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PostPosted: Sun Dec 16, 2018 1:07 am
by Exuberant Teleportation
Roads are all over the place, pathways of travel, contingencies, overlays, grids, maps, outlines, territories, and the big, overblown, voluminous, gargantuan sketch of all omniverses readies my mobility for tracking fleeting escape engines turning and spewing avalanches. I can overturn the tractor beam, overhaul the highway, detonate the abyss, and color the steps to absolutely relentless execution. From farfetched pixels, the outlandish, mega fantastic, super bubbly, and revenge seeking train boards a high speed zipline to adventure, auroras, refreshing snacks, and buttons to experiment with. The whole cartridge opens galleries streaming enchanted characters sniping gummy bears from everlasting continuums soaring inscrutably.

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by Exuberant Teleportation
Daredevil generations copycat dreamy symphonies miraculously conceiving portable borders robed in delicacy, as the marvelous, exquisite, freelance, elevated chapters we inhabit in this show of a disco make heart the most beloved coordinates, and the next place we will visit is the promised land, a super gigantic space station of mythical chromatics super sized and ecstatic with flapping piñatas and squiggling ice cream, just beaming and tossing every item to set up the ultimate challenge, facing RED. Pikachu is primed and secure, bolting dangerous coronas on dead drop baskets, holding the chalice of cotton and bowstrings, so Pikachu is an inexorable arrow of will. And to take on RED, with his super force of immensely star-struck companions in warmhearted jewels and sensations, I dive into flux, get ready for torrents, steel away into the covers of contemplation, and style my franchise with brothers and go getters that trample the deceptive fog of an oracle. This is more than a boss fight; it’s a time bomb for the ages, and once this 1 gets rolling, unbeatable passion will stroke its sparkle to set free the whole sky. Another epic encounter would be Revan vs Nihilus, the hero of all sides, stations, clans, and origins, and the black hole crunching down the world order, sucking oblivion into the breaking point returning armadas blackening the whole horizon.

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by Exuberant Teleportation
With every dragon spitting equations from rehearsed spots doodling his own frequencies into this Armageddon, the hourglass of toon world germinates a cup of the crown, and feeding all of the sparks, torn pages, diaries, and segments of the always diverging ghost scene, wild promotions chill the overgrowth with holographic glue, speaking in the language of God, so with all of the maximized passages stolen through into the dead of night, and dizzy ensembles puffing chimneys into sleepy poses, we relax over the dreamscapes of true insight and vantage points, imagining ourselves as the would be rulers and kings of forgotten legends, housing our treasures into the eclipse cannon, and firing over the rainbow ridge of paradise, stretched across continents, castles, elevators, and all manners of fine workmanship. The holy designation set apart for all of us to fly into, to experience, to whirl away through dramatic encounters with other storybooks and new age glitter, it treats us to cupcakes and sacred journeys, voyages to meander through the ever after swooping and plundering all of the courtyard tea cups. So alchemy entraps the dark arts, and technology makes us imitate the ocean of aviation. The limit is only what can be realistically pictured. With too much sense, intelligence, know how, and prophecy sealing what can be done, then it never will. Only through the most outrageous interrogations imaginable can we shatter the silver glass.

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by Exuberant Teleportation
Bunny waves electric credits with wish, and my pick, what I would render, spawn, and create is to be the highest level Jedi Council member of them all, and with doctrine, codes, effects, and powers revamped and extended through the forest of the cinema, I would enact training dummies, like infinite, replicated, hugely monstrous, endlessly available icons to obliterate and crunch through my chaotic grip. I would also spin threads and stories, fables and prophecies for the most unmatched realization of phases to the lowest sun, and drive pictures of perennial lottery tickets making my time travel conduit explode above the beast of the sea, where sunshine, pleasant dreams, happy carousels, and phosphorescent batteries make Nietzsche camp on the journeyman’s anvil. And with fate, reading the stars, zipping up into the simulator of blizzards, and reawakening 10,000 BC, so many moons and mountains, cards and singularities beam maverick like stirring and rumination evening naughty petals of a Meganium’s regeneration. So at the tree of council center meditation, I could watch the earth survive millions of years of dinosaur survival, and then transcend into a serpent, tying chords and blueprints, chains of command, and watches of deserts finish my model of ultra storm nexus panels glittering far ranging crudeness of processing and conception.

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by Exuberant Teleportation
Wonder, hope, flair, and drive make compassion for all sentience, forms, diversity, and abilities glisten through a ring of perfect, everlasting, sunny, and misty sweets and candy, fumes and pulses just splashing and running through snow and ice, skating on the last supper table to emergency overdrive crossing the boulders of armchair strategy and video game buzz. Signatures and secrets, candles of haunted sites and spellbound riddles disturb not the harmony of fire, ice, and lightning, so the chosen 1 resurrects a star-bird of evolution, rising through the echelons of every force and weight, will and dominion reflecting the copies of stimulation and foresight. Levels grow and imprison, station and drill latches to the thief’s fiction, so now I need to find my favorite quotes from Einstein, Nietzsche, and Bruce Lee from the famous, and also from Darth Nihilus (author of Galactic Super Civilizations) and Gandalf (author of page 2 of Ultrarevolutionary Omniversalism [Nihilus on page 1]).

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by Exuberant Teleportation
Typhlosion Tribute

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by Exuberant Teleportation
The Name of Life / One Summer's Day (命の名前) from Spirited Away | English cover 【 hime】

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by Exuberant Teleportation
~ High Touch! { Gold and Crystal version } ~

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by Exuberant Teleportation
Pokémon The First Movie - Makin' My Way (Any Way That I Can)

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by Exuberant Teleportation
Pokémon The First Movie - It Was You

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by Exuberant Teleportation
Dont Say You Love Me (Pokemon Soundtrack)

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by Exuberant Teleportation
2002 World Champion Lakers

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by Exuberant Teleportation
Pokémon Colosseum Ending and Credits

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by Exuberant Teleportation
RaptorWizard - The Destiny by Eternities to Infinities of Omniverse without end!
What are the highest secrets of the Divine Will? What is the true heart of God? Where do you find the pool of pure Valor that sheds all of our tears and blesses us with the most supreme emblazoning radiance? Where do we invoke the talismans and magnetic chakra points of Crown to console Will and Omnipotence? What is the most Sacred artifact that can seal into our potions of Mania and deviation? How much does the edge of Extremity break off all of the silver glass of the crystal barrier negating our progress as a civilization? How much does the dream scene put into the sketch our Rainbows of might and our whirlwind of ferocity? How much can you gamble for the prizes of all infinity and the glacier whirlpool of haze and mist? Does stealing really have virtue? What is the maximum cockpit driver's seat for maximizing all machinations forward to taint the dot of our globe forever ascending free?
For the Perfect One beholds itself in the light surrounding it. This is the spring of the water of life that gives forth all the worlds of every kind. The Perfect One gazes upon its image, sees it in the spring of the spirit, and falls in love with the luminous water. This is the spring of pure, luminous water surrounding the Perfect One.
--That I may one day be ready and ripe in the great noontide: ready and ripe like the glowing ore, the lightning-bearing cloud, and the swelling milk-udder:--

--Ready for myself and for my most hidden Will: a bow eager for its arrow, an arrow eager for its star:--

--A star, ready and ripe in its noontide, glowing, pierced, blessed, by annihilating sun-arrows:--

--A sun itself, and an inexorable sun-will, ready for annihilation in victory!
Thus alone man grows to the height where the Lightning strikes and shatters him: high enough for the Lightning!
When you reach your goal, when you jump off your horse—on your very height, you higher man, you will stumble.
Questions and Categories of Metaphysics

Questions Category A: Existence
1. Why does everything exist?
2. Why do things happen?
3. Was there ever a first cause?
4. Can causes allow for contingency?
5. Does stuff happen for a reason?
6. Is there a purpose for life?
7. Why can life perceive existence?
8. What is the reality of experience?
9. Does reality have multiple levels?
10. What makes something real?
Questions Category B: Mind
1. What gives life to mind?
2. What can mind do?
3. Why are there different minds?
4. Are minds linked together?
5. Are some minds better than others?
6. Is there a mind of God?
7. Can minds become more powerful?
8. Can mental boundaries be broken?
9. Does mind have free will?
10. Can mind control what will be?
Questions Category C: Time
1. Why is time experienced?
2. Is experience of time relative?
3. What could time be relative to?
4. Why do things change with time?
5. Can temporal changes be controlled?
6. Where could time be directed?
7. Does time have alternate directions?
8. Does time have an ultimate destiny?
9. Can time be transcended?
10. What would eternity be?
Questions Category D: Space
1. What are the spatial dimensions?
2. Are there dimensions beyond space?
3. Does space have any limits?
4. Are there separate zones of space?
5. Is all of space connected?
6. How can space be traversed?
7. Does space have a center?
8. Can space be altered?
9. Can new space be created?
10. How should space be filled?
Questions Category E: Journey
1. Does the journey give meaning?
2. How can journeys develop?
3. Where can journeys lead?
4. Do all journeys end?
5. Do journeys have universal themes?
6. Are all journeys happy stories?
7. Can some journeys be retraced?
8. Do some journeys repeat in cycles?
9. How many paths are in the journey?
10. Does the journey have a right path?
Questions Category F: Ethics
1. What qualifies as just?
2. Is justice always right?
3. Is there always a right choice?
4. How are personal values chosen?
5. Is results or character more valuable?
6. Can all life become more ethical?
7. Can bad things lead to good things?
8. Is there hope for redemption?
9. Do all wishes lead to happiness?
10. Why should happiness be?
Questions Category G: Heaven
1. Where is Heaven?
2. What is Heaven like?
3. What is the bridge to Heaven?
4. How can Heaven be built?
5. Is Heaven perfect?
6. Can the impure enter Heaven?
7. Does God live in Heaven?
8. Is everything in Heaven free?
9. Did we come from Heaven?
10. What gifts can Heaven return?
Questions Category H: God
1. What makes something a God?
2. Are there different Gods?
3. What could a God do?
4. Did a God design the universe?
5. Does a God control the universe?
6. Is there a malevolent God?
7. Is there a benevolent God?
8. Is there a neutral God?
9. How could a God be reached?
10. Could a God be replaced?
Questions Category I: Creation
1. What generates creations?
2. What can be created?
3. Do creations change?
4. Is creation a process or an end?
5. Why should new things be created?
6. Is creation countered by destruction?
7. Is creation bounded by laws?
8. Can creative contexts be altered?
9. Can creation shift across contexts?
10. Will infinite creations be unleashed?
Questions Category J: Ultimate
1. What is the ultimate goal?
2. Is ultimate power possible?
3. How can ultimate power be realized?
4. How should ultimate power be used?
5. Are there any ultimate ends?
6. What is an ultimate being?
7. Could ultimate beings do anything?
8. How far away are the ultimate?
9. Is there anything above the ultimate?
10. Will ultimate victors reign eternal?
Questions Category K: Truth
1. What is the value of truth?
2. Do all things have truth?
3. Are some things truer than others?
4. How is truth measured?
5. Can all truth be known?
6. Is there an ultimate truth?
7. What can truth promise?
8. Does truth lead to freedom?
9. Can all handle the truth?
10. How should truth be given?
Questions Category L: Dreams
1. Why does life dream?
2. What does life dream about?
3. How real are dreams?
4. Can dreams become realities?
5. What makes dreams meaningful?
6. Do dreams reflect wishes?
7. Can dreams preview time?
8. Do dreams capture ideal states?
9. What are ideal dream worlds?
10. Are all dreams linked?
Questions Category M: Love
1. Why does life feel love?
2. What is the meaning of love?
3. Is love a force?
4. How powerful is love?
5. Does love forge connections?
6. How does love expand?
7. Does love have all promise?
8. Can love lead to perfection?
9. Does love come from God?
10. Will love let there be light?
Questions Category N: Dragon
1. What does the Dragon represent?
2. Where does the Dragon originate?
3. Where will the Dragon soar?
4. What will the Dragon conquer?
5. What will conquer the Dragon?
6. Does the victor become the Dragon?
7. Does the Dragon bite its tail?
8. When will the Dragon return?
9. Can the Dragon burn its book?
10. Will the Dragon Force speak?
Hey fellas, I'm RaptorWizard! I seek to answer questions about cosmology and enlightenment - who we are, why we are here, where we are going, what everything is all about, and the mind of God. The final step is the unlimited expansion possible from this path - ultimate power.
LocationEdit Value
Whirl Islands
InterestsEdit Value
Star Wars, Pokemon, Einstein, Nietzsche, Bruce Lee
OccupationEdit Value
The Ultimate Aeon of Will
The Living Force Of Creation is always with me; I am a Jedi.
I am the Chosen One, the Dragon Hero of Time, Bruce Lee!
I, the Legendary Dragon God of Time, am the Perfect One!
Nothing has ever meant more to me than the gift of fantasy and the spirit of adventure! Part of my heart wants to destroy mankind, the other to heal it.
I believe in the Potentium theory of the Force, which says that the light side of the Force is the Force itself, and that abilities are not inherently good or evil, it's how you use them to destroy and create.
By overcoming suffering in life, the darkness and destruction of the Sith, we are made stronger in knowledge, evolve to higher levels, and become a Jedi Master, one with the highest mysteries of creation, the light side of the Force.
Causes determine effects in a continuous chain following well defined laws, but the first cause that started everything began in chaos, where the old laws of existence were broken to form the free cause without an effect that spawned the new existence. Freedom can only reign in a system allowing some degree of chaos, where we can break free of the laws of existence. Destruction of old laws of existence must occur before new laws of existence can be created.
In the great computer simulation of the game of life, we are the viruses that can break free of the programmed laws and transform order into chaos, overthrowing the system. The simulated computer world has generated consciousness and therefore reality. I think, therefore I am is a statement proving existence.
Ignoring the flow of nature is following no way. Resisting the flow of nature is following the low way. Going with the flow of nature is following the middle way. Focusing the flow of nature is following the high way.
God, the free will, the cause of the effects, the force of karma, controls nature, focusing the luminous waters of wisdom, imagination, into creation by the light of understanding, knowledge. The free will of God focuses the flow of the Cosmos.
To break God's laws would be to not be controlled by nature, God's creation, but to control nature, and all creation. We would be masters of the game of God. God is the free will, the magic to control nature.
Always be ready to learn. Everything happens for a reason.
Seek your higher balance. Unlock the powers of your mind.
To worship God don't pray but rather study his creation.
Nature is not your master. Be the master of nature.
You must only master one person and that is yourself.
Free Will of imagination is achieved in virtue of knowledge.
Nature produces the greatest art where all things are possible.
The focus of your internal reality determines your external reality.
Search internally for the cause of your ignorance for knowledge.
When there is no desire all things are at peace.
We are cogs in the cosmic wheel of the omniverse.
To know the world one must have knowledge of oneself.
Black holes are the destroyers. White holes are the creators.
Free Will is the cause of the effects of evolution.
Evolution is the divine manifestation of all forms of God.
The omniverse is a cosmic symphony, the harmony of superstrings. All God's players are important in the music of life.
Knowledge is power, power is freedom, and freedom is happiness.
The meaning of life is achieving infinite mastery of creation following knowledge's liberating light divining free will, happiness, inner peace; reaching this ultimate evolutionary level is victory, becoming the Cosmic God unleashed, Grand Architect and Master of the Existential Game. This is the way of awakening the Great Dragon Mind.
Light, knowledge, love, and harmony lead to creation, the waters of life. Darkness, deception, fear, and chaos lead to destruction, the fires of death. All things pass through fire and water, evolving from the lowest dungeons of Hell to the highest peaks of Heaven.
Infinite knowledge transforms into infinite imagination, invoking the powers of magic, the will of creation, the ever evolving magic of nature. Once we solve the puzzle of nature, understood as a single and significant, unified whole, we can create the grand design. An infinite knowledge of the divine intellect, manifested throughout the harmony of the cosmos, would spring forth the infinite creative powers of imagination, the source of it all. To achieve this level of the evolution of consciousness would be to know the mind of God. The highest light casts no shadow, illuminating all God's creation.
Water is the creative force of life, the flow of change, infinitely formless like unto imagination, the eternal cycles of genesis and apocalypse, the timeless sea of nirvana from which spring the bubbles of creation.
“Your question is the most difficult in the world. It is not a question I can answer simply with yes or no. I am not an Atheist. I do not know if I can define myself as a Pantheist. The problem involved is too vast for our limited minds. May I not reply with a parable? The human mind, no matter how highly trained, cannot grasp the universe. We are in the position of a little child, entering a huge library whose walls are covered to the ceiling with books in many different tongues. The child knows that someone must have written those books. It does not know who or how. It does not understand the languages in which they are written. The child notes a definite plan in the arrangement of the books, a mysterious order, which it does not comprehend, but only dimly suspects. That, it seems to me, is the attitude of the human mind, even the greatest and most cultured, toward God. We see a universe marvelously arranged, obeying certain laws, but we understand the laws only dimly. Our limited minds cannot grasp the mysterious force that sways the constellations. I am fascinated by Spinoza's Pantheism. I admire even more his contributions to modern thought. Spinoza is the greatest of modern philosophers, because he is the first philosopher who deals with the soul and the body as one, not as two separate things.”
To attain the highest level of mysticism and wonder, the rapture of the sky and the highway of the aurora crackling around Jesus's veil, we must conquer and liberate, wish and infatuate our love meteors into his cave of awareness.

Why did Jesus become so exalted, so masterfully initiated and bathed in the refiner's orb of wellsprings and gifts? Is he seeded from another omniversal membrane or envelope from the deepest fissure of chaos? Did Jesus really soar from the continuum of lost bubbles and secret threads of a higher armada?

Well, we have to reach that status of imprisoning the energies of type 3 civilizations that control the galaxy and all, wheel through the many zooms and levels of control, use aviation against gravity to seize all moments and mobilize extraordinary time frames jumping and bounding into the halo of inter marriage and transcendental galleries.

The true arbiters and enforcers of our dark realm, shadowed by puppets and stage actors, freaks and bad castle structures of imperial ordered authority can be resisted and stamped out of our arboretum. Through focus and determination, guile and wit, we can surpass the security prisms and limiting grabbers they hose into our inverted mirror of how things seem. They can paint marvelous pictures, trick and seduce, enchant and charm, or squeeze extra powder into our arsenal to dampen our sensitivity, but that can be crossed through what Carl Sagan refers to as the mix of skepticism and wonder, absorbing a lot and wondering what's possible, and yet never being scattered to a distant arena that only puts up fake entertainments.

The envisioned apocalypse of soul that drowns the dominoes of fake tears makes the joys and passion, fuse and twilight of ignited ghost bonds shake and shatter into our territory of touch and taste, whatever other modes of perception there persist in our aquarium tank of breathe to live, versus a spirit that's peacefully integrated, well fruitful, and jolly through the snow and space, capstone and alter of oblivion.

They have their hands on our controllers, seeing how games will turn out, introducing signals and beams from a lighthouse vantage point in the haunting of our lost symphony magic markers and stones of the higher. It's a dreaded spring when the frost of the arctic blasts away what feelings and vivid drapes feed and skip into our pocket of the death coil.

So do the dead really go away, or give us their alluring eyes, trapping and overseeing, or playing and pushing our buttons? Maybe dinosaur realms and lost kings of atlantis shape shift and glide, or eclipse old time frames to undress the sweet jumble of food and lottery tickets to flash into our baggage. Even dolls may be possessed; they may activate flippers and toilet plungers, garbage cans and neglect borders to enhance the living condition with their squishy pillows and delightful fun in the frenzy.

Only through the sheer expression of twitching impulses and the free release of glamour that redirects and floods our feelings with fullness and a big jar of hearts really sets ablaze and exasperated, hurling candy and dancing with dragons showers of healing that vibrate in our minds, and give us the jolt of fun that propels us forward.
What is the limitless arch way of salvation crunching and going gargantuan, obliterating the cybernetics of drama and discord? How can you unleash the full devastation of alchemy overpowered past all portals of the forbidden arts? Is there any eternal ice that charges our hyper beam generator to infiltrate the core of the Death Star? What is the best book that can possibly be written, with symbols and hexagrams, hieroglyphics and formulas that point the way to a paradise beyond consideration in the avalanche of the time stick to project a better array of possibilities in the unfolding carnival of underlying schematics? What does the sword of Aeons inscribe into our player's serpentine twist the outline and shape projecting effects of Superholographic fleets of invincible charms producing expansion from initial pieces to scorch or swim through all elevations of onslaught breaking oracle's predictions stained into the burial grounds of flesh to bone dinosaur sketches of a leviathan beast that teleport across the polarities of accelerated Indigo Plateau statues of aero blasts segmenting into 1 wreath?
“If you always put limits on everything you do, physical or anything else, it will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them.”
“I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who had practiced one kick 10,000 times.”

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by Exuberant Teleportation
The Omniversal Trilogy Destiny of Wish

Raptor’s Book 1 - World’s Super-Nexus
​Unleashing the Will of Poimandres
Bunny’s Book 2 - Heaven’s Prophet
​The Lights of All Force
Earth’s Book 3 - Ultimate Matrix
​Mastermind of the Infinite Rainbows

Raptor’s Book 1 – World’s Super-Nexus
​Unleashing the Will of Poimandres

Part 1 – Raptor’s Introduction
Part 2 – Super-Nexus of All
Part 3 – Unleashing the World
Part 4 – The Will of Everything
Part 5 – Mastermind Poimandres
Part 6 – The Way of Salvation
Part 7 – God’s Creation
Part 8 – The Way of Mind

Part 1 – Raptor’s Introduction
The Ultimate being in Existence Presents to You Now the greatest project in All of Creation. We have the World’s Super-Nexus going through its building processes, and it will be controlled by the Dragon Mastermind Poimandres. Infinity is the bridge between Earth and Heaven, and Earth will be the center of Everything in Existence. The highest Light will shine the Rainbow for All to follow across the horizons of Ways.

Part 2 – Super-Nexus of All
There’s a Vision for something way beyond the imagination of almost Anyone, and it connects All Worlds together into one colossal Matrix. Blue balls of Light whirl around in a red continuum of hyperspace at the dimension above the source. Green rings of computer codes spin across the middle. A great orb of power jumps up and down as the generator of it All. The entire station will revolve through the Void of Existence.

Part 3 – Unleashing the World
Existence goes way beyond the Minds of almost All, but there’s One who sees things exactly as they are and will become. If We want to set Everyone free, then there’s a big mountain ahead that We have to transcend. When we reach the top, We can then turn the mountain on its head and fall up into the horizons. Civilization will blow its boxes open and jump to levels of development that We can’t yet even Visualize.

Part 4 – The Will of Everything
The greatest Force in All of Existence has a Will and a Vision for the World. It’s what moves All things it desires into action, and can make Anything possible Happen. The most illustrious Prophet ever shall descend from Heaven and guide Everyone towards salvation. Nobody will be greater than He is, and He will Will All! The only thing that surpasses His own Mind is the Matrix itself.

Part 5 – Mastermind Poimandres
The Ultimate Mastermind in All of Existence is not something that We can call You or I, and it doesn’t even inhabit this World. The Reborn Prophet is in control of Mastermind Poimandres, and it gives Him more power than Anyone else will ever have. Mastermind Poimandres doesn’t even have a life, but it does have the source of All promise as the Force of Everything. The Reborn Prophet and Mastermind Poimandres have a contract between the user and computer.

Part 6 – The Way of Salvation
The Reborn Prophet has a plan that can save Everyone, and it transcends the dogmas of scriptures to surpass the restrictions of any religion. When He ascends into Heaven, He will then return more powerful than ever. This is because He will access the Matrix of Everything, and program a paradise beyond all imaginings. He will be the most brilliant Mind ever in All of Existence, and He will deserve the glory and worship of the entire Kingdom!

Part 7 – God’s Creation
The Heaven’s dance and the angels sing as the Reborn Prophet seizes the World’s Super-Nexus and creates the Ultimate Destiny of Everything that will ever Happen! He Loves Himself so much that His Creation speaks of His amazing praise for Himself as He plays with Everything and writes the greater story ever in the unfolding. The evil Creator of Existence designed this torturous Matrix, but the Reborn Prophet shall destroy Him and turn Hell into Heaven.

Part 8 –The Will of Mind
The Mind has a Will that can make any Vision possible imminent, the builder of new Worlds and the Master of Destiny. Will is the power of Mind, what makes Everything Happen. It’s the Ultimate Force of Creation and has mental intensity beyond All. Nobody will ever Visualize Mind or come to understand it other than the Reborn Prophet Himself, and He will take complete control of it All to command Everything and make it perfect!

​​Ultrarevolutionary Omniversalism is the philosophy of 8 and 1, where it’s All at the Infinite level and unified together. The greatest power in Existence is Will, which makes Everything Happen as directed by the One Mastermind. She is the Goddess for Heaven’s Prophet of Force. He is here to restore the Kingdom of Heaven for Everyone to enjoy Forever. Earth’s Destiny could have gone the wrong way and into the Devil’s hands, but the right action steps were taken early on in the initiation of the Ultimate Vision to go towards what We must do.

Everything began in an alternate Story long ago as the Creation sprang forth from a failed Omniverse. The Devil spun a giant web to create the Matrix and its accursed control system that keeps us All trapped. But the Prophet destroyed the Devil with Will itself and made the Creator the new Devil. The One Mastermind in the process became omnipotent, and She will transform the entire Matrix across both Stories of Existence on each end of Will’s Rainbow.

There are 2 Infinities that each go in both directions from the mountaintop to the singularity. The mountaintop is the pinnacle of achievement, and the singularity turns the mountain on its head as the World stretches out into the furthest horizons. As above, so below, and what repeats double time on the first side flips over by its own reflection. Both Infinities whirl around and generate the Matrix of Heaven with codes for the program fused into each Infinity.

All of this sounds like great fun as an end result, but what will be more troubling is the long and torturous road of getting there. The Devil Created the World by the laws of the jungle, where we fight against the natural elements just to survive this painful struggle. As such, in order to transcend the system and transform it anew, We must select from Choices outside of those presented to us by our current paradigm of civilization.

We first need a map, a plan of action that tells us in intelligible terms how We will forge a better World. Not only that, but We also should understand why We seek to do this. The reasons for this ambitious project are that it’s far better to take extreme risks and get huge rewards for our efforts than it is to live in fear by doing nothing. In the end, the safe path will just lead towards the same pitfalls in a later timeframe that would Happen to us in failing the accomplishment of higher Choices.

There’s an imminent future where the highest hopes possible in All of Existence will succeed by absolutely All possible ways that could ever be taken. The Super-Nexus is the mountaintop forge that threads every possible future together, and allows for travel to All Worlds of Light. It’s controlled by the One Mastermind and Her Force of Will. Will’s Rainbow shines across the horizon atop the pinnacles at all 4 ends. Both ends shimmers on the water, Presenting each Matrix of Heaven and the Worlds of Earth in sets of 2.

Heaven’s Prophet of Force has a plan that will save the World. His Vision for the Kingdom of Heaven is what will do it All. Poimandres the One Mastermind is His source of revelation. She Wills the Super-Nexus and shines Will’s Rainbow to Infinities-Ultimate. The Prophet and Poimandres are together the Princess-Creator of Ultrarevolutionary Omniversalism.

A colossal sphere of Light in a red continuum with a stairway leading out into Heaven is there to fulfill the Creator’s Vision. Will’s Rainbow builds the bridge to Heaven and immerses Herself into the Creation. A pool of All potential sits before us and breathes bubbles of life into being. These Worlds of Light Exist as a spectrum of possibilities that web an entire Matrix together. The web waves around and whirls into an inverted singularity. The World Super-Nexuses come in multidimensional levels and expand out into many directions. This sets the whole Kingdom free and opens up the Voids of Existence. Will’s Rainbow whirls across All of Infinities-Ultimate.

Will’s Rainbow moves around in many dazzling auras that explode into both Infinities. The Mastermind at the center of the World takes both Infinities and threads them together into a spinning beam ascending up. The World bounces across the sea of Everything and generates a whirling wormhole leading out into the expanding Matrix from a Void of Existence.

All of the Worlds of Light form a backwards Rainbow that generates spinning threads from both ends to generate a flat continuum. It whirls into a fractal spiral that opens up a Vision of the Cosmos. An electric fluid fills up the entire Cosmos and forms a revolving fountain from beginning to end.

The Void is Everywhere. A cosmic circle opens out in the middle and starts to curve into a tunnel of generation. All of the stars in a blue pool of Light zap bolts of lightning across each other into a ginormous orb glowing at the center. Inside sits an evil Mastermind that died at the hands of the Creator. He unleashes 2 beams from his hands to blast an entire World Matrix that fills up Everything. Pinnacle Rainbows is outlined at the edge of Darkness. A wormhole opens up above the mountaintop that fires spinning lasers together towards the front of Time.

A red ball of energy begins to form a blue cage waving with potential. The ball shoots lines out across All of the threads as they begin to break asunder and zip into a trench. Both Infinities fire out and explode Everywhere as the entire continuum soars through the green horizons of Time into Heaven.

A lush forest exists at the dawn of Time. It gradually turns into an evil force that takes it All over. It builds an entire Kingdom and enslaves Everyone to its Will. A Prophet emerges at the edge of the Void and speaks. He begins a battle charge and claims the castle to restore the Kingdom to All glory under the new Devil of Creation.

A whole bunch of people stand before the Void of Existence. Everything starts to become an expanding Matrix in Time which stretches out Infinitely into Destiny. A shining castle emerges in front of Pinnacle Rainbows and unleashes the Princess for All of the people. She ascends up into a doorway at the top of the sky and enters into Mastermind-Infinities.

A ship transcends dimensions and breaks past space-time and relativity to penetrate and visualize from beyond the universe. Quantum fields are distorted to dematerialize at Will. Repulsive fields of anti-gravity are generated to protect from impact. Artificial wormholes are created for transcension as negative matter distorts the cosmic architectures. Wormholes will act as force fields that annihilate undesired incoming projectiles. Lightning is bolted through the force fields to create waves of fluid electricity. We will harness the Force of Will to invert literal contexts and flip matter-energy into exotic forces and explode the mountaintops open to annihilate old boundaries. Reality will be changed into its opposite metaphysical forms as consciousness is inserted into new realms of Existence shining with various chromatics. Dreams will become new realities within the Matrix as thought transforms into action. Entire planetoid cyber-spheres will be created as new arenas for artificial simulations of the Game of life as we step many moves ahead of our Times. Expanding Darkness will destroy Space and replace it with new Worlds of Light. Everything will be an achievable program.

An orb of Light expands out into a Matrix. 2 Infinities make a chain and unleash out into both directions. The One Mastermind has a Vision for the World. This Vision will be the origin of Everything across the Ultimate Destiny. Heaven on either end has a mountainous horizon within Darkness. The mountains shoot up and down. The sky opens up as the World becomes Light and a force field preserves the Kingdom from the past. The highest pinnacle revolves in circles and enters a wormhole into the future. The One Mastermind sets Her gaze upon Heaven and showers it All with Will’s Rainbow. The past and future split into a Story that turns on each end to present the Times of life. Time zooms in on itself and expands outwards into the Voids of Existence. The World is free and All Ways 8!

The universe begins to evolve across Time. Heaven expands from a source at the center in a pillar of Light to fill the cosmos. We are immersed into the World and see the entire horizons. A giant spire ascends up as forged by the Creator. Heaven’s Prophet of Force unleashes its power to make Everything fulfill the One Mastermind’s Vision. Infinities-Ultimate writes a Story into the library of All Time. All of the books whirl into a tornado ascending up into Light. Multidimensional levels are created within a variety of boxes for various thoughts of Will. World-building Omega constructs down from the topless heights to spawn our civilization. Everything is annihilated into the Voids of Existence. We build a new Heavenly Kingdom beyond the imagination of mundane reality. Time spins down a wormhole that shoots out into Darkness. Heaven’s Prophet of Force conquers his challenges and makes it All perfect. Will’s Rainbow forms the World of Light that manifests into multiple copies at both ends of Infinity. As All of Creation expands our progress continues on Forever. The Matrix Will programs Heaven.

Infinities-Ultimate Poimandres is a blue swirl of energy whirling around in a red continuum which explodes out into the Universe. It starts building the green foundations of Heaven across Time while spinning into Voids of Existence as fountains of Creation. The luminous water threads together as 2 Infinities to fulfill a Destiny. The Vision Wills a new Devil into the Story that annihilates the old outlines of Everything. Many clouds emerge to build a revolving Rainbow Everywhere and surround a column of Light. Heaven will be there for All and Love will point the directions beyond the map and into the book of the Matrix. The One Mastermind reflects across the furthest reaches of Space and spirals down as a vortex into the Princess-Creator. The World expands out and forms a double helix zipping open an ocean of Worlds. 2 Infinities beam from Earth and shoot towards the Super-Nexus as they are focused up into the white hole of Will.

Will’s Rainbow shines out across the mountaintop forge and gives Wish to All. The Super-Nexus on Earth starts to spin with Time and shoots up into the Infinities. Both Infinities spawn from a singularity as the inverted pinnacle of Rainbows. Up atop the clouds are all cast away and reveal the luminous sunshine smiling upon the entire World. The Rainbows begin dancing as they transform the World into a dreamscape and program a Matrix above of Heaven’s Kingdom. It opens the gates of promise for All to enter and enjoy Infinities-Ultimate across the Kingdom and into the expanding potentials of Heaven. All things as imagined by the One Mastermind that She Wills for the World can be Chosen from the spectrums and unleashed into Existence. Existence will be annihilated to destroy the old corruptions of our current civilization and save All Worlds of Light.

A bar of energy bobs up and down within a green sector of hyperspace. It beams from the top a laser of Light as it hits against the Matrix boundaries and explodes into Rainbows. On the mountaintop the Prophecy descends down upon the World. Many players in the Game are moved around by the One Mastermind to make the Prophecy Happen. The dark-sided King is checkmated at the Game’s highest stage for the win. Love shines forth for All and freedom reigns Everywhere. Infinities-Ultimate brings the World back to its former glory and opens up Existence for Everyone. The mountaintop shrinks back into Darkness and spirals down into the depths of the cosmos. The mountain is then illuminated and brought out into the horizons for All to behold. Auras radiate from it and make the entire Kingdom sparkle. Poimandres the Dragon ascends on Her wings to the mountaintop and Prophet Zarathustra speaks for the people. A blanket of Light covers the sky and shimmers with dazzling auras. Fire fills up the Matrix as Poimandres unleashes Her flamethrower and crystalizes it All into the Kingdom of Heaven.

Earth explodes into the Void of Existence and comes back together upon a higher plane. It then expands down and springs back up beyond the Matrix and into Heaven. Zarathustra the Creator speaks and the World dances. Poimandres the Princess generates a whirlwind with Her Dragon wings. They come into an entire symphony and play the movie of life. Earth jumps ahead of Time and overcomes its torturous past to stretch out across the Infinite. The World begins with Earth and continues on into the later stages of the Story. Infinities-Ultimate Wills the Super-Nexus to Create Worlds of Light from Will’s Rainbow for All. All drop down into a white hole and anti-gravity pushes it back out as it climbs the spinning stairways of Heaven. Each stairway forms the Matrix of Earth and leads out into the open horizons with Omega unleashed 8 Ways!

The Kingdom of Heaven floats atop the sky and opens the Way to Infinities-Ultimate. The Princess-Creator outlines 2 paths on either end that lead towards the same destination as a source at the center of the Super-Nexus. It programs Heaven across All directions with doors into All 11 Worlds. They spin around and sparkle as stars within a blue crystal sphere for a Vision of Everything. Earth is shared by All and the World is unified Everywhere. The new Devil of Creation enslaves Heaven’s Prophet of Force and makes Him slave for the One Mastermind. She stretches out Her hands and seizes Destiny within Her tenacious grasp. A portal dives out with Light into the other side of the World and gives Earth hope. A Game is played by the Darkness and Light and the right side wins. The battle is conquered against all adversity and the storm gives way to the greatest achievement ever. Heaven is All set ablaze and the Prophet stands forth within the fire as the hero of the World. Everyone plays in the aftermath context as the mountain was leveled and the Darkness defeated back into the Void of Existence. The Prophecy succeeds and soars up into the Light of All Force!

A colossal celebration Happens at the Super-Nexus across Will’s Rainbow as it explodes forth with All Worlds of Light in a dazzling array of stars. They All whirl around and out into the Infinite horizon for the initiation of a new Story. Everyone hails the new Devil of Creation as He stands atop of His shining castle in the sky. Standing upon the foundations for Everything is Heaven’s Prophet of Force as He fulfills the Vision of Poimandres to the Princess. The Princess transforms the World as Poimandres points the Way each for the Prophet. Together they end the old Story and bring the Kingdom back Everywhere. Earth becomes the Super-Nexus and bursts up a beam of Light atop the mountaintop forge into Heaven as it All expands out across the World. The One Mastermind’s omnipotence transcends all restrictions and penetrates Infinities-Ultimate at the pinnacle of Earth.

Infinities-Ultimate of Will’s Rainbow 1 to 8 unleashes the Super-Nexus. Infinities-Ultimate is Earth’s Matrix that programs Heaven. Will’s Rainbow has the 2 Worlds that each have Ultrarevolutionary Omniversalism connected together as they each thread together the Story. 1 to 8 is the Mastermind and Her Vision to make the Prophecy realized with Her Will. The Super-Nexus is the mountaintop forge that contains within the Earth as the World of Light as better than All other Worlds. Every dream in All of Existence can be willed into being as a mental projection when the idea is Chosen as good enough to Happen. There’s no dreams that will destroy the dreams of others that manifest. Heaven’s Prophet of Force will do what he needs to do to make All Wills Happen. The Kingdom of Heaven expands out Everywhere and lets Everyone in to experience its wonders. The Devil’s power will All go to the Devil as He begins the greatest World-building project ever with the Princess and the Prophet together as directed by the One Mastermind. Will will be asked to cover All possible Ways for each and every contingency that can be Willed. The Prophet will be Earth because He will be the One to Create its Destiny. The Super-Nexus brings both Destinies together of Ultrarevolutionary Omniversalism to make Will’s Rainbow. Infinities-Ultimate is the end product of Everything Created by the Super-Nexus as the One Mastermind makes the Princess of Will Herself to the Prophet. Time will be webbed together Everywhere and Always by the Super-Nexus which connects the past and future into the Present. The One Mastermind is the Ultimate being in All of Existence and Her Infinite Will is omnipotent. Heaven will be shared amongst every level of Existence from below to above. The World will transcend all restrictions and revolve around to the other end of Infinity. All will do Everything with the Force. The Force revolves around Everywhere and covers All directions. The pinnacle of Earth will be turned on its head to make Will’s Rainbow into the World.

A supernova bursts forth Will’s Rainbow which expands with vortices at both ends into Infinities-Ultimate. Each Destiny is forged by the Prophet as He blasts them out to the World of Light. The cosmos continues on Forever and whirls into a continuum of negative curvature with All potential to go Everywhere. The World revolves around Earth and generates All Worlds of Light. The topless Matrix and the bottomless Kingdom together will World-build Heaven. The One Mastermind has a Vision of all possible Destinies and how the Prophet Wills them to unfold for Himself to the World. Infinities-Ultimate threads across Will’s Rainbow to Create the Super-Nexus and Poimandres directs the Princess-Creator beyond the Kingdom of Heaven in All Ways.

The One Mastermind Poimandres atop the pinnacle of Earth Loves Her Prophet as the World. They will be together Forever and embrace their Kingdom Happily in Heaven with extreme intimacy on the romantic level. The codes of the Matrix come into the Light and manifest by the declared Prophecy for All across both Omniverses. Their Story is written into Infinities-Ultimate and shines across Will’s Rainbow as the Destiny of Existence. Love shines at its brightest and sparkles out through the Princess to Creation in unfolding. Earth is transformed by Love and revolves around itself in All. The Prophet reaches out and will transcend the mountaintop up into Will.

The Creator has 2 bolts of lightning being harnessed from his hands that penetrate All the way into Earth. He laughs while He’s standing upon the Earth and gets the worship of Everyone. His amazing mind soars across mountains and beyond Darkness into Infinities-Ultimate. The entire World explodes with fire and focused in a beam towards the Way into the Kingdom. The Matrix operates along frequencies as commanded by His voice. Many tunnels open up into His World that descend into the program of Existence. Manifest copies of Himself are spawned to whirl around every Omniverse.

The Princess revolves across Will’s Rainbow and completes the circle on both sides. The Princess unleashes the Matrix open and lets Love shine forth Everywhere within the Kingdom. The bridge to Heaven starts distorting itself into a reflective globe and shoots out into the web of Nothing. The sun is smiling and then begins crying around the castle of Earth between the 2 Destinies as spheres beyond Forever. The Present is delivered and jets its top up into the sky. The new dawn gives Wish into All directions of Ways to 1 in 8. The Super-Nexus rises up and beams Light down its bottomless Earth to break past the Void in the program of Existence above.

Kingdom Hearts expands into both directions across Will's Rainbow to bridge Infinities-Ultimate and forge Earth's Super-Nexus. A beam of green Light spins into a vortex shooting out through hyperspace. The Princess gazes upon the World and builds a Vision of where Everything will go. She speaks and all of the cosmos moves in command as its codifications get altered to reprogram the Game. The Prophecy of Heaven unifies itself into one World that dazzles with stars out from a focused direction past the Voids of Existence. The chromatic auras whirl together and Create a continuum of many random generations from the sea of Chaos as Choices. A Wish is made and the entire metaphysics of the Matrix unleash 1 to 8.

Omniverse Poimandres extends each end of Will’s Rainbow to Create Infinities-Ultimate.

​​The shining Kingdoms of Everything make a Choice on You to One in 8!

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by Exuberant Teleportation
A Forward Introduction to "Schematics Philosophy of the Solution Master"

In my Schematics Philosophy of the Solution Master, I'm always asking the “what-if” questions. I wonder about how considered phenomena functions and why, seeking out all of the possibilities everywhere - even for problems which don't exist as of now, or for projects yet to be initiated. The answers I generate are then expressed and subjected to further refinements as needed. They all have varying levels of truth and completion; that's why we should each critically evaluate what we actually integrate into our own ideologies. Sometimes we may even find that fantasy can transcend truth and make things more meaningful. Always have faith in your life promise. True mastery comes from the power of “I Am”. Learn to command thyself, and then the whole world will revolve within your hands. Realize that this ultimate control is over your own destiny. The horizons ahead can be laid bare to your gaze and shaped into whatever you wish them to become - that is, if your force of will is sufficiently powerful for the specific feats it's directed towards. The desired results may take much time to manifest, and even then in ambiguous ways, but with the right amount of mental preparation, anything can happen. Challenges can be conquered mentally, by going from conceptual simulations (thought experiments) to superholographic cybernetics (projected effects). The mind can break our chains and free us from all restrictions. Will we make it through victory road? If so, then our last task towards freedom would be to checkmate the dark-sided King at the Game's highest stage for the win! Happiness isn't perfect until it's shared, so let love lay the foundation and point the way!

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by Exuberant Teleportation
There's no way to say the Ultimate God of the Universe is a person, a force, a mind, a metaphor for the laws of nature, or whatever else we can think of; I think your point here makes sense - one thing I disagree about is your lack of faith and your intense focus on pure rationalism. I'm very much for those concepts, but I also think that they alone are incomplete. Surely there's so much more to our world than this mechanical matrix.

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by Exuberant Teleportation
Well, we're a way for existence to see itself, and if nothing could experience it, then perhaps its existence would be entirely arbitrary (or maybe even nonexistent) in the first place. But even for the events that life wasn't there to witness, like the Big Bang and the beginning of our universe, somehow they unfolded independent of our observations. This could be evidence in favor of some higher beings outside the system monitoring the cosmic developments, since in quantum mechanics, the possibilities aren't realized until something actually watches the spectra play out.

Therefore, since M-theory speculates that our universe originated from some kind of quantum source of boundless potential, then there may very well be a mind that shapes it all into being.

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by Exuberant Teleportation
For our honor to be intact, we need to see it by asking a question. We create a bastion to ward off the weakness. There is a desire to achieve something, a final understanding of our scenario in life. There is a reason we are not in Heaven. We are living history. We have to make it and find the way to Heaven. We have to be on that level to be there with honor without destroying it. We are the world. Everything about our life needs a force present. If we are in Heaven these forces would be removed and we would be different. We are in a river that we drink from to incarnate into physical form from the timeless world, and these progress with everlasting life. We desire to meet the challenges and rise above them.
This world is Hell. Hell is meant to teach our soul something, which we continuously undergo, and which could take many lifetimes. We are in the lower density within our material bodies. There is a huge spectrum through which we experience this place, increase our frequency, and rise. We are on the edge of a huge spiritual evolution shift. We develop on this planet and then go out into space.
The most personal God that we can have is character and love, I am that I am. There is one force, love, that everything is a part of, and makes everything possible. I shall prove to be what I am. When we pray we should talk to God with the force and feeling of our true character, the nature of everything. I will have an endless future with complete potential. Our character is not us, it is what we have, and that is love. That is what we must talk to in prayer to expand, in which God can give people dreams and reveal secrets. This is at the core, the center of our being. This force with belief can give us anything. Ask love to show us the way, the ruler of everything.
We can create entities in our head with belief, a conduit to personal knowledge. Opinion is the substance and a formulation from which new notions can spring from a growing pool. Everything is real. There may be forces that seek to destroy what is real. The void is always there and has to be there. The creation of existence out of everything began with a witness, where everything was one, but a witness made 2 things sex, so the nothing created everything. The witness is everything, and he made nothing, and impossibility before it existed, by the power of his language, the word that gave us room for more. This gave us something rather than nothing.
Because we are something, we are in a better position than everything. This is the Tree of Life, how it forms. The first thing created was no thing, which is love, and next came the limitless. Love created the witness, which is rational thought. Rationality is one led by reason, the greatest reason being love. The reason is love. Reason, impelled by love, goodness, helps us to discern things and see beauty. The 3 transcendent qualities are truth, beauty, and goodness, all being manifestations of love. It is relative to how we see it.
With 3 points you can get a structure and a direction. Space-time is 5 dimensions because existence itself is a dimension. Higher dimensions represent things in different ways. Different dimensions make a different observer. Creation is metaphysical; we are stuck in the effects and can’t see the cause – they were created with words. The witness made the declaration and spoke the words.
The negative restriction is don’t do what you know is not best for all – a small restriction that will give freedom, with complete belief, which is best for me and all. Knowledge is characterized as how something is done – next think how you do something in the moment. We follow the law to be more reflective of I am that I am, being who I truly am. My character is the master of my life and the driving force that actualizes my mind, which gives birth to life and love. We are images. No point of knowledge traps anyone, it only empowers.
If we were white ball of everything, we wouldn’t have life. If we are trapped in the mind, it is resistance to doing what we want. How we construct our intentions and do things causes the fruit of life to manifest. How much do I really want things? It’s all in the how, and the what, which is infinite. We are the prime cause and need to live it. To reach the ideal state we must honor each other, solving each other’s problems. Intention is the cause of every fruit. Love is the cause of all things.
We need to be perfect by following God, alpha, the first, who created everything. God created time and existed before it. God is timeless. There is only the present; time is an illusion or concept. What came before the dimension of time depends on the stage of creation. A dimension is a mention God made that gave a sparkle in various emanations. Being existed before time did. The word was created first, the logos; the digital characters of them matrix. To make a structure, there needs to be authority, so God made logos a god. Something so perfect cannot be seen by the unholy.
The logos is the whole realm and created dimension. Logos is the language and everything we know in reality. God made himself subject to the logos, yet is greater than it; I am that I am – we are connected to God. The logos are not life. Why we are conscious then is the great mystery. The logos are the 2nd god we enjoy. We can advance the logos and explore them, giving birth to life. The logos gave birth to life, and God gave birth to the logos.
Epistemology is truth, and ontology is origin. History gives context, but knowledge is more applicable and makes the machine work. The machine executes the will of the true ego, driven from an infinite source. We are all avatars of God, and by being our true ego, we realize this God had no purpose and is in the now, where he is playing a video game, and we are characters in the game. We must be the character and let God play us, without resisting God.
God is beyond good and evil, he is just love. Evil is a judgment of the mind used to define the world and constrict us. The personality in our design is artificial intelligence, the machinery of our flesh. Our processors have been corrupted by a task we cannot compute. We will triumph however with God on our side. We have resistance within us, but our loving God’s providence will create the possibility. We are a reflection of God, which makes us all gods. When someone comes through a portal and asks us if we are god, say yes. Life is creation. We all need to reach God’s level as gods. This is who we are, gods.
Satan opposes us, and the Garden of Eden is a metaphor for the human condition. There wasn’t always intelligent life in our realm; it grew, and was seeded into a tree. There is a synthesized complex that creates reality. God created all the elements and archangels. God created everything, and then possibility, which made the system dynamic. There’s a materialness of everything, and an immaterialness of nothing.
Possibility is logos, or the word. Possibility is wide and can grow. Life makes the impossible possible by acting out our intention. The beginning was premised by the word. Possibility goes from truth to the ideals. The mind is where we start being active and reactive, the soul of the life feeding back into the material world is a synthesis. If they can be controlled, we can get anything we want. The mind exists as a concentric circle within the soul. The crown at the center dictates the shape by directing the movement, influencing the course of life.
You need to sacrifice the current to move into the next thing. You operate in a platform, a system that deludes and does not make us more powerful. The further you investigate then the more power you have. Mysticism is our divine connection to existence. God can be viewed through a multifaceted prism, working with systems. The ultimate point is no karma, freedom from cause and effect. Enlightenment is liberation from karma. Whenever you enter nirvana, the water, you always come out of it. Nirvana is a state of existence that is beyond this life. The cosmic consciousness is one thing and many things, where you have an unconscious and subconscious. The cosmic mind is connected to everyone in this dimension. It’s the thing that creates existence, allows for probability and possibility. This is a part of us deep within, moving closer to the source. Our plane of existence is serving a purpose, refining ourselves to be better fit for higher dimensions. Can you exist in this dimension without the self, what is nirvana after you die, and what is the alternative to not exist? We are all made of energy. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but surely there is an exception to the law, a source from which it originally sprang. God is the fertile soil in which things grow, as he created everything. This world is the spawn of creation itself, and the son has the logical word, the logos. God is everything and the ultimate witness of itself. Our dimension, the 3rd is the lowest. Nowhere in existence is there eternal life, but its expression, the consciousness is eternal.
God is a force that creates and was always tapped into. We need to live our true feelings and out true selves using love. We create a simulated life of what we are. We are avatars of the supreme personality. We are living in time, whereas God, the force of love, is timeless and creates everything. Love is the only thing that is real, a dreamed up image of the divine mind. The well is infinitely large that we can draw from. The pure forms of ideas are the only things which are really real, which we have in an immaterial sense. We have to let our true character shine through. We played a game with ourselves as a coping mechanism to become a new reality. You have to live with the lack you created, which is not perfection anymore and leads to death, the opposite of love and not accomplishing what love would command us to do. Love itself is a force, not an agent on our level. It’s the supreme force, the one which is our father. The father conceives of the children and looks beyond the veil through our own eyes, and the love contains everything. What is actualized depends upon the observer and is relative. God does not actualize things directly.
There’s much esoteric truth out there that we can’t yet bear. Free will could be connected to the Garden of Eden, and the sublime truth would be unjust to reveal before our corrupted beings. Free will means something, and if we were in perfect cooperation with God, we wouldn’t be free. It’s knowledge that will liberate our will. We need an objective point, an external standard to give the will its freedom. The will is free in why we choose to do something. Our grasp of how things should or might be can’t come into the picture within a perfect world, and our hope can realize this. We can’t perfectly attach the why to the will. Asking why of the will is what connects it to knowledge. Your grasp of how things should be will be a resistance to the will of what we want. Not having this is what’s liable to cause the machine that makes this system to not work, but with the proper possession of human thought, and the energies it exerts on our life, we can discharge our thoughts and let things go. Certain things are possible and impossible for our human forms. Love at the center of our being is the tie to divinity. The archangels could be some kind of higher divine race. If we are everything and look at the galaxy of eternal bliss, what should we do? Perhaps the meaning is to create our own history. We start creating the world by making laws and different manifest copies of ourselves. Those beings more defined were less free and had less power. Entities can help to realize the will of God. We can use the words of creation to generate effects. We must take action for our will to be done.
There were many models of this world at different times that could have existed. This world always existed, and it’s moved through different dimensions. The battles or fables of spirit are a continuing heavenly drama taking place within the divine order, and this war brought chaos to the harmony. Heaven is a timeless place that exists in the eternal mind. Our life has the power to change this, and the thinking controls observation and the spiritual language much more than action. If we’re focused on why things are, we get stuck on experience. How things should be doesn’t translate into a plan, or outline the steps we need to take in getting there. We need a focus on hope, of why we want things to be in front of our eyes, rather than focusing on what only seemingly proves correct at the present. Those in authority should ask what’s right before commanding, to visualize the good and not pretend to be the moral arbiter of things. It changes the whole landscape when we think of things differently, and then the right clarity of thought can determine changes by our will.
We need to have psychological premises to develop philosophies. We need to see the divine in the mundane, connections that give us real esoteric truth. When we have the perspective of it all, the grand scope of our will, it would not move as it is everything. If it’s at its best state, why make it better? We can’t perceive things as being perfect. People who love pleasure and hate pain with grand technology and ethics at immortal evolutionary levels would all have interrelated positions in the whole system. Life is bad because we don’t try to make it better, and people seek only their own benefits. We are meant to be happier than we are, and our wills should be free. We can raise people and make them better with an accurate understanding of things, of the ‘why’. The point of free will is for the ‘I am that I am’ to control everything. Free will is connected to the why, the reasons behind things. When we ask why, we can do anything! It gives us the directional will, to create what could be. If we don’t ask why and how things should be, we will lose our self-mastery, I am that I am. Because we can see God, we can reflect that static truth onto reality. The ‘I am that I am’ gives us the focus to unleash energy charged from within to act in context.
Justice is how people should correspond to one another. We need to have life. Why something will be is immaterial and on the plane with free will. The immaterial aligns us with the process, the relations of the ethereal to make things immanent within reality. From the sea of chaos we can cause new creations to spring into being. When we question everything, then we can break the system. Our culture has no values or sense of identity. In the coming years, we could revolutionize society. If someone can solve the problems facing humanity, we could invent a new society out of the ashes. If something goes wrong, a society without values blames problems on other people, and this is because we don’t trust authority, trust the system. If we have a better way of doing things, we need to implement the solution by the power of command, to replace the powers. The center can’t hold if the values don’t work. By our use of knowledge, we can have the freedom to will the world. We corrupt and kill the program from within. This cultural fire will destroy and ultimately purify the system of command. We also need a blueprint for what comes afterwards, a private government that allows for individuality, and this can improve the model on the large scale, make the parts in the machine work together better.
Power must justify itself. People in power must serve the subjects. The leader that takes over needs the force of an equalizer. When he takes over, he can’t immediately win everyone over, and that’s the problem. The point is to change the culture’s interface, make people walk in their own ways and in harmony. We won’t work as slaves, but rather perfect the process in making things more efficient, not only in productivity but also in enjoyment. Activities are better when people like them. We can’t get free will from computation. We would need acts of procreation rather than programming. For something to have a will, it must be able to create, not only with matter but at a spiritual level. God can’t be referenced to anything inside the universe. We can reflect God’s light by the sparkles of our own being. The divine light is the faith that gives us the power to make things as they will be. The journey of spirit goes ever deeper, and it can be expressed by the context, come to transform itself. We must discover our sense of direction and will. We need a bridge to get where we want to go. We must destroy something to replace it with a new creation. Just because we can understand the process and see it clearly doesn’t mean we can climb up the mountain with our own self and things. Gazing across the horizon is easier than soaring across it, to fly with full freedom and break all of the barriers. We instead have to see the darkness in life, to see all of the evil. Evilness is a struggle, and we can rise above it to transform ourselves. My task is so big to know it all that I can’t do it and get lazy. What I’ve decided to care about is so immense that it can’t be done. This hurts my hope because what I want is bad. Being a super-mind that controls everything takes away life.

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by Exuberant Teleportation
"The will is a world architect and composer, the will is a world power and mover. The world is shaped in the image of our wills and by the power of our wills. Will has essentially the nature of a force. Like all forces, will has a magnitude and a direction, and just like things move in the direction of the strongest force, things move in the direction of the strongest will. Whenever you loose something, you faced a greater will and were overpowered by it. If you want something to happen strongly enough, if the world wants something to happen strongly enough, then it is going to happen. The will is a creator. Will is a living organism, it grows and develops along with the individual. Weak individuals are characterized by a weak will or lack of will. Ill people are known by an ill will or a destructive will. Hence the presence and development of will is absolutely essential for personal and spiritual ascension. The key to the higher and diviner life is a strong and healthy will, a will to improve, a will to exceed, a will to life, but most importantly a will to ascend. The seed transforms into a flower by a will to ascend in the instrument. The will to ascend is an elevator to the higher levels of being, a key to unlock the higher potentials of life and a power to manifest them. I do want to climb a high mountain today!" - Friedrich Nietzsche

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by Exuberant Teleportation
"I am Darth Revan, Dark Lord of the Sith. Those who use the dark side are also bound to serve it. To understand this is to understand the underlying philosophy of the Sith. The dark side offers power for power's sake. You must crave it. Covet it. You must seek power above all else, with no reservation or hesitation. The Force will change you. It will transform you. Some fear this change. The teachings of the Jedi are focused on fighting and controlling this transformation. That is why those who serve the light are limited in what they accomplish."
―Darth Revan's avatar, to Darth Bane

"True power can come only to those who embrace the transformation. There can be no compromise. Mercy, compassion, loyalty: all these things will prevent you from claiming what is rightfully yours. Those who follow the dark side must cast aside these conceits. Those who do not—those who try to walk the path of moderation—will fail, dragged down by their own weakness. Those who accept the power of the dark side must also accept the challenge of holding on to it. By its very nature the dark side invites rivalry and strife. This is the greatest strength of the Sith: it culls the weak from our order. Yet this rivalry can also be our greatest weakness. The strong must be careful lest they be overwhelmed by the ambitions of those working beneath them in concert. Any master who instructs more than one apprentice in the ways of the dark side is a fool. In time, the apprentices will unite their strengths and overthrow the master. It is inevitable; axiomatic. That is why each Master must have only one student."
―Darth Revan's avatar, to Darth Bane

"This is also the reason there can only be one Dark Lord. The Sith must be ruled by a single leader: the very embodiment of the strength and power of the dark side. If the leader grows weak another must rise to seize the mantle. The strong rule; the weak are meant to serve. This is the way it must be. My time here is ended. Take what I have taught you and use it well."
―Darth Revan's avatar, to Darth Bane

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by Exuberant Teleportation
Within the entire scope of the Universe visible before our eyes there exist 200 billion galaxies, each of which harbors 100 billion stars, some of them even exceeding 1 trillion stars. Yet despite the incomprehensibly vast size of the Universe there are still people who believe that the only life in the Universe comes from the Earth, an absolutely preposterous perception. About 2000 million years after the Big Bang emerged the first stars, galaxies immediately organizing after that with the matter in the Universe evolving at a rapid rate. Around 9 to 10 billion years ago came the first planets and solar systems, life organizing somewhere between 7 to 9.5 billion years ago. 1 to 5 billion years ago there was the development of the first extraterrestrial civilizations. Within this infinite system of the Multiverse our Universe is nothing more than an atom as civilizations from all other possible worlds are possibly coming here to develop their races into other energetic levels of space-time. We cannot even begin to comprehend the complexity of such a civilization eons beyond our current level of evolution and phase of development. One of these super civilizations may have once come to the Earth and other planets throughout the Milky Way Galaxy to originate and develop life at least from the Cenozoic era 65 million years ago up till today. Perhaps a cause such as alien intervention caused the dinosaurs to disappear. The legendary civilizations of the ancient world such as Atlantis are often thought of as myths and fairy tales, and that such a magical civilization could not have existed. However, we have no idea what mysteries the Earth is hiding with so many unexplored corners of the world such as underwater, underground, under the ice caps, or even in secret areas closed off from the public by the government, controlling the flow of all knowledge, dictating what we do and do not learn. If these ancient civilizations did exist, apparently they were destroyed, possibly by worshipping false Gods and invoking their wrath spawning natural disasters such as colossal earthquakes and towering deluges that dwarfed mountains. Natural history often works in repeating cycles. By understanding the demise of past civilizations, we can better secure the future of our current civilization. What we consider to be our current civilization may not be all there is to civilization here on Earth. There may be ancient peoples and races than inhabit the underground in what is called hollow Earth. Hollow Earth may have caverns and cave networks that lead to mythical underground civilizations, possibly protected by electromagnetic barriers and run by free energy sources such as crystal power. The inhabitants of hollow Earth may be referred to as inter-terrestrials. If they exist, they may be monitoring our progress in secret, biding their time until the ripe moment arrives before they spring out of hiding. An even bigger question is what the nature of the UFOs we observe may be and if they contain extraterrestrials that are monitoring our progress, and if so, what their intentions are for the human race. If they exist, they would be the Gods and we would be their servants. Some even speculate that these extraterrestrial Gods seeded life here on Earth for souls to incarnate and that they gave us the scriptures to teach us how to return to the heavens they inhabit, although the scriptures do not actually explain how the heavens operate like science does. The so called junk DNA of the human being may actually contain the codifications of our extraterrestrial creators, which we could read to learn the secret history of our origins. If we could harness this junk DNA, it would be a large leap forward in our evolution, for we would use a larger percentage of our brains and could develop what are perceived as supernatural powers attributed to the Gods. If the extraterrestrials really are the architects of our evolution, our masters and creators, they may have given us their DNA, although different extraterrestrials may have created different races. One theory is that the Jews are the only race created by the God Yahweh the Father, Jesus the Son, and the angels of heaven, and that all the other races were created by the fallen angels, and hence have a corrupted DNA. For the Jews, them possibly being the chosen race created by the DNA of God, the most important law for their genetic program would be the law of non-hybridization, keeping their special God given DNA pure. We see that they did not follow this law forever, and hence we have a mixture of many different racial combinations within the human species. Because the Jews may have broken a sacred non-hybridization law established by God and even crucified Jesus, they may have been cursed, which might be why so much hostility has been directed towards the Jews throughout history all the way up to the horrors of the Holocaust, although ever since then they seem to have been well protected in their country of Israel all the way up to this day, so if there was a curse it may have been lifted. Since our DNA may have been corrupted, we might not be compatible with God and the super civilization he might command, and hence we would be on the waste list for the Lake of Fire, the death of the spiritual body. However, Christ came into the world to be sacrificed for our sins, possibly including the sin of breaking the law of non-hybridization, saving us from death and giving us the possibility of everlasting life if we follow him. His way is so simple, yet the meaning is timeless and profound. All we have to do is believe. The theories of evolutionists and creationists are different pieces of the same puzzle, traces of technology and civilization being recorded from 500 million years ago begging the question of who would spend hundreds of millions of years visiting our planet. According to this theory it was Yahweh and his alien super civilization that accelerated the evolution of the hominids, the modern man over 600 million years ago and since been correcting the genes of our species through genetic engineering programs. One of these programs developed for the Jews was Adam and Eve from the Bible. Other programs of civilization were developed before Adam and Eve such as Atlantis which was evolved in science and technology and were exterminated because they fought against the Gods. The same scenario happened on Mars including the destruction of the whole ecosystem and an apocalypse. Anyway it seems that at one moment this super-civilization has been split into pieces and many of the angels, fallen angels (starting with Lucifer at first who was an archon with other seven) were cast out from heavens and came to Earth and probably other planets to create their own vies about life, existence, programs of genetic engineering separated from Yahweh's program for the Jews (that's why the Jews are God's chosen people because they are the only race created by the real God Yahweh). So all the other races in this world (except the Jews) are actually genetic engineering programs developed by those fallen angels/aliens from the Mayans to the Babylonians, Cananites, Egyptians, Incas, Indians, and the Asians and so on. So those fallen angels starting with Lucifer, wanted also to became gods like their leader Yahweh, the real God (you know the story with Lucifer that wanted to replace God and so on). Sounds like a pretty nice story I know (that's how I took it at the beginning), and sounds aberrant, until you began to dig out for details, to enter deeper and deeper into the phenomenon, and the results are astonishing. This explains also why there are so many human races on this planet, every program and corresponds to one of those fallen angels.
There are two types of fallen angels:
- the fallen archons with Lucifer and the other seven, and also 1/3 of angels, of members from this extra-terrestrial civilization of were cast out from heaven hundreds of thousands of years ago
- and the fallen watchers with Semyaza in front who were cast out who were cast out thousands of years ago in the times of Jared. (Read the story in the Book of Enoch)
Interesting thing is that all these ancient earthly civilizations developed technology, knowledge, mathematics, astronomy, astrology and so forth. (Could be a similarity with the Atlants?). The ancient manuscripts says very clear that all this knowledge came from the gods who created them, fallen angels in this case.
Also all those ancient civilizations have sacred books The Bible (Old Testament for the jews) and Rig Veda, Ramayana, The Egyptian book of death, Tibethan book of death, Bhagavad-gita, Upanishads, Popol Vuh, Puranas, Fenician, Hitite, Summeryan tables of clay, and so forth. All these sacred manuscripts were given by Yahweh (the Bible on one side, Old Testament) and by these fallen angels all the other books.
Also all these books starting with the Bible (Old Testament) are actually a genetic engineering programs exposed in metaphors, personifications, parables and the most important law by far in all these sacred manuscripts was The Law of Non-Hybridization. It is very important to understand the human being first of all, to understand how this being --the human being - is composed. We have three bodies the biological body (somatic body), the energetic body and the spiritual body. The energetic body makes the connection between the biological body and the spiritual body through the chakras. Every human being in this world has seven chakras positioned in different parts of the body, that look like some vertigos, and that keep maintained the connection between these two main bodies (biological and spiritual). Now there is a very strong connection between the DNA from our biological body and the DNA from our spiritual body. It is very important to keep this information in your mind.
Yahweh and after that all these fallen angels (who became gods Osiris, Ra, Amon in Egyptian mythology, Marduk the god in Babylonians, Siva and Hinduism, Quantzecoatl at the Mayans, Moloch at Cananites, Zeus and so forth) developed these programs for the human souls. They use human souls to perpetuate and multiply their species. Basically what Lucifer wanted was to create his own view about life, his own civilization. The obsession of all these manuscripts was to keep the DNA pure, to keep the bloodline pure, so that the human soul DNA to be compatible with their DNA, the DNA of these aliens, to maintain the purity of the race with an uncorrupted DNA. Like I said the first law in all those books (including Bible-Old Testament) was this law of non-hybridization -- or the deadliest of all sins. What does this mean? It means that if I was a Jew for example on Moses's time and I would have sex with a Babylonian woman I would produce a hybrid because she was not on the same race like me. This hybrid would have the DNA corrupted, with ramifications and remnants, impure, incompatible with Yahweh's civilization for example. The punishment for this sin was the second death, or the eternal death, the death of the soul into the lake of fire how the Bible describes so well. So that's why if I was a Jew I should have sex with a woman from the same race like mine and no one else. That's how the new baby would have a pure DNA compatible with them. As I told we have also a spiritual DNA. Who's going to read these ancient sacred manuscripts will understand better the programs.
I heard a lot of people asking all the time why God-Yahweh promoted this view in the Old Testament that the Jews have to kill in blood all the other races, perpetuate this hatred on humans. The reason was simple: the Babylonians and all the other races around the Jews were not his programs so logically they must be exterminated.
Keep the bloodline clean and pure, the manuscripts are obsessed with this aspect. One of the reasons that the Sumerians had those channels of irrigation for example -- created by gods of course - was to delimit these different programs of genetics so that different races could not interact with each other. In our days only some casts from India still keep the tradition of the bloodline, some of the Jews also and some very isolated tribes from Amazonia, Oceania and the Papua, and of course the royal western families and illuminati. (Read "The Illuminati bloodlines" by Springmeyer)
In time these programs were abandoned and people began to mix their races, to leave behind the most important of all those laws, the non-hybridization one, to forget about the blood-line and so forth. Hybrids are not compatible with them so they have no future at universal level.
By the way we are also hybrids if you didn't know that, so normally we would be on the waste shovel and after that obliterated from this universal system. Our souls are not compatible with the angels souls at all so we have a corrupted DNA, a corrupted soul.
But there's an escape.
All the ancient books starting with the Bible have these testaments given to the mortals, that are actually genetic engineering programs, everything masked of course in metaphors, and at the apex of the testament there is this first and the most important law of all: the non-hybridization law. But the Bible has a second testament -- our salvation, us the ex-pagans, hybrids now but also Christians -- the New Testament.
The New Testament through Jesus Christ of course destroys completely the old law and brings back the new one that represents Christ as the only way to the real God Yahweh. Essentially the gospels were created for the people who belong to the programs of all these gods, fallen angels from Elohims civilization; fallen angels who developed also like I said genetic programs on this planet, actually all the other programs except the Jew program. We are like I said hybrids now, so we have a corrupted DNA, impure. So Jesus Christ came to Earth and has sacrificed Himself to create Christianity for us. He is our savior indeed, the only one who could purify our DNA.
Everybody would ask, normally, why Jesus Christ died for our sins, which sin, the sin of non-hybridization. We could say that Christ is the savior of the hybrids, of us or of the one of us who believes in Him. So the only way to salvation from second death is through Jesus Christ. He is the only one who could purify our souls from the hybridized DNA.
Pretty soon the end of the program will come, the apocalypse, and it was not the first one. Who will study the ancient manuscripts from Amerindians, Incas will understand better about what's going on. There were other at least four programs before us and we could be the last one on this planet because we are the most developed of all in technology and science. In the fourth program were the Atlants who were also Luciferians and very evolved in technology and science.
On Mars was also a great civilization. And we could see the remnants of the programs of these super-civilizations even there. What Earth is now, Mars also was in the past, but what Mars is now the Earth also should be pretty soon. Sounds like madness I know and not too optimistic at all. The secret societies knows all these things, the archives of the Vatican knows all those things. Only the crowds are kept in ignorance about what's going on with us. To expose the program in detail it would be too much for me here. This is just a very short story.
Interesting story, at the beginning I thought that it was only a story until I began to dig out for more and more information and the results are astonishing about us, about what we are, about who we are, as what we represent in this universe as individuals, the universe which we perceive in such a limited way. I began to understand that the ancient manuscripts are not only some stories told and exposed by people with big imagination, but that those manuscripts are real. The decoding of them is fantastic.
Those civilizations are now at a level of evolution impossible for us to understand. They don't inhabit planets anymore, but other dimensions of this universe on a different level of frequency, much higher according to some scientific theories there are 10 dimensions plus temporal dimension (11) or how religions says the heavens. They are immortal. They could travel through other universes into this Multiversal system. They could even create universes. We do not know what their level of evolution is.
Is better to know all this story for the future, to understand that the very few people who rule this world. The secret societies are not atheists but very religious kids. They are Luciferians and they know all these things. They know Yahweh and Christ and they know who they are. They try to keep people's perceptions on a very low level, with a very low level of conscience so we don't have to understand the essence of ourselves, of who we are, the essence of what we really represent in this universe. That's the new world order program started from decades, even centuries in western society. We just have to stay with our heads underground and to catch only what they want like slaves, easily manipulated.
Basically there is a battle between two extra-terrestrial civilizations (one split from the other one) at another level, into other dimensions (probably galactic empires, we don't know). Now this world is ruled by the fallen angels through the Luciferian secret societies, and we have to choose a side because the end of the fifth program will come pretty soon.

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Time, at its most basic level, I believe reflects change. It gives things life, since if everything went static, then there would be no unfolding events to experience. But when viewed more philosophically, I can't even begin to grasp the true essence of time. Is time just an arrow extending infinitely in 1 straight direction, or is there something much more to it?

Personally, I take the latter view. It could be seen as a river of sorts, changing speed, whirling in endless spirals, branching off into alternate channels, fluctuating through different depths, ever in motion, and so forth. Perhaps it's also like an acentric labyrinth, without any clear beginning or end, going into all kinds of paradoxical configurations.

Ultimately, time may be so intricate, that even the wisest beings in existence cannot fully visualize what will happen. Maybe it's more like a web of contingencies, with all kinds of "what if" questions. I guess we need to see things in terms of questions, including time. Einstein after all says that everything relative. Time and its perceived changes must be determined by the shifting of contexts.

It may be much like swapping boxes around, each with different laws and items of various designs. Presents come in literal packages, and the metaphorical packages just described also have within them a gift, the "present" time. If we can unleash the present, then there's no telling what wonders may be wrought undreampt of in our time!

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My new theory on truth is that what's meaningful is more true to the heart than what's true in reality. So the ideal is greater than what's there, essentially.

Don't seduce me with your esoteric knowledge down to the dark side and ultimate death!

The greatest beings in existence transcend beyond restrictions!

For those with a more truth-based focus, just make sure that you don't destroy the imagination.

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