2018 Olympics ... an Inflection Point in Human History

The 2018 Olympics may be long remembered as an inflection point in human history.

  1. The mask has been ripped off. The Olympics have never been solely a sporting event … politics has always been behind the curtain … this year politics is out front and center.

  2. We have already witnessed a face-off between the alpha male and alpha female … and I’m not talking about testicles and ovaries … reminiscent of the Greek Myths involving Apollos and Athena.

  3. The alpha female was carried onto the center stage on the wings of a dove … brilliant!

  4. The alpha male appeared on center stage as a “snub” … that later morphed into " not a deliberate snub" and still later morphed into “not a snub”. The alpha male blinked first?

  5. The geography of the event is also telling … for those familiar with the Flag of South Korea.

South Korea Flag.jpg

Intriguing that South Korea chose two pillars of ancient Chinese philosophy for their flag … I-Ching and Yin Yang.

I-Ching = Book of Change … points to perpetual change in the cosmos and the impact on human life … individual and collective.

Yin Yang symbol points to the ever dynamic relationship between male and female … depicting a harmony not yet realized in our physical realm. Note the first term in the expression is “YIn” … female.

In any event, gunboat diplomacy will prevail … at least in the short term. Confirmed by the new American Budget … funds available for diplomacy decreased while funds available for militaristic activities rose to historic levels.

Gunboat Diplomacy.jpg

Humanity is embarking on a new path forward … construction of the new path has started.

Under Construction.jpg

I find it ironic that the Olympics this year which embraces the notion of friendly international sporting competition of all nations just so happens to be taking place in an area of a major military escalation or confrontation. Can anybody else see that irony? The United States of course believes its own propaganda bullshit as promoter of international peace and cooperation so long as it remains the military/economic enforcer of said international global order. :laughing:

Even more ironic is the fact that the current overtures for peace are more dangerous than NK’s ICBM tests. Imagine these peace initiatives triggering the long desired war.

Some of today’s international headlines … if factual … provide an indication of the temperature inside the “cauldron”.

  1. Dutch FM resigns after being caught lying about Putin.

  2. Martin Schulz resigns days after forcing Sigmar Gabriel off his pedestal. A few months ago Schaeuble took a fall.

  3. Macron uses the media’s blow horn to trumpet that he will strike if proof found chemical weapons were used in Syria.

  4. Police recommend Netanyahu be indicted for bribery on two charges … days after Netanyahu’s highly trumpeted foray into Syria.

I maintain that we need to transcend the “earthly” circumstances to understand what is going on at the moment.

Pilgrim, You may be right and I hope you are right, bit I did hold a lengthy conversation with a Korean American lady about Korean men generally, and her opinion was that men are very stubborn and become macho when they want to hold their ground toward significant and powerful women.

Her opinion was that its too premature to draw any postscript it may be too early to call, although she is very formidable and she just may win him over by her appealing international admiration.

Pray that’s what’s happening , one less hot spot to worry about.

Let’s see, in California right? Was it a Qwikmart, hair salon, or dry cleaner?

I occasionally ask my local cashier about international foreign events also.

Interesting post Meno … simplicity is often a window to profundity eh!



Your comments remind me of Raven’s intuition …


Another day of the Olympics for the United States where I get to hear another all American great story of one of America’s most cultural treasures or icons, its gay homosexual athletes.

They’re so brave being open with the public! wipes tear from his eyes

Those brave gay male and female athletes! I just really like hearing about our gay athletic heroes 24/7 during this time of the Olympics that I just can’t drop the television remote.



Source: thesaker.is/a-truly-historical-m … ur-planet/

Reads like propaganda yet there’s more than a grain of truth in it … maybe even 2 grains. :slight_smile:

… and March 2018 ain’t over yet!