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Show Some Emotion You Icons!

Postby silver » Tue Apr 01, 2003 1:45 am

So I was thinking it would be a good idea if we got some new and varied emoticons here on ilp.
The ones we've got are quite good, but i think it would be useful, not to mention interesting/entertaining (for writers and readers) if we included a broader range of expressions.
I know nothing about forum design or operation so there might be some good reasons for keeping a small emoticon bank... but i vote we at least add a *smirk* or *grin* ... there’ve been so many times ive really wanted to smirk/grin but couldnt find the right icon.
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Postby ben » Tue Apr 01, 2003 11:56 am

Hey silver,

there is a feature in phpbb which allows us to add new emotions, but we need to find the picture ourselves. If you can find a smiley face which best portrays a smirk feel free to post a link to it here and I will add it to the database.


- ben
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Postby silver » Fri Apr 04, 2003 4:42 am

ok sure, i'll let you know.

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