Youthfulness and How to Avoid It!

I used to feel that I was a young person in an older body. As I grew older the effect became more exaggerated. It is not an uncommon phenomenon. In fact, in today’s world, youthfulness is much sought after and I suspect most people feel that it is the older body rather than the youthful mind that is the problem.

After years of personal development this effect has disappeared. I now feel mature (but not old). In retrospect I can recognise that the feeling of youthfulness was just that: immaturity. And the most undesirable thing about immaturity is the excessive emotionalism. A mature person is in command of themselves and is not unduly affected by the sorts of things the young take too seriously.

Life for the young is an emotional roller coaster and one can not be too glad to get off it. The worship of youth is bad news. Youthfulness is something we all have to endure and if one is wise one will spend it growing up and calming down and aspiring to maturity (and the wisdom that comes with it).

I would rather die than lose my capacity to feel emotions, of all types.

I don’t think dragon is implying that one stops or should stop feeling emotions. Our responses to emotions change, though, as we gain experience, and things that maybe would’ve evoked a strong emotional response in us in say, our early twenties, don’t seem like such a big deal ten years later.


Not just food for thought, but a veritable feast!


How do you know? You clearly have no experience of life in the calm lane.