you can't change stupid

you probably shouldn’t even try…it leads to your own frustration…

Another blanket statement. Who is stupid? In what way are they stupid? Is stupidity a product of ignorance?

I want to know what you think…do you use the word stupid

If I had perfect thoughts 100% of the time, it would be ok not to change.

Sometimes situations and events occur that make you act differently, such is the substance of regret.

In both cases we need to be flexible and that must ontologically include change.

In terms of existential individualism, the ‘individual’ is possibly transcendent, in that tech could be potentially made to transfer consciousness. This idea itself denotes a universal, which we can call ‘the individual’, yet is coupled with virtually infinite potential of change.

= the individual can change.


Is this a philosophical truism, or idle chatter? It’s worth investigating this, so as to be able to find a direction toward this is going. Have doubts whether it can actually get there, though.

No, Willful ignorance is a product of stupidity though.

willful ignorance is a product of intelligence that refuses to grow up. And I want to bet that stupidity can be fixed and changed and yet will still exist regardless. Stupidity is a survival mechanism for brilliant minds and beautiful people, to an extent. Get too intelligent and you risk losing whatever happiness you might have had in life. Still, I really believe that all it takes is teaching them on levels that they can understand and I don’t think that enough teachers can actually do that on an individual-by-individual basis and really reach out and teach kids appropriately and therefore stupidity exists in sporadic amounts throughout humanity as people refuse to even try, seeing it as too daunting of a task. Where are the men and women with courage? That can stare life and death in the eyes, grab them by the balls until they turn their heads and cough and go, ‘Life and death, you’re hella fucked up, but we know the right drugs to help you.’

Stupid as in repeating the same behavior over and over - kind of like a form of insanity - expecting different results?

Or stupid as in ignorance - not having learned something as of yet?

adjective stu·pid \ˈstü-pəd, ˈstyü-
: not intelligent : having or showing a lack of ability to learn and understand things

: not sensible or logical

: not able to think normally because you are drunk, tired, etc.
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Full Definition of STUPID

a : slow of mind : obtuse
b : given to unintelligent decisions or acts : acting in an unintelligent or careless manner
c : lacking intelligence or reason : brutish
: dulled in feeling or sensation : torpid
: marked by or resulting from unreasoned thinking or acting : senseless



Can you give me an example of how this is supposed to work?

I will agree with you that higher intelligence isn’t necessarily a factor in being happy BUT how is pretending not to be a factor insofar as happiness goes?

An example. Well, unintentional stupidity is a great survival mechanism. It isn’t to state that they are always stupid, just unintentionally stupid in certain ways that causes others to care for them. To do so intentionally breeds the awareness of manipulation, etc.

I never said that pretending not to be intelligent created happiness. It instead detracts from it because you have to live a lie and even if it is a lie that others are comfortable with, you’re never really challenged and you never truly shine. If you are, you are and you should be who you are. But, there have been certain cases where intelligence has ruined the happiness of men and women because they forgot how to raise themselves back up to sit there and, as an example, eat a steak with their bare hands with a friend and not even be bothered by the seeming stupidity of the other person that can not comprehend or grasp the larger words and concepts. At that point, it becomes a challenge to ‘lower’ yourself and be able to explain such ‘heightened’ concepts in simple terms and that becomes the new challenge and enables you to keep friends, for through intelligence, you make yourself unintentionally stupid again and thus not in any manipulative way, though once people see you as being that intelligent, they view you to be manipulative because they tend not to understand how such a brilliant mind would choose to feel emotions or choose to bother with them instead of doing something greater with their life.

At such a point, it becomes a lack of self-worth in the people viewing the person who is so obviously inundated with self-worth for having solved all of lifes problems before even reaching middle-age and the envious and jealous do arise which gives free access to fighting, which the intellectual must usually decline from for it being far beneath them to interact in such ‘heathenish’ manners, though they’ll subtly insult and sting with barbed retorts just for sheer cynicism and bitter regret of something they can’t quite formulate for themselves.

Regretfully, though, such intelligence for me has come at a cost and I find myself homeless and having to beg and travel long distances as my feet, calves, back and shoulders give me a lot of grief. Again, for the intellectual, a situation they would rather not find themselves in, and I left myself no other avenue, just to be able to move on with my life from the stagnation that it had become and instead thrill in the adventure that I find myself in, though I am reminded strongly of Bilbo Baggins and how his adventure came at a point in his life where he was ready to settle down in the Shire. Such is my situation, I am ready to settle down and have a wife and kids and must instead fight a war of both the mind and physicality in a world that claims I don’t belong, yet must admit that I am sorely needed.

And in that paradoxical place between love and hate, my life hangs in the balance and I must at the same time be intellectual and stupid, wild and tame, respectful and disrespectful. And yet, I am never truly confused.

flowers are stupid why change them…