Yes, Love -NO, love (a thought tangent)

Compulsion and Repulsion
Who made you?
And why do you strangle my every action and thought?

Who are you? And why have I not met you?
How would I love to rest with you in my love’s arms?
But this is fickle and lover’s talk!
Who wants simplicity in the union with their lover?

Why do I shrink in the miraculous’s presence inside me
yet embrace it in nature and church?

If I make sense of this, will I be free to love?
Or if I free myself from my misunderstanding will I be trapped?

How can one act if one is in love? It is aburdity!
If love is not complacent with the one it is with, will it not be continuous and in a constant search for the better lover?
Nonsense exists with all love.
Love is another shackle on the possibility of the infinite.
Who wants to be chained to the finite?
Is it because that we are humans that we embrace such shackles?
Are these shackles unavoidable?
How can love be seen as other than shackles?
And if one feels such emotions, which one cannot understand? How does one act upon them? And why should one even act upon something that is not understood?

If thoughts of Lovers could cease, maybe my Love could reach me!

[contented edited by ILP]