You're wrong Joker nothing is going to happen in the U.S.

This is actually what is going to happen one way or another. :sunglasses:

  1. Civil war is still on the menu concerning the overthrowing of the 45th president.

  2. If not, civil war will still transpire for the inevitable purges of political conservatives and White people that the democrats are already planning collectively salivating over. Do you really think anti free speech censorship is going to fly in this country under a Woke Political Theology? Do you really think calling all White Americans a bunch of monsters or demons is a cause for national peace? :sunglasses: :laughing:

  3. Even yet, the economic collapse of the United States is still in full throttle and happening, add in some political instability along with various societal divisions you still get civil war. :sunglasses:

  4. The Chinese take down of the United States inevitably at a future date will only fuel nationalism or political populism into a national uprising, civil war again there as well especially when a foreign power is involved.

  5. Forced mandatory vaccines anybody? Civil war. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

It may happen in a month or maybe within ten years or less, it’s going to happen regardless. One way or another you guys, one way or another…

Face it American neoliberals and communists, you’re fucked, you have screwed the pooch for far too long where now we find out that the world has real life consequences. There’s no putting the genie back into the bottle ever again, not this time. :sunglasses:

A lot of stuff has already happened in the US, shit you, and me too were talking about in 2019 and for years.
You’ve already been vindicated, at least in part, the question is, will things continue to unravel from here?
We’ve already seen them unravel quite a bit, but they could still unravel a hell of a lot more.

You were talking about racial, political and economic divisions widening leading to civil war for years, and collapse, dystopia and totalitarianism.
A lot of this stuff has already partly come to pass.
We just didn’t foresee this covid thing, I didn’t know they’d use an overhyped virus to clamp down on us, thought they’d use more false flags or something else, the virus was an interesting play they made, very clever.
America is already in a cold civil war, the only question is, will it fully erupt?
So far the world looks a hell of a lot more like the picture you painted than the reverse, we’re certainly not moving towards more freedom, peace and prosperity, that’s for sure, on the contrary.

The stock market is secondary, it’s nearly totally divorced from the reality on the ground, the vast majority of people are a lot poorer this year than they were in 2019.
We’ve seen the collapse of supply chains, a doubling or tripling of starvation and massive unemployment worldwide, small businesses going under.

On the other hand, as you noted on another thread:

“Life often isn’t simple, easy, it’s challenging, ambiguous, I totally get that, some don’t, and some don’t want to, or pretend not to, because they don’t want to have an honest conversation about life, they want to impose their will, like you’ve said, the right/might makes might/right folks.”

Like Joker and his ilk here are actually interested in having an honest conversation about life.

After all, if they are, why do they studiously avoid taking their fanatical truths to the discussion that I propose:

1] Noting the distinction between a frame of mind that revolves around a “real me” in sync and a set of moral and political values that are said to encompass objectively “the right thing to do”, and “I” embodied subjectively/existentially in dasein, in moral and political prejudices…in the arguments I make for it/this in my signature threads; and specifically in this thread: … 1&t=176529 .

2] Noting that when someone does change their moral and political frame of mind, they are acknowledging that they were wrong about something in the is/ought world around them. And that, once they acknowledge this, they are acknowledging in turn they may well be wrong about other things. Finally, they are acknowledging that, yes, given new experiences, new relationships and access to new information, knowledge and ideas, they might be prompted to change their minds again. And again.

3] As a consequence, what I suggest is that we focus in on a particular moral and political truth of theirs and given a set of circumstances we examine our respective moral and political philosophies.

4] Here, however, I’m less interested in simply articulating what we believe is true in the way of moral and political truths and more focused in how we would go about demonstrating to others that all rational and virtuous men and women are obligated to think and to feel the same.

Go ahead, ask them.

jesus fucking christ

The rebellion against corporate overlords is picking up steam

K: as a former anarchist, I must ask, who exactly is our “corporate overlords”
name names…put a face or faces onto this post…


All the major tech companies: Microsoft, Apple, Google,Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Netflix, etc
All the major merchandise stores such as Walmart, Target, chains including grocery stores chains, major airlines, major sports such as NFL, media services on cable tv such as ABC, CBS, etc. and in print such as New York Times, Time magazine, etc.

The faces would be of the owners and executive decision makers. Not listing the thousands.

It started out happening slowly now its picking up steam. I will put my money into smaller businesses when at all possible.

Funny how that works. :sunglasses:

Oh yes, the unraveling has only begun Gloominary, this is only the beginning, definitely more to come. :stuck_out_tongue:

I knew they would utilize biologicals, of course from 2016-2019 I didn’t know how they would, but of course 2020 certainly filled in the blanks, didn’t it? :laughing:

No need to invoke a dead crucified Semite into the conversation here, he’s certainly not going to change or help anything from here on out. :sunglasses: :laughing:

The dethroning of the dollar as the world currency reserve is really going to pour gasoline all over the world, life in the United States will never be the same again. That’s what comes next Gloominary. :sunglasses:

Hey Zero, has life ever gotten better for any group or population in any periods of time throughout the history of mankind?

Sorry to answer for him, but just as, like, a play answer, what if nothing existed before the blackness before you were born?

Or, technology doesn’t solve problems, it only makes problems new and more complex. Still, keep going with the tech and all that cal.

Yea, I’m pretty sure we’re fucked. :laughing:
Hope I live long enough to see how it all unfolds.

It totally caught me by surprise, but they couldn’t’ve picked a better crisis, by and large people trust scientific medicine more than anything else, more than the Gods, climatologists, economists, social theorists, ideologues, the MSM and politicians, more than themselves and their communities.
For a good portion of the population, it’s their faith, their religion.
Any organization that says: Joe and Jane average oughtn’t ever doubt us, is a cult.
Not science, but scientism and technocracy, are cults.