10 US States with the MOST Gun Violence

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Every one of these states has lax gun control laws. When i was suicidal, the one thing that prevented me from shooting myself was the difficulty required to obtain a handgun where in my state.

Of all the various contributing factors to high per capita rates of gun-violence, the most consistent among all ten states seems to be the ease of obtaining firearms in that state.

Significantly, many of these states also have higher per capita rates of violent crime than the national average - which goes against the conventional wisdom that stricter gun control leads to more crime.

If a person wants to die or kill the gun is not needed. You could remove all guns and there would still be the deaths. Guns are just a tool not a reason.

When i once tried to commit suicide i used a razor and missed the jugular vain [doh], a gun would have made me dead for sure. You would think that doing the task would be straight forwards but it is in many cases not that.

Weather or not surviving does anything other than produce more suffering is another question of course, but for some its a good thing to survive. You sometimes hear of things starting to go right for people and they are glad they failed.

Why the hell does anyone try for all the most painful bloody ways to kill themselves when there are plenty of easy relatively painless to painless ways to do it?

one doesn’t tend to be thinking straight at the time, and it’s nearly always a thing of the moment ~ even if it’s been considered for some time.

Because they don’t really want to die, they just want to feel something.

Ok, but, there has to be more then just not thinking right. Is it as Lev said, feeling something rather than nothing? Or is it about the people around you that will find your self mutilated body?

Sure, there’s that horrible feeling in the gut like you’ve died inside or something. Words cannot explain it because its the same feeling imho for many people, the subject matter can be anything that makes you feel like your life is turned upside down and inside out, or it can be other emotions which add up to that.

For me that was the last thing i wanted.


Remove the influence potential of every individual so that only the god of society has any influence at all - the Master of the Po-lice.

Recently I heard a woman tell an armed (with a shotgun) robber to go “Fuck Off”, she was not going to give him her business’s money.

Guns do not rule the Earth. People with life-to-death dedication do.

If Americans are happy that they are about 40 times more likely to be shot and killed in a gun related crime than inhabitants of the UK then that’s their choice, of course. All I would say is, be careful of the gun lobby, and its financial influence on your culture and media.

Extremely, excessively naive and youthfully narrow minded.

…conspicuously having no idea of what is really causing what in the real world.

And yet, true. Americans are 40 times more likely, that is, 4000% more likely, to be shot and killed than British people. If you’re happy with that, fine. Personally, I would be outraged.

Yes, and a British subject (not an actual person) is far more likely to be run over by a car than an aboriginal Australian.

Your point?

A British subject is indeed far more likely to be run over by a car than an Aboriginal Australian, but that’s because there are far more British subjects than Aboriginal Australians. The figures I quoted about gun deaths, however, are percentages, therefore taking relative populations into account.

Here are the figures:

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_c … death_rate

Per 100,000 population each year, an average of 0.25 British people are shot and killed. Per the same number, 10.3 Americans are killed.

Haha … :laughing:

You realy think that is the biggest difference?


A man who goes to war is far more likely crippled and decrepit than a man who shrivels and bows in cowardice. Don’t you think what it is that is being attempted has something to do with what weapons are justified?

Please address the fact that Americans are 4000% more likely to be shot and killed than people in the UK.

Point-blank –
Americans are attempting to NOT be mere puppets to a socialist regime of Godwannabes.

I have no issue with Brits being socialist. They openly agree that such is what they desire and agree to be. Americans were created to be anti-socialists and are anti-American by supporting socialism.

My issue is with the lack of honesty. Brits are honestly socialists (even though I believe that to be horribly fatal for them). Americans are conned into playing games of deception that leads them into being socialists without them realizing it is going on. That is taking advantage of those uniformed, more often even intentionally confounded/manipulated.

I am an adversary to hypnotizing the masses for sake of uniting them under one emperor. Socialists are not concerned with such issues, rather merely supporting their Masters (and modern Mistresses).

To me the socialist elite are simple minded fools.

It is not socialism that bans the free availability of guns, but civilisation. Even the Roman Empire banned its citizens from carrying weapons. Americans are the pawns of big business, including the gun lobby. Your brainwashing is so advanced that you will shout from the rooftops for the right to be 4000% more likely to be shot to death in a violent crime. Don’t you find this even just slightly embarrassing?

Absolutely incorrect, hypnotized ideology.

And guess what happened to them … not exactly the best example.

They are the pawns of something, but frankly, you haven’t the slightest notion of what the fuck they are the pawns of … seriously naive.

You, very obviously, have no idea of what I have been talking about for more years than you have been alive, little girl.

Maia is absolutely right. America is flooded with guns, and that’s why we are so likely to be shot. The gun lobby has done everything to prevent us from remedying this, and that’s criminal.