xzc, Blurred Savant, Old Gobbo

That’s what she…

Oh things you get me into.

Anyway, Xzc, Blurred, and Gobbo don’t strike me as evil.
They seem like well rounded, well intended nice people.

You’re still not quite getting it…nobody said they were evil…

Ahhh, sweet denial…

Hey that reminds me, just the other day I stumbled upon the perfect avatar for sangrain:

Okay, let’s try again. You say:

…then a little later…

You may have not explicitly said they were evil, but that implict shoe seems to fit like a glove.
Sweet, sweet implication.

Did I just see Anita? Hey Anita, how goes the day?

So, Anita, which finger are you?

This discussion has to stop or it will prejudice the potential stories. We don’t want the possible authors to have to consider the potential need to be PC or to write freely of their imaginations. Let it go where it goes.

I have a bucket of virtual tar, and a large bag of virtual feathers, and we can deal with Sandy after-the-fact.

Sounds like a great idea, tent, I think we should do just that. Wait a minute…

Fine. But after that, can we ask Tab, rainey, and Oughtist to write a story about sangrain? Just a simple, short fictional narrative, wouldn’t have to be a treatise, or even involve him being an evil mastermind or anything. …

<img src="/uploads/default/original/2X/2/2abd93f5bdd4258c1e4775cddd8a93bd8304edc5.gif" width="19" height="16" alt=":eusa-pray:" title="Pray"/>

Sure! Why not? And maybe we could get permission from the prison authorities to interview his cellmate. you know, just for back story to keep it plausible… I don’t think we could get permission to look at the psychiatrist’s report, but I’d bet it would be fascinating.

Scribble scribble scribble.


Oh my.
I think you need to spend some time apart from tentative. He’s quite the corrupting influence … unless…

While its true that I’m a devil and I do my level best to appeal to Anita’s dark side, it doesn’t change the fact that we’re on to you. (Anita’s dark side is awesome! - and delightful) :smiley:

Poor, poor Anita. What have you gotten her into? Or is it the other way aroun…

Now quit squirming and let these young free spirits serenade you with their own brand of truth … if you can call it that.