Your most productive discussions?

Hi all,

Just asking…what has been your most productive discussion on ILP? How many discussions you have had (or you remember) went completely off topic? And why do you think they did…

Rarely does a discussion start with only one claim, though the initiator might only be looking for one specifc response or answer, as he considers each component(what we see as smaller individual claims) to be conclusions in themselves, and takes those for granted while setting up the surface claim. They are usually compound arguments that put forth more than one premise and one conclusion. The discussion then opens up into several directions. It becomes obscure and disorganized.

Also, I understand that language is a bitch. Really what lies behind the word is an idea that, when put into language, becomes only an approximation of the idea. We take for granted that the listener knows how we use the word and what we mean by it. The further we go, the more words we use(especially technical terminology), the greater the potential to stray from the first original idea put forth by the initial statement or claim.

Its the words, man. Would you believe me if I told you that every thought anyone has ever had made complete sense…but lost it when it was spoken about…or more so heard? This means that any time someone makes a proposition, the concept backing the proposition is valid and real(inside the head), but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the ‘right’ words were used to describe it, or that the ‘right’ words were used but the listener failed to understand them, or that there could be any ‘right’ words at all for that matter.

One day we might communicate telepathically and have no need for words. That’d be cool.