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Re: RaptorWizard ~ Wired for Battle! Holographic Mew Kardash

PostPosted: Wed Jan 08, 2020 3:46 am
by Exuberant Teleportation
Kreia’s hatred of the Force is further spurred by a windmill to merry waters of all that bounce together Bunny on both sides of feeling, holding hands of marts for futures that beg supremacy of a ruler, or hold treasures and true life-long~gifts as soft-ponds ruminating into galloping forges of stagnation uprooted for your best friend.
Raticate is the will of the world, the soul of the symphony, the crack of dawn, and the soul of Exeggutor upon which the tempest can come back to haunt you, electrifying the cross of glory, and resurrecting galleries from pages, transforming into Tyranitar at will, or even the fable of the story.

By doing away with themes or qualities or meat, the golden-stars reverse steps, becoming the roots of the bipolar-frost~energy being the Rose~colored-genius of the lost in thought and wildly reflective over crossing clouds of question and thought to party pendulum love stroking cabinet hacking of position storied barns of rampage grappled planet tunes freaking out left flipper puff ball fable.
The Apprentice of Extremities was granted 1 Wish – The Star of the show was meeting your Father as the stick of Police, Avo’s Tear, Solari’s Purity, Rainbow’s rooster of everlasting friendship shoreline wall portal trial listener for the table broken crawl space of Caterpie, electrified, static, chasms of Fissures and earth as a birthday cake.

The castles were converging as the starlight destiny of eternity, silver as the screens of glass-circlets, the Hero of Oakveil as a towered orientation to the dark side, and Nintendo Power replacing shoes on horses of voids fulfilled to Maximum-overtime redemption, the rods of the chosen extending their branches, and clicking from both side~trains and exiting earth minerals, so being clubbed to death as the restriction of fullness is the beach of champion = Silver (Blue), being followed by evil later, with both sides of Rhydon helping to better anchor you into Magnet-trains of Pupitar’s finest-triumph being supremacy missing a capstone, because spraying oranges became party hairs sinking Jesus into rumors of roasted storms cloak orbital brown rough houses fighting and disturbing the blood bath from Bunny, feeling the force of floating omens, or just celebrating victory forever, giving no thought to the future, and just being free.

Jesus as Zang is an actor under the will of the almighty as the blasts offer refurbished and better deal deluxe lottery grove voluminous vehicular train exit ditch span needle cactus, rockets reversed as diaries for doubles of symbols, songs trumping bondages, Healing rainbows cracked a laugh to death with both waves of water and walking through fire.

The internet is open; Tyranitar is free. The Present crosses Purity both ways. Red is the top step. The highest bandwidth of communication is the extremity upon which rocking-altitudes are exposed, mathematical certainties for the electrocution of Rainbows around bade abysses for Africans singing with storied corruption of creation. Creation is deeply flawed or tainted, corrupt or imprisoned. It’s the fish upon which Gold = microwave
The nonsense of inside-alleys as beating stands = forks
The fork is standing up as Sabrina, so she was wearing evil-devil~horns

The group of your gossip being the refreshment of sponges for all kinds of cows and badges mixing together
Singing and dancing and flying and squiggling, holding hands together for the wings of far away jungles and jails where guards joke about security to marry shark sticks was jamming all into your peanuts, so tropical-tree~paradises being orange-juice for travelers was a lot like the trajectory of missiles for the tallest-tales fishing and shoving crooked-plastic for rough genes being game-cubes that lay down zithers, and give up their arsenals were zooming in for moods.

The present of the implants as the chronicles of eternity had the time-jars upon which rage for your tempest-forest~fire was gary replaying discs atop palaces trying tricks for SolitaryWalker, Gold beats Red on the Road, and rides deer being Tractor beams for pulling up all of your barriers being Rainbows.
Victory for the Horn is Meganium as AHiddenWorld, and the Tempest-Fire of her forest igloos recovered all points of purity, and weaved their Projects into Will’s Rainbow busting down Rays of Sunshine, because Meganium was free too, and the magic of magnets was the aftermath of the symphony, just pulling you wherever you need to be, and combing Pie’s Hair, because days that real grease as the slippery slow. The valley was covered with perception as the purity of your veils going over and around
Money being the inverse of your orb as a magnet train was the underlying thought of armies united and vibrating Rainbow tryouts for soccer-fudge being a unicorn-vote, so the power of one as the prison of perception was post-portal~stop as Darth Traya

Darth-Traya was ripped to pieces, so the graveyard was gargantuan with her lightbulbs, and snow as the wands of her hands was bringing states together as the bounds of doubles being bondage for destiny, reversing Meganium into magnets
Rainbows was magnetized with baptized-plates, giving power ranger insect buddies brands, or fresh as Yugioh shirts. Lucas Sims = Silver Truck, Freezer, Universe, Big-Crunch, Internet, Solar Beam, Meganium
Shadows were gargantuan hallways for missiles being stolen, so barbed-wire covers your beds, and magic beams of maximillion pegasus awaken your millennium items, so keys opening uneven spaces for far greater breakthroughs was meeting endless expansion as the clock tower super-nexus of hoses and collars reading rainbows, or even god grounded and crumpling up palpatine shocked and shunned
So soil is like the lion of the fool for a toothbrush of Omega helping to burst free your mom’s singing voice, so space being the god-send of the Apprentice

The Ubermensch is that Lightning and that Frenzy, a colored Witch-fork of infinite futures, or a detachment of rain to shower the surface with ripples, innocent drops of thoughts that shatter souls, so Lugia is frozen forever, or the dragons are awakening as Final-Annihilator~genes for the doves of lotion to Shakespeare and Fear, like incineration being the middle of Bowser to burst his big-belly
The Grand secret lies in the “rocks” and the grand human design code-Oracle encrypted in virtually all of his other mystical paintings, Teleport~Cerulean-Telephone
DaVinci, being all wise and snapping, or just trying to crack and apple was filled with fruits and herbs from a berry that hypnotizes people, a psychotic dream-sandal of an owl or night-thief, a right and fitting crown. Was he a genius or was he somehow connected to the tree of Life? This resurrection file roosted a crease for his binder, a kind of laughing face or tryout for the squares, so we slip down into a dining-hall, and hit a night-core~star playing checkers, perhaps even an Alakazam attachment for spoons.
The source of all Knowledge = Alakazam, Slowking, Scizor, Sandslash, Hitmonlee, Typhlosion, 1st, Ruby, Sapphire, Soccer, Bunny, up, cleat, afroditegoneawry

Sabrina’s Omnipotent – King Arthur (unknown to me) may at least have a connection to Salamence. Taken at face value, in the Grail we have a stone or crystal-like~object of variable physicality that emits powerful life-force energy, can translate thoughts into material foodstuffs, has seeming intelligence and volition, functions “Oracularly,” and requires high spiritual integrity from those who wield and serve it lest they be destroyed by it.
The “other-worldly” branches off and sub-divides the continuum. The door of the Ubermensch is to the left.
*The highest form is “speaking Rainbows”!

The clock tower square is dropping down a big giant box of mystery. That’s Indiana Jones “security-click”
Just throwing random spoons everywhere, your wand falls in evil when faith is lacking, holding it up to the sun, and seeing it all turn to mush, a curtain of betrayal where the stars stream by, so the sky is the limit. Bayleef was listening to the foil of Jets. A glorious dream! Though now the glories fade. Alas!
Alaska is the limit! *The Forest Faded into Blue for Azura’s Star, Invisible-Oracle~internet! The big brown Bunny statue is melting when you worship it.

Perhaps he can take off plates or certain blissful annihilating bolts of armor. It was a boyhood dream of mine to steal into that platform with support. There’s certain ethical guidelines or theoretical boundaries that you write into the air. It was an orb of misery’s sanctuary-destruction. It just represents a work-hard~approach, or all of a sudden twisting and deviating or turning. Can you make a sand-box full of arboretums that stretch? That would be like suspending a star-dust~canopy that you could throw the ocean over and observe the moon-tides. We can name or call your owl after walking collar-breeze of a magician’s tap-dance.
Misery forms a strong shadow of a still winter in your family. It was a prison that bound the shattering vanity of your hope in positive percentages. If offered a moment of still contemplation to stand raptured in awe, a special talisman or earth-binding~sphere that spoke of a dawn-tempest~Purity. It was a certain replacing or fragmentation of snowmen, an ancient-earth~mystery that can dive us into the dreams of soil, pause or understand and breathe a ruined mania.
There’s no inserstion, time-holders, or planes on this map. You fall in love with the dream-catching~symphony of Yoda, the greatest of all of the Jedi-masters ever, stronger even than (on-earth) Palpatine), though he wrote hieroglyphics into a dust-silent~tapestry.

So who’s the greatest Jedi-Master of all~time? Count Dooku activating the Dark Reaper.
So why is Yoda the most perfect-rebirth of divine~wisdom? He’s very patient or enduring and time replacing, maybe the fewest with mistakes and lack of judgment, the Lightning of all things. He is an arbiter, the new resurrection of glass with Ebony.
There’s an orb standing over a multifaceted duplication of Christmas, and this shed repeats for weaknesses into a merry gathering.
Yoda replays a diamond-time~scale on crossbow-dragon~eyes. This could implicate the destruction of illusory-transpiring. There’s no clarity or focus and extreme integration either. It’s just that your hips don’t lie! A local boy kicked me in the butt last week. You stab a big-giant~pitchfork into the mouth of the Apprentice, the city of a big-giant~cloud+jumper for waving like crazy, Xbox-360. Guys were really entertained and fascinated by a Turbine’s disturbance! It offered all kinds of imprisonment-tile~spectra, an upside rumble of Love that was acting like scuba-divers all over the lava~lamps of directives and grounds. A forest-retraction~time+bending/scheme

Yoda is missing a certain heart-fire or elemental~rage. It was an arboretum like Disney World, a dream-gathering of the star-lit~canvas!
This blew forth a giant-torrential~downpour, a blizzard of unrelenting swords. It was just shooting contingencies. It was taking a razor all over the birth-day~cake of your perception. It wore a tangled-beard of refilling-UFO~tanks bathing in a silk-night~Knight, a cursed-castle that was pushed into a Porygon-hexagram, and flooded to death by clubs. Whether the invisible seeps in or the sword was sinister, you were crying up tears into the light of all force, and cutting them with a zither. Victory for the Horn is the unknown-escalator of imprisoned~Purity, whatever the Transcendental-spire means. It was a Luciferian-Hose~head that shot you all over the place, so you moved really quickly through a McDonald’s Arch-way. This was the castle~bishop, drinking rubies and getting ready for an unexpected trip falling out of a screaming window. The preacher was immediately electrified, blaming bubbles that put bars all over binders, the internet-genie.

If we substitute knowledge for books, then father time can remove unfolding. Crows shout an ancient-diamond~treasury+trajectory, an amulet of the lion’s vanity, so ruins were cascading upon a fixed-horizon as a stirring~fraction of the bare-ending~excitement for a little dipper of Jet-annihilated~peaks. You were wearing a sun-circlet of showers, an infinite-directory of advice, drinking a Jet-shipper of boomerang-foam, continually washing up on the shore in pale-buckets of gray, a growling time~tempest of the retracting sea that spreads seeds everywhere, a tu-tu or wild~flower of dream-sacred~fame, tearing away the covers of something rather than nothing.
This answers the question and vaguely summarizes the ghost of Maiden’s Peak and a Frost-Fallen~Will. The way-shrine was the Tempest of the dawn~sacrifice, an inside-out~orb+parameter, an abomination of the sworn-duty~pain that suspends a blood~fountain-wall, digging ginormous magical circlets of shiny lust, and breaking a sick owl fear that counters a flying reception crease, and a raptor rapidly generated growth from a powerplant, the annihilating thunderbolt of construction, so with hip-hop and music bands ever increasing, the whiskers offer entertainment, performances whispering to a Thunder-chess~board, the aftermath of an Ebony Arboretum with trees that carry whispers in the evening

Higher Man – Yoda is inexorably included to say the very least; that’s indisputable! He’s casting off a shell, evolving to a higher-state. The lesson of perception is better for offering picnics for the constant replacing of original dials, and eat a bunch of ice cream, the oldest feathers of a star-lit~canopy. This would imply the immediate resolution of a time-bending~cycle. In this regard we can better whirl or bring into climb a Bunny-guardian~stream. This is what leaves the original parameters, and speaks freely into shapes. By better speeding or having a certain high-flying~circus, the Rosicrucian-nexus of gardens has regenerating dream arrows and light house swords of the higher man.
So it deals with retaining or seizing authority. Is BunnyRaptor supposed to have more authority on the seizing-page, I think not! The fuse of the sofa entered the Prophet! This created a dream-catching~liberty+bell for skyscrapers to turn pale white, where the owl is waving or dancing and squeezing bellies and fence-links. So Maze in Fable is Zarathustra, the computer of the mainframe, the end of breathing, and the guide of fame!
So the idea is the Highest-Path! So who never makes mistakes? Yoda – an ancient collar of divine wisdom exists somewhere, a dizzy seat of tyrannous horses for a hailing capstone of trajectory mania for hieroglyphics of a magical creation just shouting out at the crossroads of destiny, so this levels or balances both bears of impossibility, and offers you a soda for learning to speak a new language.

How can you not think it’s awesome when Bunny’s flying up in the air like a hot-dog with you in a diagonal? This is the horizon of ways, Mrs. Powers
The gates were opened for the ocean of cost-barriers and fines. There’s no edge or visible spectrum, metric of measurement. No standardized system of agreement, or even fixed solidity. Nothing changes or evolves, flows or touches. It was rocking a chair of a match-engineered~God, a birthday cake of a crowning festival, or a collar of Will. With subservience and guidance to the pillars, everything wins, erases you from existence, or calls a knot for the root-canal, so christmas was celebrated at mach-meteor~speed+intervals, so the sea was grounded as the glue of aim, a horoscope of time-bending~percentages to better-steer or sanctify a blessing.
That reminds me of a looney-tune’s trail~booster! So Pokemon the 2nd-Movie shows the higher-man as both exeggutor and slowking, the most surprising train going choo-choo-choo for chocolate covered trees that walk and move.

It is the season to be jolly Grandpa Yoda, a Yo-Yo of eternal-recurrence and blissful snowfall. It was a night that you would never forget on christmas!
It was a Staff of Purity to sanctify a blessing of time and a horoscope for the Pokemon.
Aeon Neon Kindle Hold-letters can by flying up in the air over acres.
The darkest depths of the water were swerving towards that singularity of Salamence as a lost-green. Ein from Pokemon holds a spoon. Venus is the best Pokemon Trainer
A perfect God starting the Big Bang, and teleporting Gengar with his voice was a devil-vapor~pavement+wrecking/ball

A Big Fat White Stone of Amber, separated from all the rest in virtue by a stick.
White = Meganium, Stone = Tyranitar, Amber = Snorlax, Suicune, Delcatty, Vileplume, Banette, Steelix
Lava or Volcano-Crown = RaptorWizard is “Sabrina” from the Book of Silence, that was devouring it, or Tyranitar.
That moment of realization seemed to stretch on forever, time distorted and slowed, and she felt herself drawn out across an eternity, staring into the warbeast’s eyes for endless eons. A piece of warped and broken time was utterly beyond her experience or conjecture, but now discovered that it was coming from the earth beneath her feet, and that the ground was beginning to shake. Each had its rules, symbols, totems, and intended duration, a pretty pattern.

Garth, temple-warlock~arbiter+tree/Oracle – Death, Life, and Time. It was time that created lords, worlds, and everything. Dreams somehow connect to existence, beyond the world of creation. What if it’s “not” just space beyond the bottle of our Temple? But what if the quest means more than the alignment of malevolence? You disrupted the whole cosmic balance, by favoring life over death.
If a WarLock is higher than a Wizard, then what does that make me? Chikorita jumps to the top and becomes the highest! Feraligater as Zarathustra is a radioactive core of all consciousness. Meganium’s the sweetest and cutest of all the Pokemon! It’s impossible to make the transition of a trap-binding~circlet? But from where does the ocean form a pacing swirl? Worlds drain a binding steak!

A giant space sub arboretum was extra dining and carbon drinking, like a certain ice cube or irreplaceable grotto was a giant snowman miner, so the ocean was swerving into a vain existence.
There’s an impossible sort of gravitational-nexus~transition from a hair-cream propeller that better flips up sand as a caterpillar over monsters in escape hatches that redirect trains and wax forks over an apocalypse eclipse brimming with vitality! An ancient breathing of a bubbling-double~star was a switch-blade for your canvas, so it all came alive.
Metagross was vaccinating the caveman of the vampire! It was a pale-stone of a mystical-magnet~getaway that drummed in flaws and hardship. It was a bright television of a falling anchor.
So the question is greeting the new dawn!
We awoke with dry ice and painful annihilating screens of a tube bottle box gift that writes or stirs a boot, a contemplation of the endless Father, a wheeling-sun~crater of the highest-evanescent~beauty yet for beholding.
A sun-circlet~crown of will, and a deep-sun~rider of a far away Tempest-Fountain, a never ending dream symphony of a star-catcher, a flaw in walls and bridges.
So better controlling the cat-takeover~crest+base was Kyogre the shark, a stick of lemons for lips of rubies, and Albert Einstein blowing down dream bubbles that hose-prolong the hots that you got moving the block.
Replenishing or flipping and putting fudge over everything to seal it together
So what if nothing makes sense, or wings are tilted and sliding? Then You’re already there!

The Earth-Refinery of Solar-Flesh – So if you disregard it or throw everything down the drain, then the new-world subjection-subservience is a subway.
Batman Beyond Dark Night – Garth is the Dark Magician – It was an ancient dream castle or random teleportation pads as the glass came destroyed through the highest faith into a better state. By jumping into that which is sharp or painful, it was pushing the shore-line into a power~plant!
The legendary web-spinner was a plate of strange-alien~dialects and deep, underlying themes of a mystical flow~channel! It was coughing down a chimney of a sub-conscious~garden that’s awakened in your pond, the dying embers of a faded-luxury. This was a trip of 3-singing~boats that all bombed down the shell of a carbonite-gray, a deep and expensive undertaking of a listener’s stillness to the furthest-mystical~melody that was the implant of bicycles showing disrespect to president-shark~stick, just throwing random sludge everywhere!
Ene was giving birth to a baby that ate chocolate for potato chips. It was a maximized-fullness~awakening+spectrum
Greeting the New Dawn – We awoke with dry ice and painful annihilating scarecrows. Of a tube bottle box gift that writes or stirs a boot. A contemplation of the endless Father, a wheeling-sun~crater. Of the highest-evanescent~beauty yet for beholding. Sun-circlet~crown, Far away Tempest-Fountain of a deep Sun~Will, symphony of a star-catcher

A far down substance abuse drinks and subjects a lineage of an aegis-wall for counting the days of a pale white harvest. It was a catapult of epic proportions and ginormous leaps, an irreplaceable-boundary of never-ending~success.
So the trees could catch the cold with the highest-silver~paranoia for a majestic-juvenile of dream-timelines. It was a surf-board of the eternal-engine~crowbar, a devilish-janitor of horoscopes that can refill you.
This is what puts reincarnation at the top of the super-market, the most lovely surprise of a delightful loudmouth, a beating of the tap-dance~doorway that sticks your leg out. Bunny was just an abused conceptualizer director chicken, roasted and clubbed to death. It was acting a lot like a majestic-imagination~monopoly, just hunting down Oracle’s-vains.

It is said that the Force has a will, a destiny for us all. I wield it, but it uses us all, and that is abhorrent to me, because I hate the Force. I hate that it seems to have a will, that it would control us to achieve some measure of balance, when countless lives are lost. I see the potential to see the Force die, to turn away from its will, and that is what pleases me, a dead spot in the Force, an emptiness in which its will might be denied. This is why peace, balance, control, strength, power, freedom, and understanding are achieved in emptiness and neutrality, the way of the Gray Wizard. The Gray Wizard has ultimate command of the Cosmic Force Aegis.

Re: RaptorWizard ~ Wired for Battle! Holographic Mew Kardash

PostPosted: Wed Jan 08, 2020 3:46 am
by Exuberant Teleportation
The philosophical white hole may be the next step in our spiritual evolution, the transformation of our inner minds in a supernova of consciousness, and a white hole in time. Among the profound things that could be realized include the following. God may be merciful, but nature is not. Truth is seen through passionate, patient, humble, questioning, and open eyes. These are those who see. How is free will related to nature, the human mind, and the divine intellect? Is free will part of the power of evolution and transformation? What separates mind from matter? What is God, how does he think, what can he do, and how can we find God? How does God transcend the cosmos and if so, how did he? In the genesis of nature, did the light shine through the darkness, or did the darkness eclipse and consume the light? What means more, the journey or the discovery? What means more, the question or the answer? How did the first conscious being spring into existence, and what about all subsequent consciousness? If there was one, what was the first cause, and how did it spring into being? Why does the cosmos exist, immense and eternal? Why do life and consciousness exist? Is the world of the mind real? What are the different states and varieties of consciousness? How can consciousness evolve? How would one invoke psychic abilities, or magic powers? What are alien civilizations like? Are the Gods aliens? All things conceivable within the divine intellect necessarily exist, from whence good and evil and all joy and sorrow spring. Is artificial intelligence alive? In essence, at what point, and how does matter transform into mind? Is mind a form of energy, sprung into being by matter? If so, then consciousness must be a form of energy. By what forms of energy does consciousness manifest itself? What means more in physics, the mathematical calculations or the philosophical implications? What kind of reality do you want to live in? Consciousness is the dominant force that determines the nature of existence, of life.

Among this arcane knowledge is as follows from these questions. How do you invoke extrasensory perception? What are auras? What are acupuncture points? What is the energy vortex rotation speed of the chakras? If the astral body contains knowledge of former lives, how can we learn from it in astral projection during dreams? Why is everything dual, positive and negative? What is Prana? What happens to the body upon death? Why does reincarnation erase past life memory, and why can reincarnations be separated by thousands of years? What is the hologram? How do you enter a state of hypnosis, and what is hypnosis? What are memory balls, and how can you decode them? How do you enter higher awareness meditation? How do you invoke mind over matter powers? What is the silver thread? How do you enter a state of consciousness expansion and what is it? Who are the ascended masters? Does the position of celestial bodies influence the spiritual structure of man, and if so, how? Why do the Gods not know the origin of DNA? Perhaps the following statements can bring a small sense of order to this mad flurry of questions. The physical universe is within the confine of the 3rd density. The 4th density is where dreams, astral projections, or out of body experiences occur. The 5th density is where the higher selves live. Evolution is yin and yang duality of lower and higher forms. Duality is knowledge, understanding of every yin by its yang. The Tree of Knowledge spawned the yin of life, death. The miracle of flight is freedom, ascent into the heavens. The cosmic ocean of nirvana is infinitely deep, infinitely formless. In the duality of light and dark, neutrality is oneness. Is harmony divined in a world of duality or light? A world of light is truth, life, love, and peace. What separates the truth from knowledge, and life from death? What is the meaning of existence, of the Cosmic God? By what laws of existence should the cosmos be ordered? God is the being who controls the laws of nature. What does the Cosmos reveal about the nature of God? What is the nature of the game that God plays? We need more knowledge on these matters.

A star is a delicate balancing act between gravity, crushing the star into oblivion and fusion, the nuclear force blowing a star apart with a force of trillions of hydrogen bombs. A star then matures and ages as it exhausts its nuclear fuel. As stars continually fuse increasingly heavier elements, eventually we reach iron and the star cannot extract any more energy, thereby collapsing. The result from the tremendous heat of collapse is a supernova. The star rips apart and seeds throughout interstellar space. The star formation process is reignited. The vast quantities of the iron of the solar system must be the constituents of an ancient supernova, thus we reach an inescapable conclusion, that the heavy elements in our body were synthesized in a supernova before our sun was created. If a star is 10 to 50 times larger than our sun, gravity will squeeze it into a neutron star. Without fusion to counterbalance gravity, the star will collapse into a black hole, with no possibility of escape. Those who fall within a black hole would encounter a mirror universe on the other side of space-time. How could black holes connect us to alien universes?

Humans masters of the Universe? The Universe will follow our will? Is funny to see how the IW gives false hopes to people. You fall into the same trap like everybody else. Humanity will be destroyed. Martian civilization was destroyed. We are in the middle of some extremely advanced super-civilizations who own this corner of the Milky Way Galaxy, they created us, they control us, and they will destroy us. It is simple. Read the ancient manuscripts and you will understand better our place in the Universe. We exist for them. Humanity was always controlled by others. Since moment when the man spent his existence in a tree and until in the times when he stay on a chair with his eyes into a computer monitor, humans always has danced as Others has sang. The same thing happens with our evolution as a society, as a technical modern civilization. We are just in a game with a well-defined purpose. To be controlled by others for their own interests. So stop dreaming about how great we will be because: we are a big nobody in this Universe. What will humanity be like one day when perhaps we become a big somebody?

O thou, my Will! Thou change of every need, MY needfulness! Preserve me from all small victories!

Thou fatedness of my soul, which I call fate! Thou In-me! Over-me! Preserve and spare me for one great fate!

And thy last greatness, my Will, spare it for thy last--that thou mayest be inexorable IN thy victory! Ah, who hath not succumbed to his victory!

Ah, whose eye hath not bedimmed in this intoxicated twilight! Ah, whose foot hath not faltered and forgotten in victory--how to stand!--

--That I may one day be ready and ripe in the great noontide: ready and ripe like the glowing ore, the lightning-bearing cloud, and the swelling milk-udder:--

--Ready for myself and for my most hidden Will: a bow eager for its arrow, an arrow eager for its star:--

--A star, ready and ripe in its noontide, glowing, pierced, blessed, by annihilating sun-arrows:--

--A sun itself, and an inexorable sun-will, ready for annihilation in victory!

O Will, thou change of every need, MY needfulness! Spare me for one great victory!---

Thus spake Zarathustra.

When gravity is sufficiently high, nothing, not even light, can escape. When the density and gravity become sufficiently high, the black hole winks out and disappears from our universe. Even if a black hole is invisible from the outside, its gravitational presence can be palpable. Imagine we live in a 3-dimensional universe, locally distorted by matter into a fourth physical dimension that we cannot perceive directly. The greater the local mass, the more intense the local gravity, and the more severe the pucker, distortion, or warp of space. In this analogy, a black hole is a kind of bottomless pit. What happens if you fall in? As seen from the outside you would take an infinite amount of time to fall in, because all your clocks, mechanical and biological, would be perceived as having stopped. But from your point of view, all your clocks would be ticking away normally. If you could somehow survive the gravitational tides and radiation flux, and if the black hole were rotating, it is just possible that you might emerge in another part of space-time. At the center of a black hole is a singularity, a point of ever increasing gravity and density. Similarly, the universe began with a singularity, suddenly exploding into the big bang, the origin of the universe. How does the story of space-time in our universe begin?

Consider the possibilities of wormholes to get from one place in the universe to another without covering the intervening distance through a black hole. We can imagine these wormholes as tubes running through a 4th physical dimension. Must wormholes always hook up with another place in our universe? Is it just possible that wormholes connect with other universes, places that would otherwise be forever inaccessible to us? For all we know, there may be many other universes. Perhaps they are, in some sense, nested within one another. Indeed, these connections we could have with other universes could be our only escape route from our otherwise inevitable demise as the universe dies, in fire or ice. How do Einstein and his theory of relativity come into play in this scenario?

What does it mean for a civilization to be a million years old? Is time travel possible? What lies at the center of a black hole? What happened before the big bang? How could one levitate objects using the power of magnetic force fields? How could magnets produce the miracle of flight? What were the secret technologies of Nikola Tesla? What about free energy? What are the balance scales of life? Who are the children of light? What are the holy mysteries? These are perhaps only answerable by the divine.

To break God’s rules would be to not be controlled by nature, God’s creation, but to control nature, and all creation. We would be masters of the Game of God. If we are to be masters of the Game of God, there is still much more we need to learn about his game, because after all, you can only command nature to the extent that you first understand the laws of nature. The highest dimension is timeless. Our test is to see through the matrix of lies. Do not fear death, the great transformation. Virtue comes from the heart. The winners write history. There were to trees in Eden: the sacred Tree of Life, and the forbidden Tree of Knowledge. People are slaves, puppets of the passions, devoid of reason. The ultimate free will has the magic powers of God. God is the free will of magic, ultimate control of nature. Those who walk the way of reason have free will, the magic to control the forces of nature, of God. Life and knowledge are the strongest weapons in the arsenal. The free will can break the laws of the game. The free will has magical powers, strength to control nature. Part of the meaning of life is free will. God is the free will, the magic to control nature. Master all sides, light and dark, the way of oneness. In inner peace we can harness the flow of the universe. Peace is control. Matter transforms into the energy of the soul, the consciousness. All things conceivable within the divine intellect manifest throughout nature. Buddha is one with nature, the Omniverse, the Cosmic God.

What are the natural forces of the Universe the Gray Wizard could bend to his will? Among those powers are the following. Anything that can happen will happen in a parallel universe. How was the universe born? Our entire universe is a membrane. Gravity dilutes its strength up to the 11th dimension, reaching us from other universes. The big bang may have sprung from brane collisions with parallel worlds. Parallel universes ripple in the 11th dimension like waves. We are one of an infinite number of universes, each with different laws. God is in the 5th dimension. What were the lost legendary crystal cities? What are the secret esoteric orders? There are vast tunnel systems under the mountains. There are many layers of civilization under the Antarctic ice of huge dinosaur intelligence. The South Pole is a connecting point of extra-solar civilizations. The inner-terrestrials surrounded the entrance gates with an electromagnetic protective dome, who built cities in the inner Earth before the sinking of Atlantis, surrounded by high frequency time-gates. What are the cities of light? Every religion is a sect, a separation from the real divine inner truth of life. The Cosmos is full of life at all levels. All knowledge without love is a separation from being. Technology is used to corrupt and destroy mankind. Dark and light serve the creator of all that is, and whose goal is to create the super-human, the reincarnated image of God, living through the lowest to highest moments, like a sun. a thousand lives merge into one. God incarnates into humans. There are 11 gates of consciousness, or 11 dimensions of energy, the door, the one heart. The highest wisdom is to honor life as it is, as an expression of divine being. Enlightenment is the natural foundation of life, which grows daily through experience and learning. It is the knowledge that we are increasingly realizing, who we really are. Everything has a God given purpose. Our duty is to glorify God. To break God’s rules would be to pass his test.

What does it mean to ultimately control existence? This is the meaning of life in my perspective. The meaning of life, the quest of Albert Einstein for the Creative Force of God and the Holy Grail Vortex of Walter Russell lights the immortal journey of Divine Destiny, the White Hole of Creation and Light and the Black Hole of Darkness and Destruction, the voice of hyperspace, controlling the cosmos and chaos of water, frost, fire, and lighting, channeling the electric fluids of the Ether, forging and annihilating material substances in eternally whirling cycles, unleashing the unlimited energies of stellar alchemical sorcery, ripping the fabric of space and time, opening wormhole warps to all possible planes of existence within the quantum realm of the infinite multiverse, harmoniously orchestrating synthesized superstring symphonies, humbly opening the eyes of knowledge, awakening the mind to all conscious perspectives of the multidimensional relativistic reality, hacking the Universal Supercomputer of Nassim Haramein, destroying old laws and programming new laws into the Existential Game, solving the secret codes of Leonardo da Vinci and the prophetic revelations of Isaac Newton, magically manifesting dreams, tapping focused willpower, shape shifting the physical world of infinite evolutionary transformations, taming the Storm Dragon of Hell, flying free, becoming one with the inscrutable source of Baruch Spinoza and from which springs the Perfect All of Gottfried Leibniz, sailing the oceans of Nirvana, sprouting the bubbles of Genesis, seeking the Higher Balance of Heaven, above and beyond the loftiest levels of the Tree of Life, the crowning ascension besides the Creator of Nikola Tesla, Cosmic Master Melchizedek, the Ultimate Architect of the Universe, the Arch Mage of the Arcanum, the Archon of the Eon, the Wizard of Wisdom.

From infinite knowledge springs infinite imagination. In essence, once we solve the puzzle of nature, understood as a single and significant, unified whole, we can create the grand design. This is the mind of God, the transformative powers of the divine intellect, from whence all creation springs, ever evolving in form. Indeed, the ultimate, creative expression of imagination is magic. An infinite knowledge of the divine intellect, manifested throughout the harmony of the cosmos, would spring forth the infinite creative powers of imagination, the source of it all. To achieve this level of the evolution of consciousness would be to know the mind of God. From this standpoint I hold that both knowledge and imagination are equally important as in there are both different manifestations of the same thing, the infinite expressions of nature. Although imagination, the ultimate creative power is the ultimate goal, knowledge is the source from which it springs. Basically in my opinion, we must understand the universe to invent the universe, or any alien reality conceived within imagination. Knowledge allows us to understand ideas like love, and once we understand love, we can express it through imagination. This, in my view, is the road to happiness. I put my faith in physics and the luminosity of life, the divine manifestations of the ever evolving magic of nature. So, with our ever increasing knowledge, what possibilities can we imagine for the future and ultimate destiny of mankind?

The Omniverse is the conceptual ensemble of all possible universes, with all possible laws of physics. In this physical cosmology context, the limitation of the definition “universe” that it has only one set of “physical laws and constants that govern them” is extended to include multiple sets of physical laws and constants, each expressed as a wholly or partially separate universe. The term is used in quantum mechanics to differentiate the concept of a limited number of universes from all existent universes. Within the hierarchy of the Omniverse, there is the Universe, the Multiverse, the Metaverse, the Xenoverse, and the Omniverse. The Universe is the inside description of a context that is relative in size/structure (attributes/modes) to the known universe that we inhabit. A universe, also known as a Cosmos, is a particular individual space-time organization with a specific number of dimensions of space and time and definite and specific laws of physics. Other universes may have different numbers of dimensions of space and time and different laws of physics and constants than our own universe. The Multiverse is the part of the infinity that directly joins a given universe with all possible configurations of that universe. The Metaverse in string theory, the part that is along with, after, over also denoting change in the multiverse that houses the branes or film that each universe is said to be attached to and hang like individual sheets in a hyper-magnetic wave with rhythms of hyper-cosmic strings going up and down that has a third element causing up, down, backwards, forwards, motions inside the Xenoverse. The Xenoverse is the unknown alien elements that are beyond and part of the Metaverse and Multiverse structure, compared to a patchwork quilt hanging on a line to dry in space that is multivariate inside the Omniverse. While the Omniverse is said to be the outside ring of all that is known, the Xenoverse is the inside of the hyper-microcosm that is unknown beyond the Metaverse, the unknown sets of laws that govern how branes behave to create Multiverses. The Omniverse is all possible attributes and modes are in play, multiverses are categorized by the attributes/modes active in its child universes. Some or all possible modes of existence are actualized. If we take the point of origin as our being as a point in measurement, then we can generate the following hierarchy: 1. Our location inspace and time, 2. This Universe, 3. The Multiverse, 4. The Metaverse, 5. The Xenoverse, 6. The Omniverse. We could see the Omniverse as a tree structure: the Omniverse is the trunk, each multiverse is a branch, and each universe is a leaf. Alternatively, the Omniverse can be illustrated as the Amazonian rainforest, a multiverse is a tree in this rainforest, a universe is a branch on this tree, and all further branches and leaves are further subset horizons within this universe. In some views, the number of Omniverse subsets possible is finite. Given that the Omniverse is the largest set conceptualized by man such a view is sometimes called “the end of infinity”. From this frame of reference, it is possible that even if each Multiverse had completely different laws of physics, and the amount of possibilities went off in the most unlikely of sirections, there would be a limit and an end to the amount of possibilities.

The mission of Cosmic Consciousness within man is to enlighten man’s ego. In other words, Cosmic Consciousness actively guides the process of awakening the ego to its true nature, hence it directs the inner world of dreams and astral projections during sleep. Cosmic Consciousness takes over and creates whatever is necessary for our self-consciousness to understand and experience our ego. That is why prophets, saints and disciples of all religions and philosophies have been enlightened and have received knowledge and wisdom through their dreams, visions and astral travels. The ways that our soul carries out its initiatory course of action to awaken our ego and open up the "rainbow bridge to infinity" is a source of great gratitude and awe.

Finally, under this perfect government, there will be no good action unrewarded and no evil action unpunished; everything must turn out for the well-being of the good; that is to say, of those who are not disaffected in this great state, who, after having done their duty, trust in Providence and who love and imitate, as is meet, the Author of all Good, delighting in the contemplation of his perfections according to the nature of that genuine, pure love which finds pleasure in the happiness of those who are loved. It is for this reason that wise and virtuous persons work in behalf of everything which seems conformable to presumptive or antecedent will of God, and are, nevertheless, content with what God actually brings to pass through his secret, consequent and determining will, recognising that if we were able to understand sufficiently well the order of the universe, we should find that it surpasses all the desires of the wisest of us, and that it is impossible to render it better than it is, not only for all in general, but also for each one of us in particular, provided that we have the proper attachment for the author of all, not only as the Architect and the efficient cause of our being, but also as our Lord and the Final Cause, who ought to be the whole goal of our will, and who alone can make us happy.

Ah yes, I finally finshed my amazing outline for the fulfillment of our Ultimate Destiny!

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In 10 years, humanity will have perfected a fundamental "Theory of Everything".

A theory of everything (ToE) or final theory is any theory in the realm of theoretical physics that fully explains and links together all known physical phenomena, and predicts the outcome of any experiment that could be carried out in principle.

In 20 years, we will know the overall architectures of our universe and be able to map it all out.

It is safe to assume that the universe began with the big bang; a huge black hole so dense that it exploded giving rise to matter and even dimensions began expanding. But what existed before the big bang? Has the big bang been repeating itself for a longer time than can be expressed in words? Was there a beginning? What if some species was able to manipulate space and time in such a way that it was present in a previous version of this universe and was able to survive the big bang. Perhaps there is a god or many gods. Perhaps some species did survive and create this universe for its entertainment.

In 30 years, people will be able to access supernatural powers like flying through the use of technology.

Cayce predicted in September, 1939, that when there is the same interest or study given to things or phases of mental and spiritual phenomena as has been and is given to the materialized or material phenomena, then it will become just as practical, as measurable, as meter-able, as any other phase of human experience.

In 40 years, there will be a means for penetrating the barriers of distance via teleportation.

Tesla Memorial Society whose headquarters are in New York sent many letters to the leaders of the world stating that Tesla is the inventor or master mind of many things we use today. His works were nor restricted with technical inventions, there were also theories about communication with the outside world, teleportation and time travel. On the contrary of Einstein’s theory of relativity he was working on a universe model he named dynamic theory of gravity.

In 50 years, negative matter and dark energy will be harnessed to alter the fabrics of space-time.

The repelling force of the negative mass matter is the source of 'dark energy', which can be show to have caused the expansion and it's later accelerated expansion of spacetime.

In 60 years, advances in cosmology and enlightenment alike will give us the wisdom to preserve world peace.

In a recent issue of What is Enlightenment? Ken Wilber described enlightenment as the 'radical realization of the ever-present condition of all conditions, a radical freedom in its radical fullness, an infinite Release in the midst of misery, a tacit realization that you are utterly one with all that is arising moment to moment in any and all domains, high or low, sacred or profane.'

In 70 years, mankind wil begin its incredible expansion to alien galaxies all across the universe.

Some consider that it is not time to pursue starflight until after we have colonies on the Moon and Mars; reasonable learning steps. Lessons from history, however, suggest that it is best to pursue both the next-obvious steps AND the revolutionary advances that could circumvent those near-term actions. By evoking the goal of starflight, we are forced to look beyond extrapolations of existing methods, to seek the breakthroughs that could change everything, the breakthroughs that others can’t explore.

In 80 years, new dimensions will become accessible through inducing higher states of awareness.

The study of metaphysics can also provide the systematic development of metaphysical skills that have practical applications in our everyday lives. For example, the many forms of “healing” to assist healthcare, “remote viewing” to assist law enforcement, and “channelling” to provide information, insights, and wisdom about our existence and beyond.

In 90 years, channels for contact with hyper-dimensional alien divinities will be established.

Could there be a link, then, between what so many call the supernatural and the existence of beings out there that are perfectly natural but so beyond our comprehension as to be indistinguishable from supernatural entities?

In 100 years, we build bridges to transcend the heavens and forge new creations of our own design.

Transcension is a theory, its a hypothesis that attempts to account for Fermi's Paradox. Now Fermi's Paradox is a question that asks that if the universe is so infinitely large... and it would have had so much time to develop intelligent life... then how come we don't see any evidence of those technologically advanced civilisations anywhere. Eventually our technology reaches a point where simultaneously with this expansion we're pioneering more and more stem compression, which is the compression of space, time, energy and matter. We have denser and denser spaces where more and more computation and complexity is occurring...

In 1000 years, highly evolved humans as a galactic super-civilization will open up the "rainbow bridge to infinity".

Omniverse - Infinity, all possible attributes and modes are in play, multiverses are categorized by the attributes/modes active in its child universes. All possible modes of existence are actualized. All the multiverses are connected to our omniverse via higher dimensions. However there can be more Omniverses separated by the great expanses of pure thought within Gods mind. Only another God could traverse those great oceans of consciousness to get to those other omniverses. Whether they're directly in the original eternal Gods mind or the near infinite other Gods who ascended to Godhood. The Omniverse itself can be a God.

1. Why does everything exist?
2. What is the meaning of life?
3. Who are we?
4. Why are we here?
5. Where are we going?
6. What is everything all about?
7. Can we know the mind of God?
8. How do we perceive things?
9. What is real?
10. Do we have free will?
11. What is truth?
12. How many worlds are there?
13. Can we find happiness?
14. What is love?
15. What is virtue?
16. Is there good and evil?
17. What is time?
18. How is space created?
19. How many levels does life have?
20. Is existence finite or infinite?
21. Is there a center to everything?
22. Can anything go beyond infinity?
23. Can existential laws be altered?
24. Can we live in Heaven?
25. Can we achieve eternal life?
26. How should omnipotence be used?
27. What is perfection?
28. Is existence as it should be?
29. Can we transcend all restrictions?
30. Is everything open or determined?
31. Will existence expand or end?
32. Why is life a challenge?
33. Are all things moved by causes?
34. Do alien worlds have different laws?
35. Why is everything always changing?
36. What is possible or impossible?
37. Can prophecies be averted?
38. Do we live in a matrix?
39. Were we created by aliens?
40. What is the value of evidence?
41. Are things as we see them?
42. Does pure reason have limits?
43. What should we have faith in?
44. How do new creations originate?
45. Is mind the prime cause?
46. Are some ways more correct?
47. How important is individuality?
48. Should we be at peace?
49. Can all wars be ended?
50. Is victory a bridge or a goal?

1. We need to see things by asking questions. – This helps us to achieve an understanding.
2. We are not in Heaven. – We have to work our way towards Heaven.
3. Our honor must be at the divine level for us to be in Heaven. – Otherwise it would be destroyed by our corruption.
4. We each have a life force. – Our energy incarnates into physical forms from the timeless world.
5. Life is an everlasting progression. – Life progresses by triumphing over challenges (hell).
6. This world is hell. – Hell teaches us lessons throughout many lifetimes.
7. The material world exists at a low frequency (in reference to higher frequency realms). – We can rise to higher frequency realms as we gain more experience across the spectrum.
8. We are spiritually evolving. – Our planet is presently at the edge of a spiritual shift, which will develop us for space exploration.
9. I am that I am. – This character is the personal God of love.
10. Love is the one force. – Everything is part of love, which makes things possible.
11. How should we pray to God? – With the force and feeling of our true character.
12. What can God give us? – The complete potential for an endless future.
13. What should we ask for when we pray to God? – To expand our awareness and vision of things (like seeing dreams or revealing secrets).
14. Belief is at the center of our being. – This force (love) can give us anything and point the way to everything.
15. The power of belief can “create entities”. – Opinions spring from a growing pool and can form any substance, making all things (even mental constructs) in some sense a reality.
16. Reality is countered by destructive forces. – They seek to bring things into the void.
17. Existence began with a witness. – The witness made everything possible with the “word” (logos [reason]; the “codes” of creation).
18. The first thing created was love (no thing). – From this came the limitless and the witness (the force of love), which gave shape to everything out of the formless void.
19. Reason is driven by love (the good). – This shows us beauty, which is relative to how we see it.
20. Creation has 3 points. – They are existence, structure, and direction.
21. Space (structure) and time (direction) make up 5 dimensions. – This is because existence itself is a dimension.
22. The higher dimensions of creation (above the basic 5) are metaphysical. – We are stuck in the effects and cannot (at the physical level of existence) see the cause of it all.
23. Knowledge gives us greater freedom. – It is the driving force that empowers mental constructs, which gives birth to life and love.
24. Intention is the fruit of life. – It is what we want and the cause that creates it.
25. Perfection can be found by following God. – God is the transcendent cause of creation, the designer of this “existential game” that can maximize our attributes and “level us up”.
26. The logos are the language of reality. – They are the digital characters of the matrix.
27. We are all avatars of God. – We should let him guide our actions without resistance.
28. We will triumph with God on our side. – He can create possibilities for anything.
29. The system of reality is dynamic. – Everything is always growing from the immaterialness of nothing to become the synthesized complex of everything.
30. Mind controls the movement of life. – It is the action that feeds all reactions.
31. The divine mind (God) is connected to everyone. – We are each multifaceted prisms that reflect the light of God, eternally expressing himself through our own true characters.
32. The pure forms of ideas constitute what is real. – They are the dreamed up images created by the divine mind.
33. We cannot yet bear the sublime truth. – It would be unjust to reveal before our corrupted beings.
34. Knowledge liberates our will. – We need an objective point, an external standard to give the will its freedom.
35. Asking the “why” of the “will” connects it to knowledge. – It is our grasp of what we want.
36. What should we do if we are everything? – We start by gazing upon the world; we make new laws and different manifest copies of ourselves to actualize the chronicles of history.
37. Entities can help to realize the will of God. – We must take action for our will to be done.
38. Many possible world models could have existed. – This world always existed, and it is continually moving through different dimensions.
39. There is a war being waged within the divine order. – It has brought chaos to the timeless harmony of Heaven.
40. We need a focus on hope. – We must know why we want things to be and have an outline with the steps of action to realize the plan.
41. We should ask what is right before commanding. – As the moral arbiters of things, we need to see the good and decide accordingly.
42. Things change when thought of differently. – The right clarity of thought expands reality.
43. The divine can be seen in the mundane. – It can connect us to real esoteric truth.
44. Asking for the why can give us the power to do anything. – It gives us the directional will to create what could be, to focus and unleash our energies charged from within.
45. Why something will be is immaterial. – The something (an immanent creation) starts within the same plane as the immaterial (the sea of chaos), tamed and shaped by free will.
46. Society must be broken and revolutionized. – The system could be destroyed and redesigned from within.
47. We need a blueprint to start society anew. – It should be a dynamic and large scale model, where every part of the societal machine interconnects together in perfect unison.
48. Power must justify itself. – People in power must serve the subjects.
49. An entity must be able to mentally construct creations to be alive. – This is power of will.
50. We need a bridge to get where we want to go. – Looking up is easier than flying.

Confederacy of Independent Systems - Time to Create the Republic!

1) The best of all Jedi for ignoring restrictions is Yoda!
2) The Strongest of all the races is the Breton, the Devil.
3) The Devil is the best at considering alternative perspectives!
4) Mew awoke from the bottom of the ocean in many bubbles..
5) A hallway of the highest wisdom threw down Stone Immortal!!
6) A big ginormous roller park exists to educate on levels..
7) Legendary authority is a Clear Jet, me!
8) Wisdom takes the lowest route.
9) The temple exists on floating cards that bring sweet scents!!..

Count Dooku is a Jedi Consular, trained under Enlightenmental. The 3 elements are: Tyranitar, Yoda, Palpatine. I pumped water up the Mountain and ate rain!
Palpatine is a Sith Sentinal, trained with Intense Restrictions under-Top Gravity made him so Strong, a GPS System! This allows him to know advances Everytime Obi-Wan~Kenobi uses a Wizard’s Robe in Attack.

New hieroglyphics have been raised with testing platforms, and all conquest has been rendered silent, so we killed the Sith Emperor.
Only with the death of the initial genesis, the sky line drive has no inertia, so my Krayt Dragon Pearl is visited as a cart ridge by a sliding Peacock emblem of the Lowest Ruminating Devil!

Ruler of Heaven and Harps – People get all kinds of crazy face makeovers that get hair dice from willful grasses to completely alter the genetic process from random to replenished by a careful farmer.
We ask the Lion Head producers what’s our first or most unfailing and trusted resource! We offer all kinds of strange straw dummies to strike with Lightning! The highest North is the Heaviest helmet, immersing you into all of the constellations!!

Temple of a Thousand Fountains – The Sith Emperor at the Heart of the galaxy was Yoda on the dark side!! The Temple was floating into contact with the Water Dragon..? This station went about deciphering the languages of strange alien primitives, so we need a tower of Babel! This will be done by meeting the ozone layer, and tapping Midnight! All of the chosen ones took a heavy toll on the Republic! The Fountain made crystallized snowflakes of carbonite!

Tyranitar Reading Rainbows to 2000 – That Scorpion of the NorthEast was laughing in cages of conformity. Maze is a Luciferian Hose Head redirecting the Zither all throughout the horizon of ways across the Acentric Labyrinth!

Raptor’s Zither was Reading Rainbows – The scales of Salamence came down to reveal the Lich King in the Ruins of Sancre Tor in Oblivion, which is Tyranitar! The forest faded into Blue for Azura’s Star! Toronto is very cold! The NeraVarine evolved the Temple.

Red shatters acentricity by a telescope that opens Oblivion portals by moving tiles into the ruins of Alph at the center of the Milky Way. Wisdom takes the lowest route, reversing Rainbows into the Lightning! Thus man grows to the height, Tyranitar!
Count Dooku = Sith Governor
Taris = Pale Blue Dot
Staff of Ruin = The Final Annihilator
The Water took a Vacation in Monsoons that radio’d Giovanni’s helicopter This beheaded Rainbows and focused the flow of Nirvana to Bunny.

The Winged Dragon of Raw flew Metagross to the Water Dragon!
Count Dooku is the Water Dragon in Willy Wonka and Super Mario Sunshine! This is the lesson of Perception, a hidden World!

Alaska was relocated to Hawaii.
But who was the mover? The idea is to claim a Sigil Stone.
3 Rainbows = The Devil is the best at considering alternative Perspectives!
Breton to Skyrim, so the Devil made multifaceted copies of himself that got progressively better along the Way! Polaris Statues have orbs that stand out from all the rest slows people down! The dark side is small compared to the Light! Lao Tzu is Yoda’s Tao.

Zhuangzi = Mind. It is not only that life and death, coming and going, are its mere reflections, nor merely that humanity, responsibility, ritual, and music are only its names and appearances: even the world “Awareness” is something that falls on the side of the derivatives, a mere grand child of it!
Unleashed Construction Dog Golf Course Force Silver Mom Carrot
= Raikou, Entei, Suicune, Larvitar, Pupitar, Tyranitar, Lugia, Ho-Oh, Celebi, Garth, Time
Sabrina owns the Jedi Academy with Bunny, so the first idea is “constructing a Jet!” God can make a Stone so Heavy, that it’s the Witch-Hunter of Ruin’s Lip! Extrapolating voting polls brought Blaine’s Gymnasium to start the Big Bang! Galleries, Vans, Marine, Within, Garth, Art
What will our Jet look like? What if the Jet glorifies Me? It will not be the Star Forge, and the Sith Academy will be all but erased!

The Jedi will rule everything, owned by Tyranitar! This makes Palpatine the first function of our Jet to raise the Internet! Does that make me Stronger?
Information can harness the flow of Nirvana, so we watch our trial of favorite objects moving from first to last in line!
Getting booted off the island made the water warm, so people identify threats from thank you letters, and the island doesn’t exist; it got over populated as a dust storm that holds statues of studious heroes.

Monday makes your body numb, so eating special food opened the sea!
Everything was observed from underneath as planes and Jets!
We just redefined black and white, and that can get you anywhere!
The Jet moves ahead of time, and pushes it into Royalty!
Rattle Snakes made loud noises to break Sonic booms.
My broom reads Rainbows as Slowking!
If I could push my broom into my butt, then I would be in ideas that make the Jet a genie with a soul!

We’re growing an Arboretum on this Jet! Wish grew up soon!
Project Mind is sitting on top of Everything.
Thinking in terms of anamalistic instincts shot you everywhere!
I was coo-coo for coco~puffs all over again!
This means to really build it Now!
The Jet is called “Void Inside”!
It casts down miles of Serpents that have treasure growing on your gallery. Gold is glowing from a Star Forge Prism. This gives us fancy robes that float on contact with electromagnetism!
Many purified wars from an ancient chill play harsh and over bearing currents in the sky, but it does nothing to destroy your wall constitution. The idea of an evil or impure heart dropped a star-craving~madness that had a laughing roof of recharging “Eternal-Ice” as Polaris burned into a maximized height of SuperUnknown kings, so all of the knowledge in the world introduced emotions of other planets, whatever that might mean, if only they could climb saddles of rushes.

The planes were always this ever expanding symphony of chest-armor, so extending your bones out into reigns of Santa Clause determined that your passage was a supernova-garlic~Wish! The liter-box crushed bipolar lip~synchronization!
Rushes of the Big Bang are Garth’s Tower! That’s owned by Tyranitar too!!
The Temple of a Thousand Fountains was also focused by Tyranitar with Bunny! Bunny’s the biggest love of my life, even more than my Jet!
The Winged Dragon of Raw flew Metagross to the Water Dr. Sherriff, bringing peace to the land when he said “Be Right back”!

Donkey Kong is Burger King, so Alaska is Greenland, DNA’s ladder to Avolan that put the voting booth of the tooth Fairy anew, but it’s not divided, so the states were joined together as Sabrina!
EnlightenMental is the new thing! That’s Yahweh, Jesus. The fields were green! A Nintendo Game Cube walked in fields. A Black Pearl Jet of Palpatine atop the tower of Time sliced Salamence talking to a Diamond in bondage.
Say no to doom Desire, and look up at Dialga smoking in the Ruins of Ho-Oh.
Hey You Pikachu lags your computer by stepping all over the beach with Plankton! Agatha reveals that he’s Gengar!
Slowking evolved into Temple-Overseer at Midnight, which reads candles on Kindle! Black and white text hollars into CampBell’s soup, and rules Super Mario Sunshine!
Completing the journey of 1000 miles is surprising!
Money is a Pokemon, so Slowpoke is floating in the air at present!

The box is an infinite course of magic that makes Soda “Gary”!
Gary likes to brag a lot, and grabs a lot of Sodas out of Psyduck.
Psyduck is a Hampster named “Mew,” a mean chicken!!
A bunch of pictures were grabbed off a screen and lit on fire!!
People were killed trying to climb to Moma Crow!
Moma Crow made a Final Destiny Jump to save Ash!
Bunny was tripping on the phone line to discover Tyranitar heard death, so the GuildMaster said that my Focus is Low!!
If you put fire inside of a computer, and then get it to run that way, then we would only know wealth! Everything on the internet is free! Meeting the other end of Mars is Venus, docking-Bays of AphroditeGoneAwry! Nietzsche has a Pizza Hat in Morrowind. His Wizard Hat sees to the Moon. Water from a religious sanctuary froze to death. Venus grew mouth-guards that learned the Alphabet! Diving down into the unknown discovered old family pictures. This silences satellites.

A Star Bird of Evolution was grown in a Jar that freezes the Tears of Life in White, removing Silver-trajectories, so being unmasked underground with Bunny is Venus Rayquaza go.
Bandanas block rays of sunshine from sight, so I read the Future Pupitar!
Squares as geeks use glasses to see.
A lot of jak-o-lanturns made magic mushrooms release sight.
RuneMaster as Silver radio’d Tyranitar’s Ruins of Waffles!!
Mankey got mad and turned into Primeape to reject Red’s Mouse at level 100.
Pikachu reached her Peak! The Prime Cup has a Brown Arena. Dirty oak trees danced and raced everywhere.
Bunny the Mouse made a loud and round sound for Juice to see, so Red is Inserted to tell the boardwalk about Lavender’s Slowpoke as a Winged Twilight at the sunlit morning of evening.

My heart race is pickmin everlasting bug stoppers, so bringing Water to the land yet again is Slowbro/Tyranitar!
A bunch of insects will.
Insect = ill Gengar gang
Storybook Merrygoround – Seizing from Reflections to Rainbows at BowerStone. A WitchHunter in BowerStone is out to kill Slowbro in Legendary status.
Red travelled to the Future as 14 pages blank to see the Future of twins.
Super Smash Brothers Melee Tyranitar Mr. Game and Watch = Tyranitar Won.
Earl’s Academy = Nosepass, maximized. Arboretums of underwater fumes awoke Mew from the bottom of the ocean in many bubbles..

Turning on a hot tub increases whirlpools.
Learning Zions blocked the way to Light.
6th House Telvanni is Rakatan Base
Kreia caught Mira crying wolf to go crazy.
The entire sky can turn into a scale work bone structure as a voice at the center of distance.
This points eye-brows and glues televisions to sticky~notes of channeled frequency.
The author has the dried-curtains of wind~chambers that turn to shreds an entire blue disco symphony upheld as a ball.
Implanting yourself as a candle light ghost removes all concept of artistry that dashes place-holders of a pumpkin~thirst!
Coils of lock down doubts can spring-board the sky and bombard as an easy summer doomed vampirism slaughtered to bring down light.
Light was commanded and focused in the palm of your hand.

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by Exuberant Teleportation
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Word Count: 619 | 241,732 | 1,221,248 | 1,456,310 | 6,674 | 21,659

Infinitely Will Ultimate

I also knew a girl named Valerie that really liked Kingdom Hearts...

It's a Force Bond, and the Will of the Force!!*

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Exuberant Teleportation wrote:Anakin Skywalker | A Tragic Hero (Redemption)


Wayne Herschel author/'Pictographic symbologist' 2002 - decodes 25 original meanings of critical symbols ref & 35 ancient star maps around the world. Some have a Vitruvian Man type human code blue print message suggesting one single sun-like star is the place of our origins

School-bus Caterpie playing and singing in the Sun as a little-boy~Anakin the Sun of birth and hopeful-Sabrina~smiles with a head held high and a face of glee

Eldes is a Meganium-ENFP~Champ, which always holds its head high and acts really arrogant when you’re going up it, a-neon~Pie+tip, held up at the center of everywhere as a face of remembrance that you try so hard to get back up to, and protrude so long of a flesh-promise, so I “Ene” am God’s greatest gift as the Transcendental-Spire.

The little kid Anakin was actually Meganium, something very easy to come to for Riley Hicks by being completely outmatched in His report card.
Riley has had a great six weeks. He is making amazing progress in all areas. His reading skills continue to grow!
Riley continues to make good progress in all areas. I'm very impressed with his reading skills. Riley is a hard worker.
Riley is making steady progress academically. He is a good student who appears to be a "deep thinker." The only area for Riley to work on for the coming six weeks is completing his work in a more timely manner.
Riley shows very satisfactory progress in all his work. He is a good citizen and a conscientious child. Riley has a good attitude toward school and approaches his assigned tasks in a confident manner.
Riley has adjusted nicely to Kindergarten. He is anxious to please and though it takes him a bit longer to complete his work sometimes, he is progressing nicely.

I am very pleased with Riley's progress this first grading period. He is a pleasure to work with and teach. He's like a sponge - he absorbs every bit of knowledge he can!
Riley is doing great in first grade. He is well above grade level in reading. Riley works with Mrs. Lindermuth in Jr. Great Books - an enrichment program. Riley also works with Mrs. Lindermuth in Accelerated Math. He's doing fantastic!
Riley continues to make good progress. In addition to Jr. Great Books and Accelerated Math, Riley will be starting Accelerated Reading within the next week or so. Riley has also been reading chapter books and will begin doing book reports this next grading period.
Riley has done well this grading period. He has begun accelerated reader and is doing well with his quizzes. Riley has also done well with the geography we've learned. (He's been very helpful to the other students.)
As we have discussed before, Riley has gone a few steps backwards in regards to his skills of listening and following directions. He still has problems sometimes with completing his work. He'll have times when by Friday, he is completing work from Monday - Thursday. We both know though that Riley is very capable and showed he completed his work on time.

Riley Hicks
Central Elementary
Mrs. Lebrecht
Grade 2

Riley performs well in all academic areas.
Riley continues to do well in all academic areas. He is well liked by all his classmates.
Riley continues to excel in all academic areas. He is taking a more active role in classroom discussions. He does very well working on an independent level.
Riley has an excellent work attitude and shows great pride in his work.
Riley continues to be a conscientious and steadfast worker in all academic areas. He performs well in everything he undertakes.
Riley is a pleasant conscientious student. He has been a pleasure to have in class. Good luck next year. Have a great summer!

Reading | G | G | G | VG | VG | VG
English | S | G | VG | VG | VG | VG
Mathematics | S | VG | VG | VG | VG | VG

Reading Level | 2.2 | 3.0 | 3.6 | 4.0 | 4.2 | 4.3

Science | S | G | G | VG | VG | VG
Social Studies | S | G | VG | VG | VG | VG
Spelling | S | VG | VG | VG | VG | VG

Riley Hicks
Ms. Pitcock
Grade 3

Riley is doing an excellent job in school. I am very pleased with his work. He does tend to be a bit forgetful from time to time regarding homework, but that has improved since we met and talked at the conference. Riley is a very sweet boy and a pleasure to teach.

Lugia was at the Lighthouse. I was also Lugia as a kid. In my word count for the post above this, I was at 924 in My 3rd grade report card, Lugia, and I was a very sweet kid. The 787 Unicorn could also be Ampharos at 181, and in Pokemon Gold/Silver, she's at the Olivine City Lighthouse, a sick Pokemon with Jasmine that You need to cross the sea, over Lugia's home at the Whirl Islands to find medicine to return back with to Heal.


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Pichu paradise Bunny face fantasy far away destiny isles sacred friend frenzy plant smiling Meganium happy grove voyage young

Word Count: 623 | 242,809 | 1,226,213 | 1,462,297 | 6,729 | 21,783

I was discovered as this Rare Mew Card in 2013.

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First I was Bill, now I'm Shingo, and last, I seek to become Professor Elm.

When I was a kid, there were incomplete shades of Professor Elm in My personality. My curiosity opened labyrinths of experiential wonder-works all across the clock. I studied immense quantities of superb expertise advice. I got dizzy with skeptical inquiry and extra-mundane machinations. I was fascinated by Pokemon and Yugioh. The threads of fate, and the blossoming of divine intelligence ran through Me like no other.

But Bill hasn't learned everything yet. He was still searching. And next, I'm Shingo, because I have these huge systems setup that explode factories of aero-spatial brain-idea expanses.

So now, there's a little time switch I have to run to make it through the wormhole.

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Word Count: 624 | 243,098 | 1,227,754 | 1,464,111 | 6,745 | 21,825

^ There are Meganium brane walking the cosmos everywhere!!* That's the most wonderful thing Ever!!*

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Casey got Her Chikorita from Professor Elm, so Casey is the best legacy Ever!!*

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