suffice.
Let’s put that whole robo-tripping incident to the side. I just thought it was funny. Did not mean to offend. It’s just that there’s robo this and robo that going on everywhere these days. No longer do bankers give you a face to face middle finger when screwing you, they just robo sign. Politicians don’t walk up to your door to lie to you anymore, they robo call. People don’t even trip balls anymore, they robo trip. Everyone is just dialing it in these days. What’s next, robo laughing? Shudder.




Okay, that last one sounded a little like a muppet. Or a loaf of bread. Or a Harry Potter character.


I’m certain you’re trying to tell me something, but I can’t quite make it out.

Where are you going with this? Any clues?

What’s on your mind? Come on, man, out with it, already. Stop toying with me.

The suspense is killing me.

Perhaps he may have wanted the subject line to have read:
Faust,xzc, Blurred Savant, Old Gobbo
It is possible I could be wrong about this…

sandy - you are requesting that this trio write about, among others, me? Correct?

These will not necessarily be sympathetic treatments.

We can’t necessarily make that assumption. They may surprise you.

All this fidgeting.

I am not easily surprised, sandy. It’s not that i can’t take it - but evil is evil.