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culture/society/the "elites"...

PostPosted: Wed May 05, 2021 6:40 pm
by Peter Kropotkin
we have "culture" and what is this little thing called "culture?"

my handy dandy dictionary says,

Culture: "the arts and other manifestations
of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively"

the right wing attacks the cultural centers of America has part of their
overall attacks upon America.... especially New York and LA....
the so called "Liberal elites" the ones who create what little culture exists
in this country.......give me one, one such act of culture in this country
over the last 5 years? I'll wait....

I can't think of any either......America lacks culture... that much is clear and yet,
even that little bit of culture is attacked as being "elitists"....

as to the why of this attack, I cannot understand, but the right hates culture...
the ARTS, intellectual achievements, any attempt to understand what it means to
be an American or what it means to be human? these are all attacked and
discouraged by the conservative/right wing.....

part of the right wing intellectual heritage is to hold to an ''autocracy''....
that humans are, naturally or otherwise, to hold a place within a society...
the best example offered by the conservative to what a society ought to be...
an the Middle the system best favored by the conservative,
the system of elites being in charge is the very system where the "cultural elites"
are attacked for being the "cultural elites"....

that conservatives are contradicting themselves never cross their minds because
they don't/won't/can't engage in some sort of introspection of their views....

but the real problem is in their attack of the "culturally elite" is if we
remove/eliminate the "cultural elites" as the right wing wants,
then who would be the "creators" of culture in America?
where does the culture come from then?

a list of things the right wing conservative hates is far longer then
what the conservative loves...the conservative hates scientist and science,
the conservative hates philosophy.. it is to "woke" for them....
the conservative hates ART and ARTIST, they too are to "woke"
for them..... (woke means becoming aware of something.... usually
referring to awareness of social and racial injustice, but being/becoming aware,
"he is woke" means he has become aware of)

so the question becomes for the conservative, who creates the cultural/the ARTS/
the intellectual achievements for society if not the "cultural elites?"