You Shall See What I See When You See I See More Than You Do

Circle = 360
Square = 180
Triangle = 90

360 + 2016 + 180 + 2106 (Mars) + 90 + 2160 (Moon) = 69120

Every 25920 Years = The Precession Of Equinoxes

69120 + 25920 = 95040

There are a maximum of 88 constellations. (For a reason).

Those 88 constellations were created by a self-intelligent system called the Trinity, which is 1080° or three perfect circles separated into a Mother, Father & Son.

88 x 1080 = 95040.
(Again.) 69120 + 25920 = 95040.
8 x 9 x 10 x 11 x 12 = 95040.
1 x 2 x 3 x 4 x 5 x 6 x 7 = 5040.
7 x 8 x 9 x 10 = 5040.
Earth’s Radius + Moon’s Radius = 5040.
The human body has 206 Bones. 126 Appendicular & 80 Axial.
126 x 80 = 10080.
5040 + 5040 = 10080.
Earth’s Diameter + Moon’s Diameter = 10080.
The moon has 28 Cycles. (Cycles & Circles.)
28 x 360 = 10080.

Every road leads to Rome.

R x 6 + O x 6 + M x 6 + E x 6 = 306.

1440 (Air) - 567 - 567 = 306.

360 - 306 = 54.
180 - 108 = 72.

54 + 72 = 126 Appendicular Bones.
126 - 46 Chromosomes = 80 Axial Bones.

Last but not least, Water + Aether = 10080° Total.

Have I ever told you how appreciative we are collectively for your insights on this forum? Especially when you repeat the same information over and over again?

Each time you say it, it’s like it is the first time you’ve ever said it. I can’t help but feel amazed and enlightened each time I crunch the numbers.

Carleas… you need to make this guy a moderator. Preferably of the science section. Make it SAP… as in ASAP.

Phonetic Ethics, if you want to impress you may try doing more complex math than basic arithmetic operations.

Start doing calculus and you’ll surely get a few girlies panties wet.

Doing complex operations for the sake of it being complex to get girls wet, is like a guy trying to be “dark” and “mysterious”. The world as we know it is very simple. I am proving this as it is. 432 x 432 is The Speed Of Light, for an example. 432 is the A Note. Here’s more facts on “432”, just to give you an example what one single number can do, and why your statement is ignorant and foolish at best.

And here’s a picture just for you “Arbiter Of Change” (what an ironic name to choose for someone with such a stubborn 3-D enslaved mind).

You have nothing to say. You only have to say something.
I have something to say. You are ignorant. 432 defines the entire Universe. 432 isn’t a complicated number. It’s simple math that holds together the firmament of this Universe.

You should submit your ideas to a science magazine, your so smart.

Philosophy Now has a forum too, make sure you share your insights over there, they produce their own hobbyist magazine too. They might make you the cover one day! … f194b5afd0

Numerology Is To Mathematics What Astrology Is To Cosmology

Numerology and Astrology are the life forces that dwell within Mathematics and Cosmology.

The ancients were more intelligent and wise than we are because they mastered Numerology and Astrology, not Mathematics and Cosmology.

We are not more intelligent and wise than they were because we have not mastered either one for we are ignorant and foolish primates compared to them.

The ancients were connected with the Universe.
We primates are disconnected from the Universe.

This is why our species today chooses imaginary ideas on paper over the natural meaning of design within Mother Nature.
This is why this species is so full of themselves, they hide behind words like “coincidence”, “pointless”, etc. They are mental cowards, that’s what they are.

Then we wont be seeing what you see duh :mrgreen:

Where I come from, you do not learn. You remember only what you had already known. We are species of amnesia, and because of that, my knowledge is not something only I can possess. Everyone can have this knowledge, as everyone has this knowledge already. Though the layers that bound us to the 3-D dimension requires one to go through countless layers to reach the source which gave birth to all subsequent constituents. There’s a difference between letting go of old degenerate conceptions of reality to accept one’s success in piecing back together the lost picture, and seeing more than they see as the one that pieced the lost picture back together. In the end I will have seen more than they, but they will never truly fathom what I am showing them until they accept that I saw more than they could.

I accept you see more than we can, but as a wise man, a celestial being, your duty is to spread the message elsewhere.

We accept you, now go away.

I think Phonetics “code” applies mainly, to aesthetics. 432 gives a certain aesthetics (such as the A note) 5 gives a certain devilish aesthetics (pentagram, star etc.)

But the universe can be just as well not constructed with the number 432, although it would change the overall aesthetics. So in that sense, his “code” is not altogether useless, as it may be helpful for artistic ends.

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