your own snakes

willie nelson said something like----a person has to kill their own snakes…
i propose that this is correct up to a point…once a person is seriously addicted the only way out is with the help of others…

the reason i put this in philosophy----- because it hits at the core of human existence…there is a serious misunderstanding about how people are able to grow and mature…

does this have to do with knowledge…yes and i love it…

turtle------i’ve met willie nelson…how do we get rid of snakes…are snakes the same as personal demons, naturalized…

Given the right environment, it doesn’t require others. But having the right others and void of the wrong others, sure helps.
It requires something outside the infected decision making process that sufficiently tempts an alternate decision.

Turtle, You don’t have to be addicted to have snakes–any damaging baggage you’re still clinging to will do. Those are the snakes only you can get rid of. As for addictive snakes, you’re the only one who has to make the changes in your life needed to really kill them. Therapists, counselors, family, friends–they can all give you encouragement, direction, drugs, applause–but they can’t bring about change in you. It just doesn’t work that way. :neutral_face:

Von I too have met Willie Nelson for just long enough to be like, “dude you’re the man”.

OP, I’m not sure that the help of others is required. I think that a lot of people think that it is in the same way that the elephant at the zoo thinks he’s held down by that tiny rope…or like the guy who thinks he’s locked in a room but he’s not he just doesn’t understand the doorknob.

i see people who are way down the addiction road--------------many die from overdose…some end up in jail and get
a chance at rehab thru the drug court with the help of other people…of course the work is up to them but the initial
steps are taken by the court…

So you are thinking in terms of “hard additions”.
Big snakes, merely require a big mongoose.

snakes are----people too—so…
this thread is about murder…
do turtles eat snakes?

It’s impossible to get rid of snakes. They have been around longer than most species" as metaphor for evil, it’s the other side. Without snakes we couldn’t be. The worst addiction is sex. The snake representationally a very phallic being. Who could live without sex? The idea is to tame the beast, not exterminate it. Christ said, be as cunning as a serpent but blameless like a lamb.

The snake charmer knows.

I suspect the intent of “snakes” in this case, is specifically poisonous snakes, otherwise known as “serpents”.

If it doesn’t actually detract from your life, it isn’t a serpent.

The idea of “snake” comes from the serpentine cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-death, principle involved.

In addition, the ying/yang buddhist symbol of the snake swallowing it’s own tai is a very primal symbol, almost a figurative synthesis of a primordial dialectic.

Cobra venom ingested, was/is believed to have excellent curative properties. The closest I got to venom is cobra entrails added to a liquid. Have never tasted anything as bitter in my life.

Snakes make excellent pets, some say.

There is a school of thought that ascribes to the notion, that the serpent in the garden was the other face of Christ. It tempted so He could redeem. Anyone ever heard of this notion? I think it came down through Theosophy, or Gnostic Christianity, but am uncertain where I heard it.

what the hell are you all talking about…snakes are symbolic here of problems that each one of us have and that we need to deal with…and some of them we can kill…we are talking about inner turmoil…we are all in the same boat…some snakes[problems] we will never kill…

  Granted we have snakes: the point I am trying to bring in is in Gnosticism, the snake is seen as Christ like, it even alludes to it literally and figuratively.  Gnosticism came into play about the time of the conversion of Constantine.  

 If you are going to use the snake  as a metaphor for evil, it helps to know that other, more favorable interpretations have come down for the snake.  That's all.  In addition you really cannot get rid of them, because it's part of the human psyche. It's probably how you react to them.  They feed on the very thing most people fear or hate them for.

 When Christ says, "Love Your enemies" this mindset is appaerant.  

 There is a painting that pictures a crucified serpent.   Christianity is not what it appeared to be in the beginning of it's development.

  Sorry to have digressed, but if we want to understand symbolis, we can not exclude anything because it doesen't fit into its conventional image.

 And it does relate to the OP's theme of dealing with our internal snakes.

Realize that by today’s designated paradigm, if anything is considered bad or especially evil, Christ obviously had something to do with it, so get imaginative and inline.

We may not even want to kill all the ‘snakes,’ turtle. We may want to hang on to some as teaching tools or mount them as trophies. They are, after all, a part of what makes us us. Get rid of what you can’t use, or what’s detrimental to you, and celebrate ‘you!’