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Postby Warlock » Fri Jul 01, 2016 11:50 pm

Kriswest wrote:I would not use the word intelligent,, educated is more apropriate. Not many teach children to question or strive to learn. Most rely on education systems to educate fully. Parents seem to just teach social behaviors now.

Growing up, I hardly ever attended school, starting around 2nd grade. I eventually just stopped going at all, to start the 10th grade. I'm intelligent, but possess very little formal education. I know things because I pay attention to my surroundings, no one taught me this behavior... it's innate, due to my genetic potential for intelligence. I work with and have known a lot of highly educated people, most are totally ignorant to the world around them. Knowing things (i.e. education) doesn't necessarily make you intelligent and being intelligent doesn't necessarily mean you know things... intelligence is your problem-solving and critical thinking ability, not how much knowledge you possess... a LOT of people lack in the PS and CT area.
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