You are all very fortunate on these boards

I sent a message to Only_Humean thanking him for posting my mash of sentences… I told him that I’ve been banned outright from about 15 of the most “prestigious” boards on the web and not only that but had all of my threads deleted.

Whoever posts here should feel very fortunate to have a board like this, regardless of what you think of my mash of sentences. This is the best philosophy board online.

Why exactly were you banned? Your thread in the philosophy section is all over the place, yes, but there’s nothing really banworthy.

Women complained. Very simple. Sex is everything… mess with the sexual psychology, you mess with both genders. It’s taken as misogynistic rantings, even though I advocate pacifism and not acting out to get sex from women at all.
It’s not really about the content, it’s about the sex. No ban, no sex. It’s the sexual blackmail system I was talking about.

Your philosophy OP made no sense to me. Could you present one single idea and allow us to comment on that?

It’s just that women sexually stratify and choose conspicuous consumption aggression more… and this causes men to act out (subliminally) and also commit mass suicides. Since men don’t do this to women, female suicide rates are very low comparatively and they don’t act out as much violently or with speech. We all know about the jocks and people who are sexually jealous and people who get married on the male side being chosen… basic signs of conspicuous consumption aggression. It’s also the contradiction frequency, which in our species on the male side is like the peacock feathers. It’s the number of times you can contradict yourself or your motive in a sentence or behavior… that’s why we have such severe environmental degradation for one.

Another aspect of this conspicuous consumption aggression that has specifically to do with contradiction frequency is music, which specifically contradicts it’s motive through lyrics… this is why musicians are so popular with women, well, that and the fact that women are usually hired to scream in crowds by band producers… they are a very suggestible bunch.

Actually, you’re supposed to state outright that sexual stratification causes suicide in order to deserve sex, food water or money. Simply NOT stating that is contradiction of motive, among other things. It’s what you don’t say that gets you sex as well as what you do say. I’ve run all the probability after I shed all my contradictory aggression and found out that if a woman has sex with me, she had to have been paid for it by a third party.

As a long standing member of this board I congratulate you for finding this out, about us being lucky, I mean. This is the cradle of a lot of ideas and communities.