You all do realize this is evil don't you???

I’ve said this a couple times and I want to expound further, and I post it here, because I don’t think religion owns the concept!!

It’s very simple…

Once I found out what a philosophic zombie was, that changed the whole game!

Imagine a hypothetical creator ran the simulations and realized that if it put us together with other sentient beings besides ourselves, we would always disappoint them… Well, I’ve ran these simulations!!

It would also know that we always disappoint ourselves!!

Now, imagine talking to a non-sentient, non-sensory, stupid sock you put on your hand. You can likely amuse yourself!

Now scale this up to INFINITE or even higher, BOUNDLESS creativity imbued within you and infinite potence (absent creating a real being and not a philosophical zombie)!!

You’d never, ever, get bored!! AND you’d never hurt anyone (including yourself)!!!

You could feel anyway you want to and experience yourself and others (philosophic zombies who can’t be hurt) with boundless enthusiasm and inspiration, forever and ever!!!

This fucks with the two big ones…

Buddhism (that you can’t be boundlessly joyful with infinite unbridled behavior or craving) and a creator (who ran the simulations and didn’t give this to us)

We could question the wisdom of a creator making us boundlessly creative and potent (minus the exception) and raise the difficulty of the reality, and it would prove the wisdom.

If you are EVER tortured against your will, it is a disproof of benevolent creationism and Buddhism … Because of the philosophic zombie proof.

Either we are created by a god that likes really weak, small, short lived parasites. Or…