You're all distored and partially insane!

That’s right!

Allot of you don’t want the world to have overpopulation.
Then you have kids and love to fuck.

Many religious people claim to “seek the truth”,
when they are actually reviving and feeding old lies.

I’ve seen a few who don’t want humanity to cure old age,
[they don’t want overpopulation, still are willing to have kids.]

Many of you want to have as much as you can get,
then you want things to be fair and equally destributed aswel?

You bitch and complain about how much suffering and death there is in the world, you bitch and get depressed over the fright of “human nature” in things like wars – but self-enflicted deaths like, suicide, abortion or things like smoking outnumber murders 3 to 2. Again, you don’t want overpopulation? People are so mean and evil? Or some of you don’t want a cure for old age? The majority of all human death and suffering comes from old age and the deseases that go along with it.

Heroic medicine is costler and less efficient, but is more attractive then preventitive medicine. More deaths come from accidents then from inherited desease, but many feel that even this is “fate” or some crap like that!?

And the things that you watch on movies, or the games you buy for your kids? What is the real meaning and value of allot of that? Demonic/occult/magic concepts, violance, lust, junk-food, drugs, why so accepted and popular?

And that’s just the tip of the ice berg!

So, I think that you’re all partially insane.

I think that we [as a species] did not evolve what is needed to deal with societies biggest modern problems.

And that’s just how I felt at the moment.

I’m tempted to stop or reduce my posting at all non-science forums. I still like science news and forum sites, but I am getting very tierd and un-amused by opinion and a large percent of modern culture/values.