Yo Capable, was I right or was I right?

More relevantly even, I am going to be right about the rest too.

Lucky for me I worked towards this point and have done my due diligence so the next phase can be addressed successfully. Sadly the philosopher colleagues have discarded all my advices and are now dangling in the winds of treason.
I hope you have been as wise as I have.

Difference between us was always the amount of humor each of us could see in the perversities - me, carrying Nietzsche in my heart, I find it easier to accept certain things as they fall into place, as sick as they are - not any fake boiden boiden presidency of course, that will never work except to undermine the remaining order so that my Plutonic work may proceed, but the lobotomymuzzle thing. Seeing a portion of the population wear these things voluntarily, even in their cars, is witnessing the creation of a new chandala caste. Out of people who truly deserve nothing more.
One already has to be braindamaged in order to wear such a muzzle voluntarily and indeed the breathing in of ones own waste adds to that braindamage. A fine example of how vo works in the ignoble substances.
In ancient India, the untouchable caste was created in much the same way - those considered too wretched to participate in true society were forced to drink their own urine. Same principle.

Since 2011 Ive been predicting this moment, and its outcome a few years down the line. Now that my predictions have come true so uncannily, it is time for the Philosophers to step up. I have already been doing tasks with tremendous success in my own continent, for which I have been rewarded plenty. As sick as it is, this epicenter of the fracture of our society is the threshing ground on which the new power is invoked.

What are you trying to say here ?

If i may , rudely …( I may be wrong)?.
That the metaphor of social ills was predicted qua.Suzan Sontag et al; and now the potential become an actual crisis, deeper layers of aggrivation have surfaced , infecting the whole gamot-social, psychological & political , resulting in a very real possibility for open conflict, on many levels of constitution.

That is what I was going to ask. A little background would be nice.

What does “Yo Capable” mean? Were you right about what? Who are you talking about and to?

Capable is more or less a God.


I am not embarrassed about my simplifying tendencies there at the end, I am just there to feed the lion.

What this is about, the worship of the book here as well as the themes touched on in the OP, in a very broad sense, is the order of rank.

im ok if the magas end up having to drink their own piss

Sounds like dog caught some bad rabbit mate.

Well the US Constitution has been terminated as of now it seems, so all you guys may be piss drinkers very soon. It looks like Capable was right in the end, hence this thread.

(Since, if C was right about T, I was right in 2011 about the whole plot, and we are now entering the third act.)