Zoosk has a high cancellation rate. It seems that every time I log in, (even though the number is constantly increasing) it starts out with a lower number than it finished with when I logged out.

Maybe that’s a good thing. Members are obviously meeting their soulmates, marrying and cancellling their subscriptions, all within the time you’re online.

Ain’t love grand.


Zoosk? :-k

Indeed, Fab, indeed! :-k

a dating service from what I could gather, but… :confusion-shrug:

It was a joke, there is an ad for it on this site. I’m not a member what with my being married and everything.

Anyway, when you first log in on the index page the ad comes up and starts at a certain number and rapidly adds by ones until you switch pages or log out. When you log back in, the ad always starts with the same number as it originally did when you first logged in the last time.

Anyway, I’m sure they don’t have 100 million something members to begin with, I was just kind of messing around, but I guess (other than Tab) I am the only one who noticed the ad.