Your word on merchandise!

That’s right! Your words of wisdom could be part of the new merchandise which is in the pipelines. What we are looking for is a selection of people’s favourite quotations from the forums. They can be about philosophy or about the site or just really random ones which would look funny on merchandise.

When you suggest a quotation/s please include the full text of the quotation, who wrote it and a link to the thread it is found in. Once we’ve got a fair amount of entries the staff will pick the best ones to go on the merchandise!


  • ben

“Laissez-faire capitalism: The ONLY Moral system”

That thing HVD wrote about chess.
edit-"Screw Deep Blue, an abacus could beat me, even with half the beads missing. "

Sorry, perhaps i didn’t make myself clear.

[size=200]When you suggest a quotation/s please include the full text of the quotation, who wrote it and a link to the thread it is found in. [/size]


  • ben

That would do nicely for a quote.

“I am very much against cultural imperialism”-Matt

[size=150]“Liberate yourself from philosophical confusion!” [/size]

by jjj

I have never put a link in a post, I hope I did this correctly. It is the first post in the thread “Women & Reasoning”… a highly contraversial found in the main philosophy forum.

I just about fell out of my chair when I read Brad’s question, “does eating sushi make you Japanese?” from the thread Metavoid quoted.

I am making this a T-Shirt.

Oh, and I have to say that I have always enjoyed your Clarence Darrow quote Metavoid- it’s spot on.

That sushi qoute is great! Classic…

Speaking of a classic:

[size=150]modern/conceptual art is a complete farce. it is the biggest con since low fat sugar.[/size]
by Ben

After the Fat Lady Sings

“[size=150]‘God’ is the name we give to our ignorance[/size]” - Polemarchus

[size=150]here’s a tip, rare philosophical quotes are rarely revealed in dinner theater sites, such as the one that you cited in your last post. yes, sweetie, heraclitus COULD have said that. he also could have said that he liked screwing donkeys. did he?[/size]
by Trix

in fact I believe that intire thread should belong on a t-shirt, except my post.

I know above I said the whole thread but I really got to give it to Matt for this one:

I hope I’m not over posting here. But I keep seeing good stuff. Well at least good in my eyes.
[size=150]I am tired of suffering, for my suffering has become so complex, and my time so minut, that I cannot afford to even think of my problems for the thought of them will do nothing but complicate matters further and do more harm than good.[/size]

by Gadfly of ILP

I may just be stating the obvious, but I had this idea that the quotes on the merchandise should be quotes of the members of ILP. Except that maybe we could add our real names beside our ‘nicknames’. So that way it will be more personal and cherished. Furthermore, I would post some of my favorite quotes from members of ILP, but I already have at the Favorite Quotes thread in the Mundane Babble Forum.

What’s your take?

I was joking when I posted that capitalism quote which is why I didn’t bother citing where it came from, it’s in Kurt Weber’s sig and I actually got the quote wrong, it’s “Total free-market capitalism: The ONLY Moral system”.

It’s in the same thread as my quote of “I am very much against cultural imperialism”, however I must say I prefer something I said later on in the thread “MacDonalds are trying to get a world UN Macdonalds Children’s day…[s]o the saviour of children across the world is a highly unprincipled, disgustingly rationalised, American Fast food Giant.”. Not particularly philosophical though.

BTW, I believe they did get the said Children’s day in the end. World gone mad!!

[size=150]Immorality or Immortality[/size]-- Marshall McDaniel.

"I inherited a musical talent of whistling to music " --jjj


I’d buy that one :wink: Thanks must go out to Ben for asking him to leave, the spell has been broken. I think I was beginning to fall under his trance, I’ve found myself whistling quite a lot recently and I was considering a pilgrimage to Germany to see if he’d let me kiss his philosophical shoes.

Darn, I thought the winking and laughing yellow faces would have given it away.
-Gadfly of ILP

i think that eddie murphey would agree… “two drops of pee”

[size=150]philosophy is the love of knowledge…and you guys or girls smoke way to much weed. [/size]

by Deltron