100th. member

well done ben, on managing to get 100 people registered here. what did the lucky 100th. member win?

a night of passion with your mum

that and possibly a cash prize. or a free trip to the destination of his/her choice. if supermarkets can show their appreciation, why can’t this wonderful website?

Why will there be no cash prize? Because I know from a very good source that the 100th member was not in fact a new member.

Someone already registered on this site clicked onto the forums one day and saw that the number of members was 99. In a fit of uncontrollable enthusiasm to be the 100th member, he registered again under a false name. He then immediately regretted what he had done but did not tell the administrator of the forums.

He then went on to post a new topic in Mundane Babble asking whether there would be a prize for the 100th visitor, obviously keeping his own interests at heart. Sadly, he has been caught out by a wisened administrator and will shortly be publically humiliated.

That member was Pangloss.

what purpose would a public humiliation serve? it is already public, though dorian gray is not implicitly pangloss. he is the face of consumerism, the need to stay young.

pangloss was very sorry to register again. i coerced him into it, so that i could force my identity in an anonymous context. this wouldn’t be necessary if will self hadn’t revealed a few weeks ago that i was still alive.

pangloss felt terrible. ask alex. you may make me suffer, but i will always be young and beautiful. leave pangloss. his thesis needs this site, and the site can in the future lay claim to being the forum of development for his thesis.

i take all the blame. 'twas just a bit of harmless dandy fun. rather keftastic, eh !


dorian gray

tsk tsk , Pangloss. i had thought you above such frivolties of the flesh, but obviously i have been disappointed. Let’s see you poetically get out of this one, quoting hegel and so forth. (PS, does your theory on perfection depend on you being no. 100?)

Pangloss, you make me sick.

And you pretended to be no. 100 instead of just no.2?!

Sam Williams, you make me even sicker, with your allusions to fulfilment of your own inferiority. Why, brother, are you so bitter? A punching perfection? Your day will come.

Leo, there’s no need to get personal- watch yourself for hypocrisy.
Defend your case if you may, but don’t resort to name-calling etc.

i was only being friendly.
and whose name did i call?, other than your own. confused

‘And you pretended to be no. 100 instead of just no.2?!’ wrote our man. what’s that supposed to mean? i was a risk-free, no-loss, no-harm financial gamble. it didn’t pay off. i don’t care. at least everyone knows dorian gray is still alive. where have pretended to be no.2?

Well dont come wingeing to me at school then, in floods of tears, lamenting your fearful sins against philosophy!
Did you never go to primary school?!

what is this propaganda? what are you talking about? i haven’t cried in school for over 4 years. you must stop flirting with me in public.

Ah, how I love old archives…

In one of Pangloss’ previous posts he stated…

I dare to rewrite this…
“the stress and pace of a lond street becomes a place for me (Pangloss) to take advantage of situations in any way I see fit and beneficial for me, and I look at the people, and know that I can try to take advantage of them, and there is a whole wealth of treasures to be stolen or gotten to cheating. All you need to do is sign yourself in as another member, and you’ll never be a good person for the rest of your life”

Pangloss, what you did here on the Philosophy forum is a small thing, but it says volumes about your character and who you are. Moreover, you should take the advice of scholars who say that all things start of small whether good or bad, you appear to be the type of person who walks by a beautiful garden that is property to someone that resides on a street by which you pass daily, you have no trouble telling yourself you will steal a flower for your girlfriend, whats the harm you tell yourself, there is plenty of flowers and I’m the only one doing it, it’s not like everyone steals flowers; no one will even notice. It will bring more good than evil. I will steal a flower…

I truly hope I am not correct in my statement. But I truly think what you did was a horrible thing, you would but take away that 100th persons prize (who would be 100 but isnt because you resigned in as someone else) if there was one for your own well being. You are pathetic.

I don’t mean to give blame or to make someone feel lousy, but when I read this I could not hold back from stating my opinion. Moreover, Pangloss asked for a public humiliation but never really got one - FlamingRedJJ appeared to get more of a verbal denounciation then Pangloss in the previous posts - and so I am giving him one.

Lastly, I hope this teaches Pangloss never to do the slightest bad thing intentionally since you never know how far into the future it may come back and bite you in the arse.

What’s your take?

I just remembered this little… “indiscretion”

Considering that the 200th member just registered, I’d better make sure that HE wasn’t Pangloss too.

LOL, yeah good idea.

Well actually, if you have a look at the member list, you’ll notice that it’s my good mate “tuna” who is in fact member #100, which will hopefully thus render this little spat irrelevant…

What does he win then?

I’ve just got back to ilp.com from a week away, to see this, and truly CANNOT BELIEVE WHAT HAS BEEN WRITTEN. TRULY. HONESTLY. SHOCKED.

Magius, you are, without doubt, a valued member of ilp.com, but what you wrote a couple of days ago really was a touch anal. How could you see so much from so little? Your ‘analysis’ is so so so embarrassingly wrong, miles off, a little silly.

  1. the 100th member thing was joke. i was NOT trying anything bad. if you know who dorian gray is, from oscar wilde’s book ‘the picture of…’, you may understand the joke a little better.
  2. the preceding tit4tat between myself and flamin’red jj is something you couldn’t possibly understand without being either me or him. if you look even closer at archives (which you clearly are doing, in attempting to reach an accurate description of my ‘character’), you will see other places in this website where we have been ‘playfighting’. we went to the same school. you do not know him.
  3. your quote was taken from a description of my day reading voltaire’s ‘candide’ in the reading room at the british museum, and leaving the bm slightly enlightened, looking at the world differently, and more positively. it may be worth you coming to holborn in london, and seeing the ants ignore one another as they pass. i may be worth you readin the book. it may be worth you taking what i wrote at face value.

magius, what i wrote probably does say ‘volumes about my character’, but given that you’ve never met me, and have no idea what i was talking about, or the context in which i was saying it, your analysis is foolish. you described my action as a ‘horrible thing’. absurd!

i’m quite embarrassed for you. and a little bit pissed off, that you try to see selfishness and fault at every step. your example with the flowers and the girlfriend actually annoys me, as it is bitter and ignorant without the slightest hint of humour or charm.

nevertheless, i love you as a human being, magius, just not right now.

Dios Mio!


No really, put down you “Big Book of Words” for a second, and relax.

I knew that you two were friends and that you went to school together, I read all the posts in the thread…
Flaming’RedJJ stated:

That’s not the issue here, neither is that it was a joke, but that you actually did log on as another person and took the spot of #100. As though you owned the place and any wrong you do you can just remedy when you feel like it.

Pangloss stated:

but remember I said…

I cant reiterate it enough, whether good or bad, the point is you did it.

Pangloss stated:

It’s possible to learn lots about a person through their writings, especially through writings of ‘acts’ that they did. You yourself make claim that what I wrote probably does say volumes about your character, yet you are convinced it’s foolish. Whether someone knows me or not, it will not stop me from seriously considering what they say about me if I can actually say there is probability in what they say about me. Since we know each other better than anyone else, so if I have hit upon something about you and you can’t say it’s wrong, but actually say I probably am right, then it is not foolish.

Pangloss stated:

I do apologize for pissing you off, like I said in my previous post…

I assure you I try very hard to not see selfishness and fault at every step, but it just keeps slapping me in the face with everything in life, including myself. I don’t see anything wrong with someone doing something wrong, we all make mistakes, but we should be able to take criticism and take seriously the words of others who see our actions from the outside, outside being that which we cannot do (unless video taped or talking to a mirror).

Pangloss stated:

I’m sorry you feel that way, I reread my post and actually thought there were two things somewhat funny, the part about FlamingRedJJ getting more of a verbal denounciation than you, and the last part about things coming back to bite you in the arse. Although, I know I didn’t write them to be funny, rereading it; I found a little humour in them. But hey, maybe I have a twisted sense of humour.

Pangloss stated:

I meant what I said before about it being possible to learn alot about a person through their writings, but there are many borders and walls and one would have to rival Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes in order to make a good case for learning about someone through their letters or posts.

I’m saying this because you are quite right in making the point that there is much I don’t know, and there are myriad ways of interpreting one’s post, connotations, sarcasm, etc. Since the person isn’t there in front of you, you really can’t know unless they clearly and bluntly come out and say it. So, I wish to say, that if I take the above quote seriously, literally, word for word, I want to seriously thank you for taking the post the way you did. I mean you no harm, although I do disagree with your action. I have friends, family, and myself that make mistakes throughout our lives, we are always there for each other to let the other know our mistakes, but we are still there for each other.

Sometimes I think I am the last humanitarian (I know you probably can’t imagine how), for I have always had trouble defending myself physically against others (mentally not physically - I have trouble thinking of just how to hurt them), despite my years of martial arts training, because I have a general overlaying love for all people. You have shown me that there is yet another, so I ask for your forgiveness, despite my disagreement with you on your action, and ask you to try to see my previous post as a statement of affairs and the morality behind it, not as a denounciation of you as a person, but as a denounciation of an action you did; a mistake if you will (which we all make).

What’s your take?

The only thing that keeps coming to mind is a dog crapping on the floor and the scolding the owner gives it. Actually now that I think about it… I think I get in more trouble for my dog crapping on the floor.