Year Zero - Nine Inch Nails

Honestly I was afraid Trent Reznor was soon to be finished producing the kind of music and lyrics that I love about nine inch nails, but from what I’ve heard of Year Zero so far, it’s good.

My thoughts are that: if With Teeth left you with slight distaste or longing for the older nine inch nails try Year Zero – if you really liked With Teeth…well I’d still go for it : )

I had mixed feelings on the whole for With Teeth, but as an album I think it’s still very worth listening to and I was really impressed by the following tracks on With Teeth:

  1. All the Love in the World
  2. Everyday is Exactly the Same
  3. Right Where it Belongs

If you’ve had the chance to hear anything from Year Zero let me know what you think of it…like I said I really like what I’ve heard.


Trent Reznor. The forty year old gothic teenager who can’t play an instrument so resorts to synthesizers and back-up dancers in fish-net clothing (remember, to compensate for the lack of musical integrity, the stage performance is enhanced so that the idot crowd will still by tickets) to pretend that he’s got something for the world of music.

Trent, I want to fuck you like an animal. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you, k?


Do me a favor and send Trent this video:

Uhhh… Detrop. Trent Reznor doesn’t have any back up dancers when he perfroms. I think you’re thinking of Maralyn Manson or someone else more showy. Because in nine inch nails Trent Reznor plays all the instruments when he records the albums, which does include, but not limited to a synthasizer. Other than fancy lights he’s kind of a minimalist performer.

There all the same.


that’s all well and good, but I still like his music : )

You obviously have no idea what you’re talking about in this instance.

They come in all colors, shapes and sizes:

…and they all want to be this guy…or at least convince you that you could be this guy if you buy their albums:

Now go to the vintage clothing store and buy a black-light poster like you know you want to.

God I’m good.

détrop, you don’t get it

it’s not about the look, it’s about the sound

I’m rather surprised Trent has come up with something so soon. He’s spent the better part of 2006 touring With_Teeth that he wouldn’t have the time to record a new album… and yet… Trent provides an explanation. I’m looking foward to hearing it.

From what I’ve heard of the album, from the released songs, and such, is kind of good; and equally so, kind of bad.

The music is very minimal, and has a lot of noise elements, which does actually work really well for it. The lyrics, however, are kind of banal.

That being said, I’ll still probably pick the CD up when it’s released.

Detrop’s touchy when it comes to music – anything outside of his own agreements turns him to into a blithering idiot, talking complete nonsense. I’ve experienced this before. We’ll call it a character flaw.

Actually, from what I heard Marilyn’s guitarist is amazing.

detrop, I know you will read this eventually, so what should we be listening to? Please list us some musical acts worth listening to, I would like to listen to what you listen to…

  • OKComp

APRIL 17th! : )

(that’s the album release date, funny, I talked to a walmart employee the other day and I learned that all new albums always come out on Tuesdays–is this true? it’s rather weird…)

truly, the differences between marilyn manson and nine inch nails are vast.

Aye it tis.

Yeah, except for the fashion, marketing and genre of music, they’re like, y’know, totally different.

That’s like saying the differences between The Beatles and The Monkees are vast…

Mr Trent Reznor is well trained in a variety of intruments, including and not exclusive to, piano guitar tuba trumpet keyboard vocals computer engineering production programming Mellotron.

There is a close connection between Mary Manson and Reznor - I.E. - Reznor produced MOST of their albums.

Regardless of whether you think he is simply a cardboard marketing advert, he is a competent and accomplished musicianoid and entrepreneur.

What instruments do you play detrop, apart from the pink triangle?

I believe Nine Inch Nails where the size of the nails driven into poor Jesus wrists. Ouch! And personally, I only listen to NIN when my mate puts it on, he loves the guy. I’ll listen and some of it is very good, but give me whale music any day. :unamused: