Your government hard at work

Ok, For your reading pleasure, a little article.
The basic point is now the government is opening personal mail
coming in from overseas. Is there any oversight?
Any judicial oversight? Doesn’t seem to be.
So its now has move into opening mail which is a nice change
of pace from the illegal listening in on our phone calls without
a warrant. It is nice to see to see our government doesn’t seem
to let little things like laws or the constitution interfere with its operation. … index.html


it is unbelievable what our government will do to “protect” their citizens. what’s next… daily home invasions in search for terrorist activities?

That was yesturday.

No I’m serious, the military has done fake ‘Take Over a Small Town’ drills.

Hello Police State. Guilty just for being there.

Another day in the life of your government.
The new york times reports government was caught spying on
a student led protest against the war.
the key point is they were spy on
as terrorist, as a “credible threat” to American security.
A student protest. My, my shades of the 1960s.
I am having a hard time pinning down the link.
so go to the main page of the ny times web site.