26 and still single. Should I give up?

Why do I seem to repel all but the most unsuitable? Really, why? Should I just give up trying?

Maybe you just have high standards? That can be a good thing. Never compromise your morals.

No Maya, You should never give up, as long as You have marriage in Your heart’s plan, even if, it goes against reason. The heart is unrelenting and defeats reason, speaking for myself.

If high standards present ablock, then, the question arises: which is more vital to You, and perhaps there may be room for some adjustments

Perhaps like many women, you like and are attracted to the bad guy. Maybe you like the thrill which comes from that.

That is probably a question that you need to reflect on yourself though.

Then again, what do YOU mean by unsuitable?

as is known, I am hard of hearing… I didn’t met my future wife until I was
32 and didn’t get married until 36… today, July 5th… is our 21 year wedding anniversary…
so I wouldn’t panic quite yet…perhaps in another 20 or 30 years you might want to
give up… however not yet…


Lower your standards?

Ah, happy anniversary, Peter.

:occasion-balloons: :occasion-cake:

That’s not a good idea.

Remember ~~

When you reach for the stars you may not quite get one, but you won’t come up with a handful of mud either. Leo Burnett

No,but values may perhaps be prioritized, and the ones not fitting, maybe changed. That is, if that seems credible.

The only people who approach me are nutters and obsessives. Not sure how lowering my standards would help this.

What type of guy are you looking for, exactly? And then, after you understand what you want, how would you plan to attract that type of man?

If you’re purely passive then nothing will ever happen.

I don’t know how to be non-passive.

You need someone to help you.

Do you have parents?
Even if you do, I guess they won’t be much of help.

Ultimately, you need a manager.

I can not give you any advice as I no longer do that but I really hope
that you find what you are looking for however long it may take you

Yes, I have parents and a brother.

K: thanks, although this isn’t really a Kropotkin thread…
Let us help our fellow ILPer and think of solutions…


Maya, do You belong to Braille Inst., and do they have social services? If they do, so You partake of them? You may consider me short sighted forn such suggestion, but, I do not know Your situation, and do not know hardly anything at all. IT appears that it is difficult here to be honest, and as such the desire to be more confidential is to a certain extent difficult to none.

None of us want to be burt, and honesty and disclosure sometimes backfires

So please feel free to PM me anytime, and perhaps it would be possible to be more open there

Thank You,

Thanks. I’m not a member of the Braille Institute, but it’s primarily American, isn’t it?

Hi Maia,

If you are ready to get serious and start a family, join a dating service where they screen the men via your likes and dislikes. If the service is costly, ask your family if they’d help.

Or you could mingle more with males on some forums that draw on your interests. It seems that on philosophy forums, men circle females like sharks hunting their next kill. Of course most of the men are delusional in their beliefs that females are generally inferior to their superior maleness, but I have no doubt that you could set them straight on that account in the intellect department. :wink:

I met my male partner on the ILP website and we are getting ready to celebrate our one year anniversary of co-habitation.

Good luck Maia.