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Florida vs D. Kane, I mean The Evil Empire vs The Peace Guy

PostPosted: Wed Feb 27, 2019 10:29 pm
by denniskane
The full title of this thread is:

Official thread of The State of Florida vs Dennis Kane, er, um, I mean, The Evil Empire vs The Peace Guy

My mugshot is online but I couldn't muster a smile at the time (which is quite unusual for me). This is a first offense (I'm 43), and it is for trespassing the University of Florida. They set up a sting operation on me last August when classes were just starting. The undercover officer caught me redhanded... touching my toe to a wall that UF claims to own, while sitting on my bike on the public sidewalk next to campus. I had actually sat my whole ass on that wall (its only about 2 feet high) for nearly 4 years of being trespassed, without the slightest issue about it.

I have been on house arrest for going on 6 months now.

This is a denial of civil rights (specifically, the first ammendment) issue plain and simple. I have been a notorious college campus public speaker/free expresser for quite a number of years. I started holding up the peace sign in 2011 on the campus of UCLA, and they bequeathed me "the peace guy", mainly through the redditing they did about me (proof in my reddit history from 2011/2012 at

Whoever is "in charge" simply doesn't like my ability to "trespass" on business-as-usual. I am the embodiment of the startup/innovator prototype. I've created a next generation operating system called "Linux on the Web". The CompSci kids love me. The Greek Lifers love me. Pretty much everyone in town now loves me because I can be seen daily on the streets of Archer Road (I'm allowed out of my cage from 10-4) absolutely pumping up the world. There are old videos of me on youtube categorized under "gainesville dancing guy" (I started dancing on the sidewalks of Gainesville after I started "serving" my first trespass warning "sentence" from 2012-15). I'm sure new videos are starting to pop up online now. I am an absolute force of nature. Little kids look at me from the backs of minivans with their mouths agape while the soccer moms flirtingly wave at me.

In court today, standing at the podium, I verbally fired the lawyer that my parents hired in order to get the case dropped (he couldn't do it). He has always been condescending towards me, talking to me like a child and that I should just "behave" ("cooperate" is the word they tend to throw around, particularly, with the question of going the "voluntary mental health"--ie forced medication--route with everything). After two previous appearances in court in which my lawyer spent a grand total of perhaps 3 minutes in front of the judge, I was finally able to go mano-a-mano with her (I was totally baller). For nearly 6 months now, nary a prosecutor has stood against me. Everyone in that courtroom with a law degree is a political animal. I am the natural born, organic, homegrown, de facto political leader of this town (and county, plus the surrounding counties that constitute the North Central Florida region).

For everyone who is interested in truth, justice, beauty (and all that crap lmfao), the time is to-DAY, and the place is in-F-L-A (does that sound like an uplifting rah rah chant in your head, too?). For everyone who is interested in the slightest possibility of turning around the out-of-control train that is the gas-guzzling/carbon-polluting techno-industrial-propaganda-clusterfuck-we-call-Western-civilization (didn't Marx call all of this shit?), so that the idea of a truly sustainable, future forward, progressive, somewhat-civil-human-order (a sprinkling of Chomskyan anarchy here, a dash of Athenian democracy there...) can finally gain some traction in this increasingly sick and decaying culture of ours, let's at least take some advice from that sneaker company (no free advertising in ILP, haha) and JUST DO IT!

Stay tuned! I hope to get new some traffic coming here with this thread...

Re: Florida vs D. Kane, I mean The Evil Empire vs The Peace

PostPosted: Wed Feb 27, 2019 11:33 pm
by promethean75
this is all happening because of the heidegger you read back in 04, dude. you've been permanently traumatized by heidegger's concept of 'theyness' and have sought your entire life to reclaim your authenticity... and effort which now manifests itself in wearing tight orange disco shorts and dancing on university campuses. what probably happened was, some student(s) reported your activity as a disturbance and the college had to take action against you. doesn't matter if most of them love you. it only takes one. probably a fat girl who was jealous she couldn't wear orange disco shorts and snitched on you. now being that the campus IS private property, they are justified in pressing the charges.

Re: Florida vs D. Kane, I mean The Evil Empire vs The Peace

PostPosted: Thu Feb 28, 2019 2:12 am
by promethean75
this one's by far the best because you started poppin and then hit em with the robot. that takes balls and a great amount of unmitigated audacity, dennis.

Re: Florida vs D. Kane, I mean The Evil Empire vs The Peace

PostPosted: Thu Feb 28, 2019 7:32 am
by Mr Reasonable
So this is a state charge? Is it a felony? How the fuck did you end up on house arrest for just some trespassing? Are you getting paid for these crimes? As you profit from them? I don't understand man. I can totally be on board with living a life of crime, but you should be benefiting in some tangible way for risking your freedom. Help me understand. What is happening here?

Re: Florida vs D. Kane, I mean The Evil Empire vs The Peace

PostPosted: Thu Feb 28, 2019 10:55 am
by Karpel Tunnel
ditto. It sounds weird. I mean, individual judges can be weird. But six months house arrest for tresspassing, where there was no damage, no coming into someone's private space and most of your body was on public ground. That just sounds to weird.