You are at a party and...

what you do

  • turn and leave without a word
  • turn to the stranger and say 'it’s o.k., he’s feeling nervous about being here, we’ll just try and ignore what he just said"
  • punch your friend in the face, smile at the stranger, then turn and leave
  • say nothing, just grin nervously
  • walk off until your temper has diminished enough for you to return to the party
  • spark another ciggie
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You and me go to a party, and you get introduced, by me, to the first person we meet as ‘my stinky friend’

what do you do?

None of those choices adequately describe what I’d do.

I really wouldn’t be flustered whatsoever considering how my ego has downsized over the years. I really have no reputation to uphold. It’s quite nice. Flustered, nervous, and angry all misrepresent what I’d feel.
I would be a little upset with my friend for his bad taste in humor. Like that hasn’t been said before.

I’d probably say something like “Yeah, it’s true, but wait until I drink so much I become incontinent (sp?). You’re in for a treat!”

It’s better to not take such things seriously.

bust my gat

If I were really annoyed, I would smile, say hi to the person I’m being introduced to, and leave quietly. And never talk to you again.

On the other hand, I could just forget about it and flirt with someone else.

i’d just say something humorus about you…

I would say ‘What makes you say that? I have pretty good personal hygiene, and I do not stink, although I think your manners stink.’ then I would go and find someone else to talk to.

smoke a blunt, its all good. Next time I take you to a party, we see what happens then, I introduce you as “my gay friend”.