100th Anniversary of the Fatima Events 1917

We are one week away from the 100th anniversary of the first event in Fatima Portugal in 1917.

Is anyone here familiar with the Fatima story?

Does anyone here care about the Fatima story?

The significance of the Fatima events of 1917 may manifest itself in the next five months.


Sorry, but nothing astronomically exceptional is forecasted for this October.

There will be a total solar eclipse on August 21, though.

seasky.org/astronomy/astrono … -2017.html

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Aww Shucks … and I thought I was on to something big … something really big! :confusion-seeingstars:

Pause …

OK … I’ve recovered …

Let me start by acknowledging that I ‘Know’ nothing … well perhaps more truthfully … I don’t know with any degree of certainty, that I don’t know.

The Fatima story … perhaps not so much the story … yet something … has been a significant part of my life for more than 20 years … experiential … not simply in my mind.

As long as ILP members keep reading this OP … I’ll keep posting.

Let me start with some context … the timing of the events … from May to October 1917.

Concurrent Events

  1. The Balfour Declaration
  2. The Bolshevik Revolution
  3. The fall of the Ottoman Empire

Coincidence? … What isn’t coincidence?

Israel, Russia, Turkey and the remnants of Western Imperialism are hot issues at the moment … why not the Fatima Events as well?

Quite simply because they did not happen

I have been to the other two famous shrines and equally nothing happened there

Thanks for popping in surreptitious.

Your posts … the few that I’ve read … have always been thoughtful, intelligent and generally positive. So much so, I’ll take your above comments at face value. The events of Fatima did not happen … they are simply a grandiose Hollywood drama.

OTH … my personal experiences did happen … seems I unwittingly walked on to the stage of this particular Hollywood drama. Let me share a milestone experience … this particular experience started in May 2000 … by sharing the following notes I’m trying to give interested readers sufficient context.



There were four societies/cultures that resisted the Muslim invasions (Ottomans) in the last time around: Poland, France, Austria, and Hungary.

Guess they still remember what it’s like to get fucked by Turkey.

There is a perfectly rational explanation for what happened at Fatima which I think you should read up on

Personal testimony is a very unreliable means of determining whether or not something actually happened

Excellent point!

Though … gee whiz … wish it didn’t remind me of the Maya … the Aztec … the Indigenous North Americans … the Africans … the Indigenous Australians … the Chinese … the list goes on and on.

Begs the question …

Who didn’t get fucked by someone … somewhere … along the way?

Oh yeah … almost forgot … the English! :laughing:

Kinda supports the reptilian theory.

The Fatima events span 5 months … May 13, 1917 to October 13, 1917.

The Fatima story spans 100 years and counting … apparently Pope Francis consecrated his time as pope to Our Lady of Fatima.

Today marks the 100th anniversary of the first Fatima event … apparition … excluding but not ignoring the prelude events of 1916.

Let’s look at the Fatima events as a “story” … ignore the copious “words” attached to the events.

In any story the characters are important … the context is important.


  1. Peasants

  2. Peasant children

  3. Two peasant girls and one peasant boy.

  4. A small flock of sheep.


  1. A remote isolated location.

  2. A tree

  3. No audience

  4. A story that would take 5 months to unfold … 6 apparitions. Speculation abounds about a 7th apparition. The number 7 is symbolic … the Sabbath … the 7th day being a day of rest … God rested on the 7th day … after creating the world in 6 days. Hmmm!

Fatima in the news at BBC … bbc.com/news/world-europe-39904846

Interesting, but I had to look it up…

So what apart from the sun appearing different to some, and being colourful etc, what actually happened in terms of prophecy?

please start with one or two things and not a wall of text - pls :slight_smile:

Ah, we come back to this nebulous event.

I’m scheduled for a raise.


Oh, they were raped by the Vikings… everyone’s been raped… except Canadians, but Trump hasn’t been in power for that long. :confused:

Convenient that I stumbled upon this thread today.

I share your disdain for what you call “a wall of text” … most are simply a blast of hot air … many are a blast of foul smelling hot air. :slight_smile:

OTH … I pay particular attention to posts that reveal a member’s personal life experience. For me, these posts are the gems. Moreno said it best … constructive dialogue moves from the abstract to the concrete … ergo … personal experience. ILP forums have oodles of abstract … very little concrete(personal experiences) … at least very little that is shared … to support the abstract thoughts.

As I mentioned in an earlier post the “Miracle of the Sun” event is only one chapter in a very large book … a book that is still being written.

As a matter of fact, recruiting is underway for the cast of characters who will create and perform the final chapter. :slight_smile:

I encourage you and other interested readers to “walk into the final chapter of the book” … walk into the story … versus read about the story.

How so?

  1. A sincere heart and open mind.

  2. Ignore all the text written … spoken … or otherwise … related to the Fatima story for the past 100 years.

  3. Focus … meditate … contemplate … the characters and context that envelope the story.

In an earlier post I provided the characters and context for the first event May 13, 1917. I forgot to mention:

5) An apparition of a female entity.


  1. The name of the village where the event took place “Fatima”

  2. The name of the field where the event took place. Cova da Iria … translation to English would be nice … internet translators provide the word “grave” for "Cova.

Sorry I didn’t mean to sound insulting, just a quick look through the block of text didn’t reveal anything to me. Apparitions of Mary are interesting, but I have seen more than one god and made a study of many religions, thus I don’t take it as writ that the bible is the only truth.

On the other hand I can see multiple potential apocalypses, and we appear to be standing upon the threshold of all of them. even with my distain for the world, I am very worried.

I know I argue the point a lot, but I will listen believe it or not. E.g. what was the actual prophecy apart from a vague notion of doom, one which evidently didn’t reveal the end of the world [as we are still here somehow].

Amorphos … I never felt insulted … I think we have a lot more in common than we realize. :slight_smile:

  1. I’m not a used car salesman … I have nothing to ‘sell’. I did my time in ‘jail’ on the notion of prophets and prophecy. After being released from this prison I came to the understanding that prophets are simply ‘change agents’ and they do not have a monopoly.

  2. For a long time now I’ve abandoned thought of the “bible as the only truth”. My most pleasant surprise after coming to China was to learn that there are no contradictions between Chinese religion … Daoism/Confucianism … and Judeo-Christianity.

  3. At the moment I subscribe to the school of thought that the future is a ‘blank page’ … full of unrealized potential.

  4. That’s why I presented the proposal in my post yesterday. The Fatima story was placed at my feet so to speak … I have never spent any time studying/researching the veracity … implications of the story. Yet, I have had countless personal experiences that persistently put the story in front of my face. Why? Who the hell knows! :smiley:

I agree. Even if God were to talk to all of us, it would have to be translated into many languages and cultural influences personas and what have you.

Are they the same as Zoroastrianism, Buddhism, Hellenism, Druidism, Hinduism?

I wish. I mean I am sure in some ways you are right, but also that everything is in motion, moving and influencing into the future. In which case it is written.

Divinity knows. That is, a given thing which is outside looking in would know just like us watching a film, no? Then if you were said observer, you would be trying to tell the actors not to make mistakes which are obvious to said observer, but not the observed. Few people have the insight or are too caught up in earthly affairs to receive or otherwise intuit such lessons. I bet God is thinking what do I have to do, hit them in the face with the book or what lol. - consider the story as a page.

IMO … yes. The common denominator is they all believe in somethang superior to an ordinary human being.

“everything is in motion, moving and influencing into the future”

I just recently learned just how much motion … moving.

The planet … ergo: humanity … spins at 0.2777 kilometres per second … the planet travels around the sun at 30 kilometres per second.

How far have you ‘traveled’ in your lifetime?

Naming conventions create confusion and conflict. For me, one thang is certain … whatever superiority this somethang has over the ordinary human being … it wants to share it.

ok ok i’ll stop saying thang :stuck_out_tongue:

June 13, 2017

Today is the 100th anniversary of the second Fatima event. The characters and location of the story remain the same. Though the second event has a small audience … about 50 curious folks. The story is picking up momentum … albeit slowly.
The Fatima story is of interest to Roman Catholics only? … maybe yes and maybe no.

How so?

The location of the events … the closest village being Fatima, Portugal. What is significant about the name Fatima? Potentially … lots!

The Father of Islamism is the Prophet Mohammed and his only biological daughter … only biological child that survived childhood was named Fatima. Some say his daughter was instrumental in his spiritual journey.

Why would a Western country like Portugal have a village with the Arabic name Fatima?

Much of the Iberian Peninsula which includes Portugal and Spain was under Arab/Muslim/Islamic rule from 711 AD until 1492 … 1249 for Portugal.

Some interesting facts concerning the Moors in Spain and Portugal during this period:

blackhistorystudies.com/reso … -in-spain/

Reading the above information triggered an interest in the words “Arabic numerals”. What are “Arabic numerals”?



Arabic numerals used throughout the world. Hmmm!

The Fatima events … for me at least … in particular the context … the name of the geographical location where the events took place … have a connection … albeit faint connection at the moment … to anyone using Arabic numbers.

Four months to go … until Friday October 13, 2017!