You may laugh


Deep breath.

I realized I am not here on this planet born of this geopolitical construct called the United States of America of my own choice. It wasn’t my choice to be born with the attributes I was born with. I’ve asked around a fair amount and it would be the anomaly that anyone believes they are here of choice. In this we are more or less equal and to distill the experience down to this ‘ether’ that is fairly the lot of us all.

So we are here on this planet and there are forces at play that tick and toc out rhythms and cycles that would be difficult to mistake. The sun rises, moves through the sky, and patterns of warm and cold match our perspective of the suns arc through the skies.

And as life appears so too does death, seldom chosen, but in that there is some choice, yet in the end there is none.

A man and women copulate, is a new life certain? A man and a women copulate, a lot, and the odds go up but certainty lacks assurance. Science adds it flair for maximization and is certainty assured?

Adolescents copulate in lust without the slightest interest in the assurance. a life is created. Surprise surprise.

Life results, and choice seems ancillary, or does it?

If exists, right of existence.

But what of hunger?
Then take of life what you need for life. Respect all life as you do your own. Reflexive principle.

But what if I were to be killed? That would neither be a respect for life nor a means to anyone’s sustenance. it would be ‘trophy’ and offers no sustenance for true hunger.

So, would you ask if you can kill? Only if you are going to eat to stay alive. If you would kill and let the sustenance of life rot away you have desecrated life and that is abomination before nature and the forces at play that brought you into this life in the first place.

If you feel you must kill life… then it would be practical to eat them, for as long as you live through life, nature is in balance.

“Dig in” Darklordabc, phenomenologically and ontologically speaking. To kill for your reasoning is trophy, and is abomination before nature.

So I remember a long time ago… A friend Brian, had seen a movie about pod plants eating humans, and I was asking how they ate them, and with the straightest of faces, he answered, with Worcestershire sauce.

Bon appetit.

I appreciate the harmonizing of primordial nature and metaphyisical/poetic langauge in your piece.

Good shit man.

Glad you enjoyed, I still chuckle thinking of my friends response so long ago.