14 out of 190

And I’m rather proud of it.

buzzfeed.com/stobsbroski/how … .rv0a3GpBN

4 out of 190. Is that good or bad?

Note : I watched a few hours of Helix and it sucked. God … may I please, please, have those lost hours back? [-o<

Actually, in an essentially absurd and meaningless world, one suspects that there is no “good” and “bad” here.

Instead, much like all of our other value judgments, it is rooted in dasein and in conflicting goods. And, of course, given the nature of “late capitalism”, political economy.

Indeed, I’m trying to imagine which shows Marx might have checked off. :astonished:

Anyway, here are the shows that I checked off. You know, just for the hell of it:

Mad Men
Game of Thrones
True Detective
Boardwalk Empire
The Leftovers
The Affair
Ray Donovan
Nurse Jackie
Masters of Sex
Penny Dreadful

I wonder what that says about me? Well, other than that I hate commercials. Mad Men is the only program that had them. But I once heard that Mad Men ended up on AMC only because HBO turned it down.

So, how about you? Which 4?